Sport Compression Socks (1 Pair)

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Size chart

Size chart Compression Socks for Running

EU 35-38 39-42 43-46
UK 3-5 5.5-7.5 8-11
US 5-6 6.5-8.5 9-12
The size corresponds to your shoe size (*See image)
*Note: If after measuring you are between two sizes, choose the larger size

Sport Compression Socks for men and women

How to use the compression sport socks?

Features of sport compression socks and stockings

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Achilles Support

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Increased Arch Support

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15% Merino Wool

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Easy to Put On

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Custom Packaging

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What are the uses and benefits of sport compression socks and stockings?

What is it for?

  • Swelling: when there is a problem with venous return or an injury to the soft tissues of the feet and ankles, the legs swell and compression socks allow blood to better circulate up the body to avoid swelling in the lower extremities. It is recommended to wear the socks all day as long as there is relief for the wearer.
  • Acute or chronic pain: compression socks help relax the muscles and other soft tissues in the legs, whether due to sports, injuries or diseases that alter the patient's circulatory system. These garments are an excellent aid in relieving pain.
  • Muscle contractures: when a contracture occurs, the fibers are grouped irregularly and the circulation of blood flow is altered. Because stockings compress the vessels that hold the blood, they allow it to flow better through the bloodstream and promote muscle relaxation. Stockings are great if you are looking to support recovery from minor muscle injuries.
  • Muscle cramps: Cramps are small, involuntary contractions that occur after a hard workout when the muscle is exhausted. Compressive stockings work to prevent this exhaustion, it is advisable to use them in training and when you know that at home or work you will make an effort to which you are not used to and for which you are not physically ready.
  • Muscle strain: these garments keep tissues such as tendons and ligaments in place. They help to protect the joints in case of slight sprains and generate a sense of security to the person that also has a contraindication, when the stockings serve as a placebo and its effect is only psychological. A dependence on them should be avoided.
  • Fiber breakage: as a recovery tool, these socks are special because they help people with some deficiencies. In this case, the deficiency is the alteration in muscle functioning, that is why the compressive socks provide a greater amount of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged muscle fibers.
  • Varicose veins (varicose veins or spider veins): varicose veins are one of the six levels of circulatory deficiencies that a person may have, for ulcers also work. Compression stockings are used to help maintain the patient's daily activity as long as he/she is in constant movement. It is not recommended to sleep with them.
  • Muscle overload injuries: all physical activity and sports in excess, leaves fatigue and tiredness in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Stockings relax tense tissues by dilating blood vessels to carry more nutrients and facilitate the regeneration of damaged cells. In case of muscle recovery, they have better positive effects.
  • Contusions and trauma: these garments protect people and athletes from falls, blows and scratches. There are stockings that cover the entire leg, reaching the hip, so that in addition to having a pain-relieving effect, they also provide protection to the skin and prevent bruises, edema and minor open wounds on the skin.
  • Leg weakness: the more blood circulation, the more nutrients the muscles will have and the stronger they will be. This sensation is felt by people who are already adapted to a rational use of compression socks, because they feel secure and comfortable in the use of these elastic materials.

What are the benefits?

  • Support and stability: some socks cover the ankle and knee joints at the same time, thus providing support to maintain balance and the security of being able to continue activities without problems or fear of sprains and minor injuries. For elderly people, it is suggested to measure the time of use of these garments.
  • Compression: this feature triggers most of the benefits provided by a stocking of this type, soothes pain, reduces swelling, protects damaged tissues, regulates blood circulation and maintains proper body temperature in the leg areas.
  • Pain relief: when pain is intense due to circulatory problems, stockings have a relieving effect because their job is to improve venous return. In cases of physical injuries, the use of this garment should be a complement to support the effect of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by your family doctor.
  • Injury prevention: use compression socks when training, if you are an athlete, you will see how you feel it helps in performance and increases the time of activity before you feel muscle fatigue and possible injuries. It is not advisable to use garments if you are going to compete and you have previous injuries that you have not yet overcome.
  • Improves sports performance: according to several sports and clinical studies, not all athletes have the same effects, it all depends on the type of activity. For runners it helps to avoid muscle fatigue and controls muscle inflammation due to long hours of running. Its use is preventive as long as it does not try to hide any muscular deficiency.
  • Reduces fatigue: these are special garments if you are looking to control the time of intense muscular activity, helping the fibers to maintain their flexibility and elasticity. Even if you use compression stockings, do not try to change the intensity of the activity you do, first prepare the body so that it adapts better to it.
  • Improves blood circulation: this is the raison d'être of compression socks, they help blood to return to the heart when the body is standing. This reduces swelling in the legs, the development of varicose veins and relieves pain associated with muscle injuries and other circulatory deficiencies.
  • Accelerates recovery: it should be clarified that no stocking replaces a good clinical treatment, but they are excellent companions to achieve a quick recovery from physical injuries because they relax the muscles and protect them from movements that may complicate the initial picture. You will feel better relief with compression stockings, that's for sure.
  • Minimizes vibration: Stockings are made to be elastic, but there are varying degrees of compression. If you choose the right compression, you will find that vibrations are reduced as much as possible and this helps relax muscle fibers and will prevent weakening of tendons and ligaments. They are ideal for maintaining stability and function in the joints.
  • Maintains body heat: with these garments an increase of 2 and 3 °C above the natural body heat is achieved, this favors the feeling of relief and keeps the muscles active at rest, as long as you are standing and give a minimum of mobility to the leg. Although it generates heat, there is no need to sweat. Even its fabric is breathable and will not allow the sweating process.
  • Avoid chafing: the fabric of the stockings are elastic and tight to the leg, they are also resistant to friction, scratches and bumps. They serve as a fair protection so that you do not have skin injuries while cycling and mountain climbing. You can have stockings with low compression, but that support you in protecting the skin.

