Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

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Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

How to use the hot and cold pack for neck pain?

Features for ice gel pack for neck and shoulder pain

Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

High Quality

Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

Always Flexible

Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

Soft Fabric

Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

Custom Packaging

Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries


Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

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What are the uses and benefits of the cold gel pack for neck and shoulder?

What is it for?

  • Muscle fatigue: in clinical terms, the fatigue of muscle fibers is the difficulty they have to contract and re-stretch the muscle due to an overload of work for several hours a day. The muscles remain tense and their mobility becomes almost impossible, that is why the cold packs we want you to know about serve as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, allowing the fibers to relax and recover from the physical demands. It is a key tool for every professional athlete.
  • Whiplash: its medical name is cervical hyperextension and consists of the neck injury by rapid and explosive movements, typical of a traffic accident and the tackle of a rugby player. It is like a mild neck sprain, where the ligaments are stretched too much and cause tension that requires immobilization. The gel pack serves to relieve the intense and localized pain, and also controls the inflammation left by this whiplash on the sides of the cervical.
  • Herniated disc: this is the displacement or deformation, in the worst cases, of the intervertebral discs that are located between each vertebra of the spine. Both the lower back and the cervical spine are susceptible to this injury as a result of the wear and tear of the discs that run along the base of the skull and reach the hip. When the disc generates inflammation, the cold pack will provide relief and control that there is no further expansion of excess fluid in the skin.
  • Torticollis: this is the contracture of the muscle tissues located on one side of the neck, it is known that there are several reasons why this contracture is generated, but most can be avoided by placing cold on the affected side when you have spent a busy day at the office, sitting for long hours at a computer or as a result of a sudden movement when playing sports. The gel pack will relieve this symptom in the first instant only if the contracture is mild. Otherwise, heat should be applied to relax the fibers.
  • Bruising: is the rupture of blood vessels located under the first layer of the skin, this bleeding causes localized pain and swelling. The cold, applied with the gel pack, will allow the pain to subside and the inflammation will not expand. The regeneration of the vessels may take several weeks, while this occurs, the bruises on the skin will disappear after a few days. The cold should be applied with care because the skin is already sensitive due to internal bleeding.
  • Dislocations: when the humerus bone comes out of the joint, this generates intense pain, deformity of the shoulder, stiffness and inflammation. These are symptoms that can be perfectly controlled with the cold gel pack, due to its analgesic properties and because it makes the pain receptors in the organism perceive less the discomfort caused by this injury. As the bag does not have a strap for a better grip, it is recommended to use the hand to put pressure on the shoulder.
  • Tendonitis: if you like sports, then you should already know that tendonitis is a risk factor in any discipline, so it is an excellent idea to have a cold gel bag like this model, which will help control the severe symptoms of tendon irritation in the shoulder and neck. The worst that can happen is a tendon tear, but the cold will also help reduce the pain and prevent the inflammation from spreading to the cervical or shoulder.
  • Rotator cuff tear: this is an injury in the muscle group that offers the greatest mobility to the shoulder, there are four muscles that break their fibers in the excesses of physical activity, either at home, at work or in the sports area. The muscle that suffers the most is the supraspinatus, so much of the cold therapy should focus on this particular muscle. The cold gel pack should be placed in the hands to have a soothing effect on the pain and inflammation while drugs are administered, you can also use a bandage to hold the bag to the shoulder.
  • Bursitis: Bursae are sacs filled with synovial fluid that become inflamed when additional stress is placed on the shoulder due to sudden movements, heavy lifting or receiving a sharp, direct blow. These bursae serve as a cushion to prevent rubbing of the structures that make up the complex shoulder joint during movement. The bursa allows for pain relief and reduces the likelihood of swelling being a short-term problem, further limiting arm mobility.
  • Muscle tears: Muscle tears are breaks in the small fibers that make up muscles throughout the body, including those in the shoulder and neck. When there is a partial or total tear, it is important to immediately apply the cold gel pack because the pain will be localized and unbearable for the person. In addition, the cold will make it so that there are no complications in the affected muscle due to the positive effects that the reduction of blood has for this type of injury. When a tear is total, surgery will be necessary to repair the damage.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: Cold on the body has an effect similar to that of muscle relaxants, relieving mild to moderate pain when it comes to injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons. Almost all cervical and shoulder injuries can be addressed from the instant of the incident with this cold gel pack. You just need to be mindful of the time of use on the skin so that there are no complications due to first-degree burns.
  • Reduce inflammation: Inflammation is part of the body's natural process to begin recovery from tissue damage. The cells generate a fluid that allows swelling in the shoulder and cervical, where the injury persists. The cold will help prevent excess fluid in the affected area and help make this process less painful. The gel pack helps the inflammatory process to pass quickly and without major complications for the tissues.
  • Accelerates recovery: when cold is combined with heat, through contrast therapies, it is possible and very effective in the treatment of chronic injuries in which the cells are stimulated, and in circulatory difficulties in which the vessels, veins and arteries are trained so that there is a greater blood flow in the body. This type of combined therapies must be supervised by a physiotherapist, but in the case of cold, you can use the gel pack we have for you.
  • Injury prevention: after overwork or intense training, placing the cold pack on the shoulder will prevent injuries due to muscle wasting and joint fatigue. But keep in mind that it is not a measure to always apply, you should only do it if you know that there will be recurrence of injuries in the shoulder and cervical, perhaps because of weakening in these areas or because there was a change in the pace of work.
  • Improves sports performance: this bag is great for professional athletes, it is a practical, portable and easy to use tool for when there are aches and pains in the shoulder or neck. Remember that when you avoid injuries, you will be able to be active longer in competitions, so you can advance in your career. That's why we want you to know about this product that will help you in your growth as a professional.
  • Reduction of migraines and headaches: any discomfort in the cervical will cause you to have constant headaches. In addition, migraine headaches can be the result of an injury that has not fully healed, such as herniated discs, which compromise the integrity of the nerves. For both the head and neck, the gel pack will do its job by reducing the symptoms that lead the body to react with pain in the head. You should always be aware of the time of use of this product, to avoid the freezing effect on the soft tissues.
  • Muscle contractures: this is a fairly recurrent ailment that will make you spend annoying moments because you will have to rest for several days before the contracture disappears. As at the beginning of this injury there is pain, the bag will soothe this symptom and prevent you from having to be off work for several days. If the contracture persists, then using heat will have a better relieving effect on the affected muscle.
  • Circulatory regulator: the key to the benefits of cold lies in its ability to constrict the blood vessels to eliminate most of the annoying symptoms that accompany an injury. In addition, when combined with heat, cold also has a positive effect on chronic diseases such as varicose veins and ulcers, where there is a difficulty in the blood supply that generates pain and swelling of the legs.

