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Features of myofascial massager vibrating ball

What are the uses and benefits of the vibrating massage ball?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: while stimulating the myofascial tissue with these balls, muscle fibers that are contracted due to intense physical activities and sports are also stimulated. The massaging balls help relax the muscles and leave them ready for another heavy day of physical stress.
  • To treat injuries: Injuries addressed with massage balls are mild and soft tissue injuries such as contractures, cramps, minor sprains and muscle fatigue. If there is unbearable pain, then you should not use this product and it is necessary to see a specialist.
  • Muscle aches: even muscle exhaustion leaves a feeling of mild pain that you address with the vibrations of this massage ball, you only need to apply the vibration intensity that your body requires to feel pleasure and begin to relax. Remember that there should be no pain when applying this massaging product on the body.
  • Back and neck pain: tensions in the back, neck and shoulders cause the activation of trigger points that make posture uncomfortable and make moving a painful act for people. As this is a vibration ball, sliding is not necessary, but pressure should be applied with the hand and body weight.
  • Headache and migraines: by addressing neck and back discomfort with the massaging ball, headaches and migraines are reduced. Remember that not necessarily the origin of a headache is in this area, in many occasions a neck injury causes migraine.
  • Sciatica: the texture of this massage ball simulates the shape of the fingers and palms of the hands, is to bring the benefits of a good hand massage to the lower back with this product, whose vibration makes the muscle and myofascial stimulation is uniform, you do not need to make slides for positive effects.
  • Lumbalgia: the problem with lumbalgia is that it generates a generalized picture of pain in the lumbar area, a picture that is reduced with the vibration quality of these balls. You only have to rest your back on the product or place it between your body and the wall for immediate benefits.
  • Cellulite: sedentary lifestyle and lack of sporting activity cause problems in circulation and the characteristics of cellulite appear. With the massaging ball you achieve a constant cellular activity and better blood circulation to reduce the effects of this vascular disease.
  • Trigger point massage: if you exert more pressure with the massage ball, you can stimulate trigger points in deeper and narrower areas such as the back and thighs, where the muscles are more resistant. Remember not to massage for more than 30 seconds on the same point because you can cause damage.
  • Plantar fasciitis: place your foot on the ball while it is on and you will immediately notice a relief of tension in the plantar arch, you can try gentle gliding as long as there is a “nice pain” that then translates into relief of tension in the sole of the foot.
  • Fibromyalgia: the symptoms of this disease are reduced when people exercise, relax the body and lower stress levels, all these benefits are obtained with the massaging balls to perform daily and brief applications to prevent the tissues and muscles are fatigued.
  • Release adhesions: muscle fiber ruptures can cause adhesions that limit the functioning of the fibers. Constant massaging with this vibration ball will prevent tissues from sticking together and will not affect people’s mobility.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: when massaging with these vibration balls, the muscle knots are unbundled and pain is reduced. This is a short-term benefit that you achieve from the first application without the need to put a lot of pressure on the skin.
  • Stress reduction: this signal that your body reflects can be controlled with a good relaxing massage, you just need to turn on the vibration ball and allow it to touch every tense part of your body to achieve the relaxation you want after an intense day of work.
  • Improved relaxation: You know your body is relaxed when your heart rate is normal, your breathing is slow and you don’t feel the internal heat of tiredness. The massage ball relaxes the myofascial and muscular structure from the first stroke.
  • Reduction of muscular tension: these are knots that accumulate in muscular areas and limit mobility. The massaging ball relaxes the musculature where you place this product in any of its vibration intensities. Remember not to stimulate for more than one minute.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: when the myofascial and muscle tissue relax they become more flexible and elastic, preserving these qualities to avoid pain and stiffness in the movements. Massage balls protect all soft tissues.
  • They reduce blood pressure: although hypertension has no cure, its symptoms are regulated by massaging with these vibrating balls, these make less blood flow pressure against the walls of the vessels and veins. Remember to have the guidance of a physiotherapist.
  • Improves circulation: the constant pressure of the vibrating balls slightly warms the stimulated area and dilates the vessels and veins, this allows a better blood flow and a greater amount of oxygen in the body.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins: during physical exertion and sports training, the body emits a significant amount of chemical compounds that can be better expelled with the stimulation with these myofascial massage balls.
  • Improves immune function: two of the best benefits of this ball is that they maintain physical and mental relaxation, and make the muscles more resistant. Both qualities favor the immune function that serves as the body’s defense against the attack of infections and bacteria that weaken the body.
  • Accelerates recovery: The body needs rest, relaxation and increased nutrients for healthy muscle cells to reproduce quickly. Accelerating recovery with this product keeps you active in the activities you love.
  • Increases endorphin levels: Stimulating myofascial and muscle tissue with these balls allows for increased production of endorphins that generate a sense of body relief and overall well-being. Continuous body massages better activate the production of endorphins.
  • Improves rest: massages make the body and mind are relaxed and at night to better reconcile the restful sleep you need. You only need to turn on the balls and give gentle strokes on the back or legs for total relaxation.
  • Injury prevention: these balls are also muscle cooling tools, so you get the body back to its calm state. In addition, it serves to prevent cramps after an intense workout, you just have to know the trigger points that when stimulated lower muscle pain.
  • Improves sports performance: the only way to be a better athlete is to keep the body healthy and make the tissues resistant and elastic. Allow the vibrations of these massaging balls to protect your body on a daily basis, without the risk of side effects as they are safe products.

