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Features of peanut massage ball

What are the uses and benefits of the double ball for myofascial massage?

What is it used for?

  • Muscle contractures: the balls with peanuts come smooth and with different textures that will facilitate the relaxation of the muscles that are contracted. This contracture is due to the overexertion of people when performing physical activities to which they are not accustomed. It is enough to dedicate a few minutes a day to relieve the tension and return to your daily activities, as long as you do not exceed the massage time and have good application routines of this product.
  • Muscle aches: you do not necessarily have to have an injury to have muscle pain, it is enough to be fatigued and tense, so this peanut-shaped ball is great for muscle aches in the back as the shape between the two massage balls prevents contact with the vertebrae while exerting a bilateral stimulation on the muscles of the lower back. This product perfectly supports all body pressure on it to reach the deepest muscle groups.
  • Myofascial massage: the myofascial tissue is dense and connects all the muscles of the body, however, when they tighten the pain is localized and part of the solution is at your fingertips with this massage product that you should use while lying on the floor and leaning against the wall, the technique will depend on the area to be treated if it is the back, where it usually has a greater relaxing effect. One of the causes of requiring myofascial release is due to poor posture when working sitting for long hours.
  • Reflexology: with this peanut ball, all the reflexology points are stimulated, including the back and feet. You only need to dedicate a few minutes a day so that you can rest the affected areas and relax the muscle fibers, whose functionality is altered by the workload in the office and in the gym. Sports reasons, such as poor training and little muscle rest, will at some point require this relaxation tool to achieve relief.
  • Trigger point massage: Trigger points are body areas where there are usually muscle knots, which limit mobility in the back, arms and legs, mainly. As it is about accumulated tension, the peanut-shaped massage ball will stimulate the fibers to obtain relaxation and they can recover their elasticity capacity. This is a deep massage in which you can combine the ball with a therapeutic roller to achieve a better effect on the damaged area.
  • Plantar fasciitis: this is an injury related to the fascia that covers all the muscles of the body, but this is concentrated in the sole of the foot, in which it becomes impossible to step from the heel because it presents an intense pain. The plantar fascia goes from the heel to the metatarsals, so the pain can spread to the entire sole if you do not address this ailment in time with a good massage with the peanut-shaped ball that is easy to use in these cases. Start with a light pressure of the feet on this product, it is one of the correct ways to use it.
  • Release adhesions: although adhesions occur after a surgical intervention, they also occur due to some morphogenetic condition. Adhesions generate pain because it is the union of one or more organs that naturally should not be united. Massages with these balls prevent the tissues from connecting with each other and prevent poor healing that causes these irregular unions. In case of postoperative treatments, the recommendation of your surgeon or a physiotherapist is necessary.
  • Mental relaxation: there are people who feel relaxing effects with these massages, even though their purpose is therapeutic. This is a valid scenario because the body and mind are connected, and because by relaxing the muscles there is a feeling of calmness in the thoughts. It is the opposite effect to when the person feels stress, this is a symptom that is reflected in the body through muscle stiffness.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: pain is perceived by receptors that are responsible for indicating to the brain that there is an injury. These receptors also emit signals when the pain is mitigated by massage with correct techniques, according to the type of injury of origin. Muscle strains are the most frequent injuries and the ones that are best solved with the peanut-shaped balls. Its structure allows a bilateral massage, soft or deep, which relaxes the fibers and soothes the pain associated with various injuries.
  • Stress reduction: when muscles are tense, it is often due to mental stress from a busy schedule at home and in the office. Stress is the cause of millions of deaths worldwide each year because it affects the vascular system and cardiac functioning. Using these massage balls relaxes the body and mind, and reduces the harmful effects that stress has on the body. Always start with light movements and pressure if you are not adapted to this product.
  • Improved relaxation: these balls have a physical and mental relaxation effect, both of which are necessary for a true relaxing action on the body. Both reflexology and acupressure have in common that they address specific points on the body so that the knots disappear and the accumulated energy stops generating muscular discomfort that ends up affecting its functionality. This special ball calms tension, keeps muscles active and relaxes the fascia in the feet, all risk factors that increase stress.
  • Reduction of muscle tension: this tension is caused by an excessive workload on the muscles, related to an adjustment in the pace of work or a change in the intensity of workouts. The lack of a good rest after this activity will cause the muscles to remain tense without the need for muscle contractures or cramps. The shape of this ball favors the relaxation of tension by providing a bilateral massage, light and intense, which will make you feel more relaxed after a hectic day.
  • It favors muscular flexibility: this flexibility is the stretching capacity that all the muscles of the body have and that is altered when there is not a good rest of the person, when there are not enough nutrients in the organism and when the time of recovery after an injury is not respected. The corporal massages will make that the muscles are better prepared before an overload of effort, this way their operation is taken care of and the massages will make that the muscles can stretch and return to their habitual state.
  • Reduces blood pressure: massages with this peanut-shaped ball will help to better distribute the blood flow in the circulatory system, thus reducing the pressure on the walls of the vessels, veins and arteries. Blood pressure is dangerous because it does not show initial signs, it is only perceived when there are serious consequences in the body. If the person has a history of hypertension, it is best to consult with a physiotherapist what kind of exercises with this product can be done on a daily basis.
  • Improves circulation: for the legs, these massage balls are useful and practical, it only takes a few minutes when there are symptoms in the legs such as pain and swelling. You need a gentle pressure and rubbing in the direction where the blood is directed, thus lowering the swelling that causes circulatory difficulty. Massages increase venous return, they have a better effect when you are active and standing. Avoid giving self-massage when lying down, because the body does not respond in the same way.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins: during physical activities, the body emits some chemical components considered as toxins that must be expelled from the body. These toxins are better expelled in the body cooling process, but massages also have this cleansing effect so that the muscles have a better functioning. If you use this ball after sports, you get additional benefits besides the release of organic components.
  • Improves immune function: A body that is healthy is able to boost the immune system to prevent major incidences when viruses and bacteria enter. Massages strengthen the body’s natural blockage and minimize the advance of infectious and bacterial diseases, so it is of great contribution the application of massages if you want the body to have the necessary tools to stay healthy. Consult a physiotherapist to know the correct exercises to do.
  • Accelerates recovery: massages activate circulation and make more blood flow, which in turn better transports oxygen and nutrients that damaged muscles need to fully recover from mild and moderate injuries, which do not require surgery. Recovery can occur after blows, falls, broken fibers and contractures, in all these cases the massage balls make recovery better and in less time.
  • Injury prevention: the best way to prevent injuries is to prevent muscles from becoming fatigued and unavailable for a new workout. Use this tool if you know that there is a particular muscle area that may have a recurrence when you perform an intense sports activity. In the back, legs and arms, the prevention effect has a better effect with this product that aims to improve your performance.
  • Improves sports performance: this product will not make your muscles more resistant, but when you avoid injuries that force you to take necessary breaks, your body remains active and your muscles will remain accustomed to the sporting demands to which you wish to adapt. When you stop training, the body resets and loses the ability to get used to the new demands, it is like starting from scratch.