When to use?

  • When to apply cold?

    Low temperatures are recommended as first aid for minor injuries and injuries to tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. Cold is undoubtedly the best ally to reduce inflammation. For this reason, ice is used in the famous PRICE therapy, which has been used since the end of the 1970s.

  • How to use cold?

    Just chill the bag in the freezer for two hours before applying. When you take the bag out of the freezer, you should wait for it to rest for a few minutes and then place the bag where the pain is. You should only pay attention that there is no numbness of the skin. The bag is reusable and the cycle of application and rest can be done three times a day for up to 15 minutes each time.

Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications to the use of reusable gel packs for neck and shoulder?

Always thinking about your safety, we prepared a series of recommendations and contraindications in the use of the cold gel pack for the treatment of neck and shoulder injuries.

Remember that there will be no damage or reactions in the skin, as long as you take care of the time in which the bag should be applied and you should pay special attention when it comes to treating bruises, when the skin is more sensitive than usual.

  • Do not apply to an open or infected wound.
  • Do not apply to patients with vascular disorders, unless under medical supervision.
  • Do not apply if you suffer from circulatory or nervous disorders, unless under medical supervision.
  • Do not apply to sensitive or irritated skin.

What are the risks of using ice gel compresses for neck pain?

As we told you, the only risk will depend on the use you give to this product and the care you take with it. Remember that there must not be extreme cold or heat for the bag to have a real and positive effect.

  • Can they burn your skin? Only when the person exceeds the time of application of the bag on the affected part of the body. That is why we have detailed that for cold it is only used for a maximum of 15 minutes and for heat, only for 20 minutes. After that, there should always be a rest for the skin. When using marie baths, be careful not to burn your hands during the manipulation of the gel.
  • Can they be toxic? There are no indications so far that the nylon with which this garment is made generates reactions on the dermis. You should only check that the bag does not leak so that, when you use heat, the gel does not fall on the skin and cause burns. There is no record of the gel having an allergic reaction. Be careful not to use lotions or topical medications before applying the pouch.

How do I know if the ice gel pack for neck and shoulder pain is good for me?

