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Size chart

CM 28-34 35-41 42-47 48-55
IN 11-13 13.5-16 16.5-18.5 19-21.5
The thigh circumference is measured 4 inch/10 cm upwards from the center of the kneecap (*See picture)
*Note: If after measuring you are between two sizes, choose the larger size

Features of wrist brace for tendonitis

  • Breathable and compressive:
  • Unrestricted movement:
  • Stretch fabric:
  • Gentle compression: to help relieve pain.
  • Easy donning:
  • Non-slip design:
  • Lightweight: can be worn under clothing
  • Thermoregulator:
  • Ergonomic:
  • Durable stretch mesh
  • Molded back compression pad
  • Dual shoulder straps to promote proper spinal alignment
  • Low profile design for comfort and fit.
  • Comfort and compression
  • Adjustable support

What are the uses and benefits of the sports elastic wrist brace?

What is it for?

  • Swelling and inflammation: by compacting the muscle fibers, you get a constant flow of blood that does not remain stationary in a single space, which will benefit you to reduce inflammation resulting from injuries such as sprains, tendinitis or trauma to your wrist.
  • Acute or chronic pain: by improving blood flow, a sedative effect is achieved that will allow you to relieve pain from chronic ailments, in addition to providing invaluable support to the wrist to generate less wear and tear when using it. This is extremely beneficial for ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Arthrosis: The light pressure of between 15mmHg and 20mmHg is ideal for relieving joint ailments caused by wrist osteoarthritis that can affect the quality of life of people over 50 years of age. Continuous use will also reduce the recurrence of such ailments.
  • Bursitis: when the bursae of synovial fluid in your wrist become inflamed, it is ideal to have a nylon and spandex compressive wrist brace so that you can both control the inflammation, relieve pain and maintain a stable temperature so that the injury heals as soon as possible.
  • Tendonitis: the pain and inflammation caused by tendon tendonitis of the ulnar, extensor or abductor muscle tendon of the thumb of your hand can be perfectly relieved thanks to the use of this sports wrist brace. In addition, you will accelerate the recovery of this ailment by providing support to these cords in every movement.
  • Sprains: The sprains that cause so much damage to the ligaments and muscles of this joint can be healed with the use of a wrist brace that provides rest and protection to these soft tissues. In addition, using it continuously when performing any physical activity will be of great help to reduce the chances of suffering this injury.
  • Dislocations: once the radius or ulna are back in position, you will surely have some swelling and pain when trying to move the wrist, so using this elastic wrist brace of up to 20mmhg of pressure will be ideal to relieve both symptomatologies and accelerate the maximum recovery of the joint.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: the compression will provide an increase in blood flow that perfectly helps to reduce tension in the carpal tunnel of both hands, in addition to providing a relaxing effect to relieve the pain caused by inflammation of the median nerve in this injury. You will achieve all this and more with the constant use of this compressive garment.
  • Overuse injuries: if you practice racquet sports it is possible that with the passage of training you go accumulating tension that will generate overload in the muscles of the hand and forearm. With the use of this wrist brace you will be able to reduce this tension, as well as relieve the pain of this injury.
  • Contusions and trauma: with its use you will be able to reduce inflammation and relieve pain caused by strong blows you receive in the wrist while working, by a domestic accident or when practicing your favorite sport. In addition, it will help create the perfect circumstances to accelerate tissue recovery.
  • Wrist instabilities: conditions such as osteoarthritis, wrist sprains or carpal tunnel syndrome can cause the wrist to lose its stability. Wearing this wrist brace will provide compression that will balance the soft tissues and lose that weakness that can affect your lifestyle.
  • Postoperative: wearing this wrist brace during the first 48 hours after leaving a wrist operation will help reduce and avoid problems such as edema or acute pain when the tissues awaken from anesthesia.

What are the benefits?

  • Support and stability: by maintaining the soft tissues with a compression of 20mmHg the wrist joint will feel more stable. In addition, support is provided to the ligaments so that they are less strained in each movement to avoid injuries such as bursitis, tendonitis or degeneration of the median nerve causing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Compression: provides your wrist with 15mmHg to 20mmHg of compression ideal for recovery from ligament and tendon injuries, relieve pain from chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, and speed recovery from soft tissue ailments.
  • Pain relief: relieves pain from a large number of wrist injuries resulting from blows, sprains or cartilage degeneration. This is due to the sedative effect that the 20mmHg compression provides by improving blood circulation.
  • Injury prevention: the support and stability it provides to the wrists will make you feel safer when performing any movement with them, reducing the incidence of accidental injuries such as sprains. This in turn reduces the workload on ligaments and tendons to prevent wear and tear ailments such as bursitis, tendonitis and other similar ailments.
  • Reduces tension: by helping the soft tissues to function with greater balance and support, it considerably reduces the tension that accumulates every day either by daily tasks, or actions in high-impact sports, especially racquet sports such as tennis or badminton.
  • Accelerates recovery: the 20mmHg it can provide to the joint such as improving blood flow, maintaining a stable temperature or reducing tension in ligaments, tendons and muscles, are ideal for creating a beneficial scenario for the recovery of soft tissue injuries.
  • Minimizes vibrations: keeping soft tissues compressed will make vibrations when playing sports such as tennis, paddle tennis or badminton much lower, reducing the likelihood of injury while practicing any of these sports.
  • Maintains body heat: the quality of nylon and spandex that make up this wrist brace allows you to maintain a stable body temperature, something very valuable both during sports practice and for injury recovery processes, without losing its breathable quality.