How to use?

The design of these peanut-shaped balls is similar to Lacrosse balls, but is more stable when you perform bilateral stimulation.

  • Locate the area where the ailment is.
  • Be clear about the routine you want to perform.
  • Locate an anti-slip surface to avoid product displacement.
  • The movements should be smooth and with rhythm.
  • This product can be used both on the floor and on the wall.
  • At the beginning the movements and pressure should be light and gradually increase the pressure.
  • It is logical that at first you feel some discomfort when using the massage balls, this is completely normal.
  • If you feel excessive pain, you should stop the exercise and consult a specialist.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications to the use of the roller ball for trigger points?

Before using this and any massage product, you should take into account some recommendations to avoid complications in the ailments you are trying to eliminate from the body.

  • Do not massage open wounds.
  • In third degree sprains, dislocations and fractures is contraindicated.
  • If you want to treat cartilage and ligament wear, consult a physiotherapist.
  • It is not recommended for people with some types of diabetes.
  • Avoid using this product as a replacement for drug treatment.
  • In case of circulation problems, you should know well the type of exercises to be performed.

Do massage roller balls for myofascial release really work?

Yes, current clinical evidence demonstrates the benefits of myofascial massage with this peanut-shaped ball to treat tension and pain in the fascia, which is the tissue that lines all the muscles in the body. It also has better benefits on the plantar fascia.

What are the differences between the peanut massage toller and Lacrosse balls?

The big difference is the targeted benefits the rollerball has on the back, providing benefits with deep pressure without compromising the vertebrae.

  • Peanut massage balls: their special shape makes them easier to use, especially in areas where self-massage is difficult, such as the back and the back of the thigh. Movements can only be made backwards and forwards.
  • Lacrosse balls for massage: they only have a similar effect to the peanut ball, but their maneuverability is more complex for people who are not adapted to perform exercises with this type of massage products. They also offer benefits on the back and thighs.