Where to use?

  • Chest: although you may see muscle hypertrophy in the pectorals, it is actually a very sensitive area and you should always start with gentle strokes because you can generate bruises on the skin. Use your body to add tolerable pressure on the massage ball without exceeding 30 seconds.
  • Back: use a wall to start giving pressure on the back, place the larger ball between your body and the wall, make smooth slides and then give stimulation on the floor, where you can add more body weight on this product.
  • Lumbar: it is easier to control the weight of the body being on the floor, use the large soft ball for 30 seconds. If you have detected muscle knots, switch to a ball with spikes and spend more time, but you should not exceed two minutes with gentle pressure.
  • Hip and buttocks: in these cases you do not need to slide, you should only maintain the same position for several seconds so that the vibration of the ball has an effect on the myofascial tissue. As the buttocks are thick muscles, you should put more pressure on this area.
  • Legs (Quadriceps and Hamstrings): simply drop your leg on the ball and enjoy instant relaxation, move the ball out of position so that the stimulation is not concentrated in one place of the body.
  • Calves: sit on the floor and drop your calf on the massage ball. Only when you feel comfortable, you can add additional weight by placing your free leg over the leg to be massaged. Remember to keep the stimulation brief, as there is a lot of sensitivity in the calf.

When to use the electric massage ball and what are the best exercise routines to do at home?

Warm-up exercises

  • Sports research suggests that this product is most effective on muscles such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, soleus and back. Start with two to three sets of 60 seconds maximum on each muscle group.
  • The load should be moderate, because in the warm-up we should not fatigue the tissues so that they have a better performance in the training itself. Make gentle passes if necessary, but it is enough to turn on the massage ball and make gentle pressure.
  • Allow a muscular rest of half a minute and then repeat the session if you consider it necessary. Avoid concentrating the stimulation on a single area because there should be no knots.

Post workout exercises

  • After training, what you should do is to identify the areas where there are hot and uncomfortable points for you, that is where you should concentrate the stimulation with the massage ball, but you should not exceed three minutes of application with gentle strokes.
  • When you stimulate a trigger point, you should do it for 45 seconds, if you spend more than that time you can cause tissue injuries. Remember that there should not be intense pain when you do the self-massage.
  • The breaks should be two minutes before doing the massage session again. This stimulation can be repeated for two or three days if necessary.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications to the use of the vibration massage ball?

Yes, although this is a completely safe product, you should take into account some suggestions before you start massaging.

  • Do not apply massages on parts of the body with open wounds.
  • Do not massage immediately after an injury or trauma.
  • Avoid massaging in case of pregnancy, especially in the abdominal area.
  • Avoid using this product when there are skin infections.
  • In case of fever and chronic diseases, its use is also not recommended.
  • This product is contraindicated in injuries such as fractures, sprains and dislocations.

Do electric massage balls really work to improve sports performance?

Yes, there is sufficient clinical and sports evidence that this massaging product offers multiple benefits to the body, whenever you want to address minor injuries and injuries that cause chronic pain and inflammation. Doctors, physiotherapists and athletes around the world recommend vibrating ball massages.

For what kind of sports is the use of the vibrating massage ball recommended?

This product is indicated for athletes of all disciplines in which strength, endurance and flexibility in the muscular and myofascial system are required, which is where the massaging balls have the greatest benefit. Throughout this article, we have been offering kind of uses and recommendations to get the most out of them.

How long should I use the vibrating ball for to get results?

These are suggestions and approximations of time in the use of this product, remember that there should never be discomfort during the massages.

  • Time per muscle group: to warm up the tissues, you should massage between 10 and 30 seconds continuously. If you want to work on knots and trigger points, the massage should last 45-60 seconds.
  • Time of use per session: in gentle strokes, you can repeat the session 2 or 3 times a day. Make sure there is a break of at least 2 hours between each session.
  • Long-term use time: to help recover from injury and relax the muscles, try to do at least 2-3 sessions per week as long as you respect the use times per muscle group and per session.

What are the differences between the vibrating massage ball and the electric massage roller?

The big difference is in the access places and the movements you can do.

  • Vibrating electric massage ball: the movements you can do are more varied as circular, longitudinal and transverse, you can give a moderate pressure so that there is a correct activation of the trigger points, and this is a more portable product and you can apply with your hands.
  • Electric Foam Roller: this is a more professional use product to stimulate myofascial tissue, it is used only on the floor and supports a higher body pressure, with the massage roller you stimulate a larger muscle area at a time and if access is not as deep in narrow parts such as the lower back and hip, where there are more hidden hot areas for the roller.


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