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Best shoulder pain relief products

On the front, outside or back of the shoulder, you feel a sharp, stabbing pain that does not stop or occurs recurrently when you are at rest or trying to use your arm. It seems like a small thing, but it can be very annoying when you consider that the shoulder is the most used and most mobile joint in our anatomy.

However, you can always turn to some products that will help relieve shoulder pain, all thanks to the collaboration of medicine and technology with the aim of improving the lives of people afflicted by a pain that affects almost every human being at least once in their lives.

What are the causes and symptoms of shoulder pain?

What are the causes and symptoms of shoulder pain?

A shoulder pain is characterised by a throbbing complaint in the joint that manifests itself every time you try to use the joint, causing discomfort and limiting the activity of the entire limb in general.


There are many causes of shoulder pain, the most common being ligament and tendon problems. It is an ailment that most commonly affects people who do high-impact physical activity such as tennis players, basketball players, boxers, Crossfit and strength sports.

  • Dislocations: A fall that causes severe pain in the shoulder can cause the humerus to slip out of position. Although it can be quickly repositioned if the damage is not too severe, the ligaments and muscles of the joint will always be left with micro-tears that will cause pain for several days.
  • Tendonitis: This is caused by overuse of the joint or by age-related degeneration of the shoulder tendons. In either case, a sharp pain is felt in this joint that can spread to the whole arm, also causing numbness down to the fingers. It is usually resolved with rest and the use of splints or compression shoulder braces.
  • Damage to the rotator cuff: a strong blow, loss of flexibility and above all the accumulation of tension due to overuse, can cause damage to this muscle group that will result in a stabbing pain in the shoulder.
  • Arthrosis or arthritis: both are degenerative ailments that affect the cartilage of the joint, generating chronic shoulder pain that must be constantly monitored by health professionals so that the symptoms of this disease do not worsen.
  • Frozen shoulder: occurs when the ligaments and tendons of the joint are compressed and constantly rub against the humerus and other bony structures of the shoulder and clavicle, causing pain throughout the area.
  • Bursitis: when the synovial fluid sacs in the shoulder joint become irritated, the body generates more fluid until they become inflamed, resulting in severe pain with any attempt to move the shoulder.


Shoulder pain is as such a symptom of one of the problems mentioned above, but it can be accompanied by other complaints such as:

  • Stiffness in the joint.
  • Numbness of the shoulder.
  • Pain spreads down the arm, sometimes into the fingers.
  • Stiffness of the shoulder
  • Swelling or oedema (fluid accumulation).
  • Reduction or loss of shoulder motion
  • Clicking or popping sensation in the shoulder.

List of the best products to relieve shoulder pain

To alleviate this ailment you can get one of the following products that have been developed specifically to alleviate the problems of pain in the shoulder joint so used and necessary for all people in their daily lives.


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