When to use?

  • Daily life: if you suffer from chronic problems such as osteoarthritis or carpal tunnel, as well as if you are in recovery processes of long duration, the daily use of this wrist brace will help you to have more comfortable days so that no injury affects your quality of life.
  • Work activities: if you must perform tasks at work such as typing a long time on the computer or perform crafts for long periods of time, with this wrist brace you can reduce the stress that all these actions generate to avoid injuries in the future.
  • Golf: Wrists are essential for the swing movement as they give stability to the club and are the first to absorb the impact of the same. Wearing a sports wrist brace will provide extra support to your ligaments both to avoid ligament injuries and to reduce vibrations when hitting the ball.
  • Running: although you may think otherwise, wrists also suffer wear and tear and accumulate during races, so having a compression wrist brace will help you avoid wrist injuries that will keep you away from the track for a few days.
  • Cycling: keeping the handlebars of the bike fixed is the function of your wrists, which makes all the vibrations that are generated from the front wheel come directly to them. A 20mmHg compression wrist strap is ideal to reduce these vibrations and tensions that can lead to injuries such as tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome in the future.
  • Yoga and gymnastics: if you must perform demanding postures in yoga sessions, or to minimize the impact of your acrobatics that you perform in gymnastics, especially on colts, parallel and fixed bars, this wrist brace will be your best ally to reduce the likelihood of injury to your wrists.
  • Tennis, badminton and racquet sports: athletes of racquet sports are the ones who most need a nylon and spandex wrist brace, as each return generates a huge impact on the wrists, these being the ones that suffer the most stress. Remember that an injury to them can keep you several weeks away from the court without practicing your passion.
  • Crossfit, weightlifting and Fitness: basically all exercises with extra weight that are performed in the gym require the hands to hold dumbbells and bars, which requires maximum stability of the wrist. With this garment you will be able to reduce this tension and balance the joint to avoid all kinds of injuries to ligaments, muscles or tendons.
  • Climbing, hiking and mountain sports: in climbing you must have stable wrists to climb those vertical walls that demand so much, so both for this and other mountain sports have a wrist brace will be of great help to avoid injury.
  • Team sports: If you practice sports such as soccer, basketball, handball, rugby, baseball, lacrosse, field field hockey, volleyball, etc, no doubt this elastic compression wrist brace can help you perform your favorite sport protecting the wrist from injury.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my elastic wrist brace size is?

Knowing the exact size of your wrist brace is quite simple, you just have to measure the circumference of your wrist and when you know it, consult the size chart that we share above to know yours. It is important to know and acquire the correct size wrist brace

If you choose a smaller one, it will generate a higher compression than the original one it should apply, which could cut blood circulation and be counterproductive, or simply its Velcro closure will not fit well. While if you choose a larger one, it will simply lose all its effects as it will generate less compression than indicated on the box.

How to wash and care for the sports wrist brace with velcro closure?

You must take certain precautions to prevent the spandex and nylon of the wrist brace, as well as the Velcro closure, from losing their elastic and compressive qualities. Therefore, it is best to wash this garment according to the following instructions:

  • Wash in cold water on delicate programs
  • Hand wash preferably
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not use soap with softeners
  • Do not bleach

How do I know if the sports elastic wrist brace is good for me?

See all the benefits and uses in which we tell you precisely what this elastic wrist brace is for. Generally speaking, it is valid for any type of injury, except for fractures that will surely require a much stronger pressure and fixation, as well as for people with special conditions such as the following:

  • Severe arterial disorders.
  • Open or infected wounds on the wrists.
  • Dermatitis and other skin infections of the wrists.

Is there a difference in wrist brace model for left or right hand?

There is no difference in the design of these wrist braces, in fact, each one is suitable for both left and right hand, at the same time they can also be used by both men and women as their design is unisex, also available in various colors.

What is the difference between a sports wrist brace and an orthopedic wrist support?

A sports wrist brace is a special kind of orthopedic wrist support that is used especially for sports. So there is no valid difference between one and the other

Other types of wrist braces that we can identify are:

  • Metacarpals.
  • Thumb immobilizers.
  • Infantile.
  • Rehabilitation.


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