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Size chart

Features of shoulder brace for injuries

  • Breathable and compressive:
  • Unrestricted movement:
  • Stretch fabric:
  • Gentle compression: to help relieve pain.
  • Easy donning:
  • Non-slip design:
  • Lightweight: can be worn under clothing
  • Thermoregulator:
  • Ergonomic:
  • durable stretch mesh
  • molded back compression pad
  • dual shoulder straps to promote proper spinal alignment
  • low profile design for comfort and fit.
  • comfort and compression
  • adjustable support

What are the uses and benefits of the shoulder compression sleeve?

What is it for?

  • Swelling: The main benefit of this product is that it limits shoulder motion when seeking necessary rest for minor injuries, but where tissue swelling is present as the body’s natural mechanism to promote recovery. Minimizing movement, accelerates the relief of swelling and pain associated with this type of injury.
  • Acute or chronic pain: this garment serves as a complementary support to treatments suggested by specialists in case of acute pain associated with long-term injuries that affect the joint, tendons and ligaments. The sports shoulder sleeve has a breathable material that prevents sweating, but maintains a high temperature in the shoulder to help soothe chronic pain.
  • Arthritis: At the onset of this degenerative disease, arthritis symptoms are intermittent and can be controlled with the use of this easy-to-fit shoulder compression garment. By reducing the mobility of the shoulder, it helps to minimize the discomfort that arthritis leaves on the joint.
  • Bursitis: the elastic fabric of this garment will provide just the right amount of compression to regulate temperature and prevent the shoulder from making sudden movements that further irritate the bursae, which are braces that cushion the rubbing and bumps between the shoulder bones. The sports shoulder brace is ergonomic and has a durable mesh, which is a useful tool for every athlete.
  • Tendonitis: a heavy workload on the shoulder causes the tendons to suffer, despite the fact that they are highly resistant tissues. To prevent the tendons from rupturing partially or completely, in case of ailments it is best to use this lightweight garment that has a rear compression brace to give greater support to the tendon.
  • Dislocations: If you are already receiving treatment to relieve pain, the sports shoulder support helps to rest the shoulder by making fewer movements than usual. In a dislocation the ligaments are affected and this compressive garment protects the functioning of them by relieving pain and reducing the swelling that remains after this joint damage.
  • Fractures: in this type of injury, the garment should be used when your doctor suggests it, because there are several types of fractures and each of them usually has a different treatment. The garment usually gives better relief when the fracture is in the form of a fissure and does not affect the functioning of other tissues such as muscles and ligaments.
  • Muscle contractures: the sports garment is a thermoregulator that keeps the shoulder warm without the need for sweating. This adjusted temperature causes a greater flow of blood and oxygen that helps to calm the fibers that are contracted and require a progressive relaxation process to regain elasticity.
  • Rotator cuff injury: this is a complex injury whose pain is stabbing, but does not resist the comfort and fit of the sports shoulder brace that serves as support to the shoulder to reduce pain and reduce mobility in the shoulder without being an annoying garment to continue doing the activities you like. This garment should never be a replacement for a clinical treatment against this injury.
  • Muscle tension: muscle tension is a sign of stress and fatigue from a hectic day, although it is also due to the change in sports training that often leaves the shoulder muscles fatigued. In these cases, the garment works to prevent serious injury and allows relaxation of the muscle fibers that are exhausted.
  • Overuse injuries: Overuse injuries are common when you play sports as an amateur and the shoulder joint is not prepared for this intensity. Use the sports shoulder brace after training or play to allow the fatigued cells to regenerate, as long as you feel relief you can continue to wear this garment.
  • Contusions and trauma: the blows usually leave bruises and swelling in the affected area, by regulating the temperature with this sports shoulder support you make the blood run better in the shoulder and recovery is accelerated. But you should only use it after having applied cold to the affected area and rest is required with the support of this garment.
  • Postoperative: in some surgical interventions, surgeons recommend the use of sports shoulder braces like these to help keep the operated area protected and avoid strong movements in the shoulder that may compromise the result of the operation. You must always have your doctor’s approval to use the garment as a complementary treatment.

What are the benefits?

  • Support and stability: with the sports shoulder brace you will feel more comfortable when moving your arm because this product limits movement, but it is not uncomfortable to continue performing your daily activities. The joint will be more stable with this garment in case of recurring injuries that require your constant attention to it.
  • Compression: a good compression keeps the tissues properly grouped together and allows a temperature to favor muscle recovery, without you having to be attentive to adjust the material again, unlike classic bandages. If you usually have shoulder pain, this product will be very useful.
  • Pain relief: there are several ways in which the sports shoulder brace relieves pain, one of them is by preventing you from making unnecessary movements in the shoulder, another way is by increasing blood flow in the affected area and a third way is by protecting the joint with supports specially placed to provide greater compression.
  • Injury prevention: if you have recurring ailments in your day to day life, then the shoulder brace will prevent major ailments when you need to protect the joint and continue with your daily productivity. It allows for a needed break in the shoulder when you feel exhausted and find it difficult to move your arm.
  • Improves postural hygiene: shoulders should be perpendicular in relation to the waist, this helps not to strain the joint tissues and prevents future injuries. The sports shoulder brace contributes to a correct posture of people when walking and standing, a correct posture reduces muscle fatigue.
  • Reduces tension: it is related to the correct posture that the shoulder should have at all times and that the sports shoulder support allows to achieve in a natural way, without forcing its functionality. When muscle tension is lowered, the fibers and other tissues such as tendons and ligaments that are easily irritated when muscles are tense are protected.
  • Accelerates recovery: when people maintain adequate rest, it gives the body a chance to heal better from physical injuries and this is the purpose of the compressive shoulder brace. By promoting rest, increasing blood flow and relaxing damaged tissues, it increases the chance of better and faster recovery from many types of injuries.
  • Minimizes vibrations: the most frequent vibrations are muscle twitches, generated by small and uncontrollable contractures in part of one or more muscles at a time. These are contractures that go undetected in many cases, but when there are injuries they can slow down the patient’s recovery. The sports shoulder brace prevents these involuntary movements.
  • Maintains body heat: this is a wonderful and useful feature of the compressive shoulder brace because it maintains a high temperature that promotes muscle recovery, without the need for sweating. It is part of an important support so that injuries are better addressed and the person does not feel the symptoms associated with tissue damage.