Whenever you have stiffness, lead a busy life or play sports, this ice gel pack is ideal for you. You can use it anywhere on your body, besides your neck and shoulders. We have left a series of recommendations and possible uses that will give you more clues on how to use the product in your particular case. And if you still have doubts, it is advisable to have the opinion of a specialist.

82 reviews for Reusable Ice Pack for Neck & Shoulders Injuries

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  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    nevot eric

    merci – merci

  2. Avatar
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    Vraiment super ūüĎć – Ayant de gros soucis aux cervicales actuellement ce produit est top ! Recouvre bien la nuque ! Soulage ! Tr√®s bon rapport/qualit√© prix et toujours la livraison prime en 24 h - merci ‚ėļÔłŹ

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    4 out of 5


    Grande taille pour le dos ou autre partie du corps – Tr√®s facile d'utilisation et r√©chauffe bien le dos, soulage les douleurs gr√Ęce √† la chaleur bien diffus√©e

  4. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Producto indispensable – Ideal para aplicar en zonas inflamadas y doloridas, es necesario tenerlo siempre en el congelador. Al tener dos caras, es muy agradable la parte que es m√°s suave. Recomendable.

  5. Avatar
    4 out of 5

    Marie B

    Grand РJe l'ai acheté pour des douleurs dorsales, satisfaite de mon achat, je l'ai utilisé également pour le pied mais j'ai du acheter une bande velcro pour le tenir, est un peu lourd. Mais dans l'ensemble je suis satisfaite

  6. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    piter wood

    Buen producto. РBuena calidad en los componentes de fabricación.

  7. Avatar
    2 out of 5

    CARLY Pierre

    Bof Рlong a chauffé, mais pratique vu sa taille, seul point négatif 6mois après achat il ses percé en chauffant :(.

  8. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    rudy delgrosso

    Je recommande РDès la réception de la poche de gel, je l'ai utilisée (chaud) pour soulager mes douleurs lombaires (2 hernies discales et une sciatique). L'effet a été immédiat, j'ai ressenti un bienfait. Depuis je l'utilise tous les jours, en complément de mon traitement médical. Facile d'utilisation et très agréable, je recommande vivement ce produit.

  9. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Tolles Material – Dieses K√ľhlpad ist richtig gut. Genau das Richtige f√ľr meine Zwecke. Ich habe darauf geschlafen um den unertr√§glichen Juckreiz am R√ľcken, der durch Nesselsucht verursacht wird, zu lindern. Die K√§lte ist kein bisschen unangenehm. Durch den weichen Velourstoff liegt man wunderbar darauf. Vielleicht auch ein Geheimtipp f√ľr andere Betroffene.

  10. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Einfach toll! – Hochwertig verarbeitet, erf√ľllt seinen Zweck, kann nur weiterempfehlen ūüėä

  11. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    C'est top – Un produit de qualit√© . Test√© en froid... La douceur du tissus fait qu'on ne sent pas le c√īt√© glac√© des poches habituelle... Je recommande

  12. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Calienta bien – Perfecto para ponerlo en el cuello o espalda, ya que lo puedes moldear.

  13. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    Top K√ľhlleistung – Ich brauche den K√ľhlpack nicht zu Schmerzlinderung, daher kann ich hierzu keine Aussage machen. Ich brauche den K√ľhlpack im Sommer f√ľr mein 30 Grad hei√ües Schlafzimmer in einer Dachwohnung. Funktioniert richtig gut ! Kann endlich wieder schlafen. Ich lege den K√ľhlpack ins Bett (Bett wird nicht na√ü davon), lege ein Badehandtuch drauf und schon k√ľhlt es wunderbar √ľber Stunden. Klare Kaufempfehlung !!!!

  14. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    assez lourd – tr√®s doux et agr√©able mais trop imposant ce qui entra√ģne un poids cons√©quent sur le cou... il faudrait l'all√©ger

