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Best pain relief products

Ailments and injuries can ruin anyone's quality of life, turning the happiest moments into real ordeals. Fortunately, technology and medical science are constantly working to develop new products that help people improve these ailments, and thus improve their quality of life.

Here are the best products to relieve pain anywhere in the body, so you can find just the one you need to reduce all your muscle or joint discomfort once and for all.

List of the best pain relief products

Whether your back hurts because of a pulled muscle, you feel a pain in your knee because of a bad twist, or you suffered a sprained ankle, don't worry, here we give you the solution, we have the most efficient products to combat all kinds of ailments caused by diseases or injuries in any part of your anatomy, organised by each part of the body where they are most common.

Best products for head, face and eye pain relief


Best products for neck pain relief


Best products for shoulder pain relief


Best products for elbow pain relief


Best products for hand and wrist pain relief


Best products for back pain relief


Best products for lower back pain relief


Best products for hip pain relief


Best products for leg pain relief


Best products for thigh pain relief


Best products for knee pain relief


Best products for calf pain relief


Best products for ankle pain relief


Best products for foot pain relief


Which alternative therapies are best for all types of pain relief?

Which alternative therapies are best for all types of pain relief?

The products mentioned in the previous section are designed to help you through the application of various complementary and non-invasive therapies that are scientifically proven and developed to relieve pain in muscles, joints or bone injuries.

These therapies are explained below:

Acupressure therapy

This consists of stimulating the body's pressure and tension points using the fingertips, palms of the hands and even the elbows. Acupressure releases tension in various areas of the body, which not only minimises stress as much as possible, but also stimulates the regeneration of soft tissues thanks to the enormous amount of endorphins released by the body in a single session. New products have been designed for acupressure therapy that help to press on trigger points in the body.

Compression therapy

Compression therapy involves applying pressure using bandages or compression garments to the area of the body where an ailment is present, as this helps to prevent inflammation without having to resort to any drugs, making the recovery process much more natural. It is also a great way to prevent injury, especially if you are involved in a sporting discipline as it reduces shock and vibration to the muscles, improves blood flow and can increase athletic performance.


This is essentially the application of cold to soft tissues and joints to achieve goals ranging from reducing inflammation to relieving pain and oxygenating cells to improve their recovery from injury. However, it uses extreme temperatures that are several degrees below zero, so it must always be applied by a professional.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the response to muscle contraction using low and medium frequency electrical impulses. These impulses are generated by an electrostimulator and transmitted to the muscles by strategically placed electrodes to generate a natural muscle contraction. Thanks to the latest advances in the fields of electrostimulation and neuroscience, a revolutionary new concept has been developed: Integral active electrostimulation.


This is a technique that seeks relief from pain and some physical ailments through the application of electrical and electromagnetic energy, among other variants, through the skin with the use of conductive pads called electrodes. It is a safe type of therapy and must be applied by a physical therapist specialized in the manipulation of electricity to address some kinds of ailments.

Heat and cold therapy

The use of alternating cold and heat (contrast therapy) is one of the most widely used therapies worldwide. Bringing the body to a certain temperature has been proven to have specific effects that can benefit the treatment of ailments. Cold favours blood vasoconstriction, which makes it an ideal ally for reducing inflammatory processes and relieving pain, while heat is the opposite. Heat promotes vasodilation, which has a relaxing effect on the tissues and improves the absorption of nutrients.

Massage therapy

Massage is the best way to deal with any injury or ailment, especially if it is in the muscles or joints. This therapy involves stimulating the soft tissues of the body to release tension in them and encourage the body to produce more endorphins, which greatly reduces all types of pain and improves cell regeneration so that recovery is not only quicker, but also much more pleasant.

Myofascial release therapy

The therapy works by releasing all the tension accumulated in an area of myofascial tissue, which is one of the main causes of pain, as well as stretching the tissues so that they relax and the ailment is diluted, generating relief. However, this may not be a total cure for the injury, as at this point the problem may have become chronic.

Percussion massage therapy

Percussion therapy is the treatment of deep muscle and fascia tissue, using rapid, vertical movements within the muscle adhesions, thus quasi-causing a neuromuscular response. Professional use of this therapy combines the science of our amplitude, frequency and torque.

R.I.C.E therapy

The R.I.C.E therapy may, by these acronyms, still unknown to you, is a medical protocol that helps us, with simple steps, to recover after an injury. In this text we explain in depth what it consists of, point by point, and its advantages. You will also learn what kind of injuries we can use the RICE method and, of course, we will talk about other similar protocols, because it is possible that in your case you need to benefit from another one such as PRICE, POLICE, RICER, or MEAT.


This achieves another series of benefits but all with the same objective, that of aiding recovery from an injury . In this case, blood circulation is improved thanks to vasodilation, as well as a sedative and relaxing effect that will make any injury rehabilitation process more pleasant for the patient.

Trigger points therapy

Myofascial pain points or trigger points are knots that are created in the deeper muscle tissues, causing intense pain. The pain does not always manifest itself in the area where the point develops, but is referred to nearby areas that seemingly do not appear to be related. In fact it is estimated that more than 80% of the pain manifests itself in other parts of the body.

Other effective alternative therapies

In addition to those mentioned above, there are other therapies that also have many beneficial effects on general health and especially on tissue recovery after an injury of any kind. All these forms of recovery and prevention of injury and pain can be applied together for a greater healing effect.

  • Natural remedies using plants: there are a wide variety of plants that have specific components that cause our own body to generate the necessary nutrients and substances to recover from any injury without having to resort to chemical drugs.
  • Acupuncture: in this case the body's pressure points are stimulated, but with greater precision as it is done directly on the nerves, using needles that activate them so that in each session the body achieves an improvement in any injury.
  • Kinesiotherapy: a therapy based on movements that seek to release pressure and relieve muscular and joint ailments, as well as stimulating their recovery.
  • Aromatherapy: in this therapy, scents of various medicinal plants are used with the intention of stimulating various bodily processes that will not only be effective in combating any ailment, but will also have a relaxing effect on the whole organism.
  • Osteopathy: this involves the application of specific movements to achieve a healing effect on the entire musculoskeletal system. This method combines the principles of chiropractic and physiotherapy, and although it is considered an alternative medicine, millions of people all over the world have benefited from its application.
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