When to use?

  • Daily life: there are really no limits to the use of this garment to better perform the daily activities you do. Whenever you feel discomfort in your shoulder, this compression garment will alleviate that feeling of muscle fatigue that is sure to get in the way of your activity routine. If you have old injuries that left sequelae in the joint, then the shoulder brace soothes all these annoying sensations.
  • Work activities: protecting the shoulder if you work sitting in front of a computer helps to avoid tendon and ligament wear. Even in injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, the garment reduces discomfort in the shoulder when the injury is advanced and affects the entire structure of the arm. It helps the body correct shoulder posture while sitting for long hours.
  • Golf: Hitting the ball requires explosive movements in almost every joint in the body, including the shoulder which must transfer all of the arms’ power to the clubhead. You can reduce the damage from repetition of this motion with a sports shoulder support that will provide additional support to joint function.
  • Running: most of the time, runners who feel pain in the shoulder are due to the fact that they tend to change their running position as an involuntary act of the body seeking comfort in the technique, but that leaves injuries in the rotator cuff and trapezius. The sports shoulder brace corrects this posture and avoids pain.
  • Cycling: keeping the arms fixed on the steering wheel and increasing the inclination of the body forward will cause the shoulder to suffer from the overload of work that falls on them. The use of this product is not suggested in competitions, but to relieve pain and inflammation, the sports shoulder brace is very useful. Use it whenever you require a necessary rest.
  • Yoga and gymnastics: if you usually develop both practices, you will know that there are recurring ailments in the joints and especially in the shoulders, because it has a greater range of motion and both yoga and gymnastics test this part of the body with extreme routines and great muscle stretching. The compressive shoulder brace relieves the tensions left by these disciplines.
  • Tennis, badminton and racket sports: in these sports, the upper body is the one that suffers the most due to repetitive arm movements that leave muscle fatigue in the shoulders which, if not treated in time, turns into chronic injuries due to joint wear and tear. Use the compressive garment as a way to prevent injuries and prevent you from becoming forced to take a sick leave that affects your performance.
  • Crossfit, weightlifting and Fitness: when the body does not have the necessary strength for weightlifting, the shoulders suffer from the wear and tear left by the overload of work and the passage of the discs. An imbalance in the arms causes the ligaments and cartilage to be damaged and additional protection should be given with the compressive shoulder brace, after any change in the sports training routine.
  • Climbing, hiking and mountain sports: the arms have more tension when the body hangs on them in these sports. Excessive stretching and explosive movements, cause anyone to have shoulder injuries that should heal with the use of sports shoulder braces, which help limit mobility and facilitate recovery.
  • Team sports: if you practice sports such as soccer, basketball, handball, rugby, baseball, lacrosse, field field hockey and volleyball, among other disciplines in which you need to work with other people, no doubt this sports shoulder brace can help you perform your favorite sport protecting the shoulder from possible injuries.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my neoprene shoulder support size is?

Although you should always rely on the size chart, we anticipate that you should use a tape measure to know the measurement of the biceps in flexed position and chest circumference. Remember to measure under the arms and across the nipples to get the right size.

Then, take a look at the sizing chart above to find out which sports shoulder bra is best suited to your build. There must be just the right compression and fit for the garment to have a positive effect.

Another thing you should know is that measurements should be taken while standing and with your legs shoulder-width apart. If the garment is too tight, it will cut off blood circulation and you will feel a tingling sensation in your shoulder.

How to wash and care for sports shoulder brace?

This specific product is made of neoprene and is completely breathable. Although there will be no sweating, you may still need to clean the shoulder brace and we will tell you what to do in these cases. The shoulder support has a velcro closure that is resistant, but you should be careful when cleaning this part of the product.

  • Wash in cold water on delicate programs
  • Hand wash preferably
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not use soap with softeners
  • Do not bleach

How do I know if the sports elastic shoulder sleeve is good for me?

This shoulder brace can be used by anyone with mild to chronic shoulder ailments. Throughout this article, we have left you with a series of suggestions, ways of use and conditions that you should take into account. However, if you have any specific doubts, it is best to have the experience and opinion of a qualified sports doctor or physiotherapist.

Can two shoulder braces be worn at the same time, one on the right and one on the left?

No, this specific product is designed to give better protection to each shoulder separately. If you require a double shoulder support, there are products on the market that offer bilateral and tailored protection.

What is the difference between a sports shoulder brace and an orthopedic shoulder support?

Although both garments may look the same in size and design, in reality the use to which they should be put is different. Shoulder compression sleeves are used to treat minor injuries, soothe pain, reduce inflammation and prevent major ailments. However, orthopedic shoulder supports treat more serious and severe injuries such as fractures and better serve their purpose of protecting the musculoskeletal structure.


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