  15. Avatar
    4 out of 5


    Couverture de gel grande taille avec un rev√™tement doux, utilisation chaude ou froide. – Cette couverture remplie de gel est id√©ale car d'une grande taille (60 x 38 cm), elle est livr√©e avec un sac isotherme pour son rangement ce qui est bien pratique et la met aussi √† l‚Äôabri de la poussi√®re. Sur le dessus de la couverture, il y a la notice d‚Äôinscrit mais uniquement en anglais donc qui sera utile seulement si vous le comprenez. Pour la chauffe on vous dit de mettre la couverture pendant 30 secondes √† 800W dans un four √† micro-ondes puis contr√īler la temp√©rature d√©sir√©e et recommencer √† intervalle de 10 secondes. Comme beaucoup, je confirme que 30 secondes est vraiment peu et je recommande donc de doubler le temps voir quadrupler car √©tant de grande taille cela prend du temps. Entre les chauffes le mieux est de malaxer le gel pour bien r√©partir la chaleur. Attention tout de m√™me de ne pas trop chauffer pour √©viter de l‚Äôendommager. Veillez aussi √† avoir un four √† micro-ondes assez grand et si vous avez un petit four le mieux sera d‚Äôavoir la fonction d‚Äôarr√™t de la rotation du plateau, pour ma part j‚Äôai un tr√®s grand four donc pas de probl√®me mais j‚Äôarr√™te tout de m√™me la rotation au cas o√Ļ la couverture viendrait √† √™tre bloqu√©e contre une paroi. Une fois chaude, vous pourrez la mettre directement sur la zone douloureuse et cela sans avoir besoin de mettre une couverture car la partie en velours est pr√©vue pour une utilisation directement sur la peau. Pour la fonction froide cela est bien plus simple, il suffit de placer la couverture directement dans le cong√©lateur soit pendant 2 heures ou toute une nuit. Si le gel est un dur car en partie congel√© il suffira de la sortir 10 minutes √† temp√©rature ambiante avant utilisation. Pour le froid vous pourrez soit la mettre du c√īt√© doux pour avoir un froid agr√©able ou directement sur la partie en nylon pour une plus grande efficacit√© mais bien plus agressif au niveau sensation. La seule petite chose qui manquerait selon moi, ce sont des sangles √©lastiques qui auraient √©t√© utiles par exemple pour maintenir la couverture autour d‚Äôune jambe. Pour le prix de 29,95‚ā¨ au moment de mon commentaire, je recommande cette couverture de gel car elle est √† un bon rapport qualit√© / prix pour une aussi grande taille.

  16. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Borja C.

    Producto de calidad – El producto se ajusta bien al cuello, es un poco pero de buena calidad

  17. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Gi.Lup ‚úÖÔłŹ

    Curato nei minimi particolari, soprattutto efficace – Impossibile caricare il contenuto multimediale. ¬†Costruito con materiali di qualit√† e finiture accurate. Si scalda rapidamente al microonde e si fredda con la velocit√† delle piastre eutettiche normalmente in commercio. ‚ô¶ÔłŹ cosa mi √® piaciuto di pi√Ļ - adatto al trattamento delle cervicali - va bene anche per altre parti del corpo e lo si pu√≤ avvolgere intorno al tallone, caviglia, gomito, ho usato delle fasce elastiche alte 7cm, acquistate qui su Amazon, per tenerlo fermo in posizione. - l'ho usato con successo per una leggera fascite plantare - ben rifinito - superfice delicata a contatto con la pelle - istruzioni stampate direttamente sulla superficie del prodotto: impossibile perderle e... carta risparmiata - pu√≤ essere utilizzato pi√Ļ volte - pratico sacchetto per il trasporto o per riporlo o se dobbiamo interrompere momentaneamente la terapia. - Temperatura modulabile a piacere - nella sua bustina pu√≤ funzionare come borsa dell'acqua calda. ‚ô¶ÔłŹ cosa mi √® piaciuto di meno - istruzioni solo in inglese ‚ô¶ÔłŹ conclusione Allevia il dolore, nel mio caso ha funzionato, buona versatilit√† e molto comodo.

  18. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Séverine C.

    Tr√®s efficace – Cette compresse r√©utilisable d'une taille extra large de 60x38 cm est id√©ale pour le r√©tablissement des douleurs lombaires et haut du dos. Elle est un peu lourde mais tr√®s efficace pour soulager les maux. Elle est remplie d'un gel de pharmacie de haute qualit√© et 100% s√Ľr. Mode d'emploi tr√®s facile √† suivre : ūüĎČ Th√©rapie pour le froid : Il faut la refroidir pendant 1-2 heures au cong√©lateur, puis la conserver √† temp√©rature ambiante pendant 10 minutes avant de l'appliquer sur la zone √† traiter. ūüĎČ Th√©rapie par le chaud : il faut placer les coussins thermique dans le micro-ondes pendant 30 secondes √† 800W, v√©rifiez sa temp√©rature avant de l'utiliser sur la zone douloureuse.

  19. Avatar
    4 out of 5


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