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We are a small group of young entrepreneurs who want to contribute the best of each of us to improve people’s lives. Feel Recovery is born with a single and main objective, to improve the quality of life of people by reducing and eliminating pain, either for people with chronic pain or caused by sports or work injuries. For this purpose, we design high quality products designed to provide pain relief, recovery or prevention of dozens of ailments caused by daily wear and tear in the workplace or sports practice.

All Feel Recovery brand products are based on the application of non-invasive therapies that have been proven by scientific studies to work in improving people’s health and/or increase sports performance without having to resort to surgical interventions or painful and invasive treatments.

Our team of collaborators

To ensure that the Feel Recovery website provides accurate and comprehensive content, we work with carefully selected authors who have experience in the health field. Our content is reviewed by health professionals, from physiotherapists, doctors, sports trainers etc. The content is regularly reviewed and updated to maintain accuracy and reflect the latest research.

Use of alternative therapies based on science

We create valuable content to provide the best information in the field of health, from the knowledge of the types of injuries for each part of the body and how to prevent them, improve our sports performance and avoid the dreaded sports injuries, how to relieve any kind of pain or know what are the most common ailments that we can suffer. For this we have a team of collaborators that attests and certifies all this information and thus, provide our readers with informative content, but never replacing the diagnosis of a qualified specialist.

We have specialized in the following therapies with scientific evidence to relieve pain and prevent all types of injuries:

Acupressure therapy:

Acupressure is one of the many techniques used in the Millenarian Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is similar to other therapies that have been used in the West for a long time, such as acupuncture, although, of course, not the same. In this case, what is sought is the flow of energy called Chi inside us to achieve balance and, thus, our state is healthy, benefiting from aspects such as relief, reduction, elimination, calming and other forms of treatment against pain.

Compression therapy:

The purpose is to improve the speed of blood circulation and avoid stagnation thanks to the action of compression on the venous walls, which involves many other improvements such as the vascular wall to function properly, that the affected areas are deflated or that the metabolism of a tissue improves favoring recovery.


Cryotherapy is the application of cold to our body for beneficial purposes. The concept is formed with the prefix cryo-, which literally means cold, or also ice cream, and with the root -therapy, which is the complete treatment of a problem. Thus, we can say that it results in an effective method to treat certain problems and conditions using low temperature as a resource for it.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS):

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the response to muscle contraction using low and medium frequency electrical impulses. These impulses are generated by an electrostimulator and transmitted to the muscles by strategically placed electrodes to generate a natural muscle contraction. Thanks to the latest advances in the fields of electrostimulation and neuroscience, a revolutionary new concept has been developed: Integral active electrostimulation.


This is a technique that seeks relief from pain and some physical ailments through the application of electrical and electromagnetic energy, among other variants, through the skin with the use of conductive pads called electrodes. It is a safe type of therapy and must be applied by a physical therapist specialized in the manipulation of electricity to address some kinds of ailments.

Hot & Cold therapy:

It is based on the contrast of temperature to which we expose ourselves with different intentions. Generally, the objectives are related to the improvement of injuries, pain reduction, prevention of mistreatment of an area or even being used as a method of relaxation or cosmetics. The cold/heat therapy consists of applying one or the other at different times, as appropriate and depending on the moment in which our nervous system, muscle or our injury is.

Massage therapy:

Massage therapy, or simply massage, is a treatment on the soft tissues of our body (muscles, connective tissues, skin, etc) to treat all types of pathologies, injuries or discomfort in the muscles, bones, circulatory system, nervous system or even psychological alterations.

Myofascial release therapy:

The therapy works by releasing all the tension accumulated in an area of myofascial tissue, which is one of the main causes of pain, as well as stretching the tissues so that they relax and the ailment is diluted, generating relief. However, this may not be a total cure for the injury, as at this point the problem may have become chronic.

Percussion therapy:

Percussion therapy is the treatment of deep muscle and fascia tissue, using rapid, vertical movements within the muscle adhesions, thus quasi-causing a neuromuscular response. Professional use of this therapy combines the science of our amplitude, frequency and torque.

RICE therapy:

The R.I.C.E therapy may, by these acronyms, still unknown to you, is a medical protocol that helps us, with simple steps, to recover after an injury. In this text we explain in depth what it consists of, point by point, and its advantages. You will also learn what kind of injuries we can use the RICE method and, of course, we will talk about other similar protocols, because it is possible that in your case you need to benefit from another one such as PRICE, POLICE, RICER, or MEAT.


The simplest definition of thermotherapy is the treatment of ailments by the application of heat. But nowadays, this therapy is also used for aesthetic purposes. In any case, the procedure is similar: receiving heat in a specific area or in a general way to achieve a benefit for our health. There are countless benefits, such as simply helping us to sleep more easily, or even improving our ability to walk again after an accident.

Trigger Point Therapy:

Myofascial pain points or trigger points are knots that are created in the deeper muscle tissues, causing intense pain. The pain does not always manifest itself in the area where the point develops, but is referred to nearby areas that seemingly do not appear to be related. In fact it is estimated that more than 80% of the pain manifests itself in other parts of the body.

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