When to use?

  • Daily life: during pregnancy and in elderly people, these stockings work very well whenever you want to avoid swelling in the legs due to circulatory problems. The garments can be worn all day, except when lying on a sofa, as this can have the opposite effect and prevent venous return.
  • Work activities: these stockings are discreet, you can wear them under any type of pants to continue working either standing for a long time or sitting for long hours a day working on a computer. It protects your joints if you need to constantly walk and climb stairs.
  • Golf: socks are excellent for reducing the force of the twisting that a swing generates, remember that the knee wears out with this intense swing. Socks help the meniscus stay in place and prevent shifting and sprains. It also keeps the muscles active in a sport where the impact is short and explosive.
  • Running: runners can wear these socks without any risk, their effect is completely positive to avoid muscle swelling in competitions, they also generate a feeling of stability in the stride and protect runners from imbalances in case of races on uneven terrain.
  • Cycling: they help to avoid fatigue, tiredness and wear of the knee joint, which is the one that transmits the force in pedaling. It also provides additional protection in case of falls, in these cases a stocking that covers from the ankle to the thigh is recommended.
  • Yoga and gymnastics: if the person has circulatory problems, yoga helps to alleviate the symptoms of this disease and the stockings serve as support, its effect is combined with muscle relaxation offered by the coordinated movements of this discipline. For gymnastics, stockings work as a recovery tool for injuries.
  • Tennis, badminton and racquet sports: it generates a feeling of stability and protection to the joints that is used by tennis players to improve their sporting performance and avoid pain during changes of direction, stops and starts.
  • Crossfit, weightlifting and Fitness: it will contribute to regulate blood pressure when the athlete performs weight lifting. It also protects the joints that support more than twice the athlete's body weight. It helps to avoid sprains and joint imbalances.
  • Climbing, hiking and mountain sports: these socks are used to cover the skin and protect it from rubbing, bumps and scrapes during leg contact on rocky surfaces. In these cases not much compression is needed, people turn to compression stockings for protection.
  • Team sports: if you play sports such as soccer, basketball, handball, rugby, baseball, lacrosse, field field hockey and volleyball, among other sports, these sport compression socks can certainly help you play your favorite sport by protecting your leg from injury.
Sport Compression Socks for men and women

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my size of sport compressive socks is?

Use the size chart that comes with this product to know where you should measure the size of your leg and foot, it is important that you have this measurement correctly. Then you should have at hand the table of measures and sizes available, so that the compression has a better effect and brings you greater benefits. As a suggestion, take the measurement while standing and with a slight flexion of the leg. This way you will be sure that the garment will not be uncomfortable when walking or running.

How to wash and care for compression socks for runners?

Although you may think it is an ordinary garment, it is actually made of elastic and delicate materials such as Spandex or Nylon. You should take the following suggestions to make a good maintenance to these materials. We know that it is quite likely that the stocking will get dirty, besides the sweating of the foot and calf will make frequent washing of this garment. If you wash it by hand is better, so you will take better care of its fibers and the elasticity will not be lost.

How many sport compression socks come in the box?

In each sealed box comes a pair of compression socks or compression elastic twins, remember that their color is unisex, so other people at home will be able to use them if they fit their needs. You don't have to worry about identifying them by leg either, they are exactly the same. They will work the same whether you use them on the left or right leg. If you're interested in supporting injury recovery on one leg, then figure you'll have a spare stocking or one that you can leave at work, while you have one at home.

How do I know if compression stocking is good for me?

Throughout this article, we leave you with a series of possible uses and scenarios in which these stockings will serve you well to prevent you from stopping your daily activity and know how to manage muscle aches and pains. If you have any other questions, it is best to have the guidance of your primary care physician as you may have specific conditions that you should be aware of and address before using compression socks.

What is the difference between a compression stocking and a calf compression sleeves?

The difference is the coverage area of each garment. While compression stockings cover one or two joints at a time (ankle and knee), calf braces do not cover any joints. Calf compression sleeves only protect and provide benefits to the tibia, as well as the calf muscles and the tendons and ligaments that are in that area of the body.

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    Sébastien Gilbert

    Nickel – Super

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    bon produit – bon, agréable par temps froid

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    Un engaño – La primera vez que las uso y me rompo el tendón de Aquiles, no protegen nada, es un engaño

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    Étrange – Attention, vendu en lot de 2 paires mais une fois dans le panier il est mentionné qu'il n'y a 1 seule paire.

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    Calze compressive – Svolgono la loro funzione in modo adeguato

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    Ana Salcedo Herrero

    Muy bueno – En mi caso las he comprado para viajes largos en avion, para evitar la retencion de liquidos en las piernas e inflamacion y he decir que han cumplido su funcion con creces. Abrigan un monton eso si y son bastante largas por lo que si eres bajita como yo, te cubren la rodilla.

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    Bien – Cumple con su función perfecta

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    cómodas y faciles de lavar – Se ajustan perfectamente, comodidad para hacer ejercicio de todo tipo. Totalmente satisfecho

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    Bon produit – Bon produit testé sur 2 semi-marathon .

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    Per quello che devo fare va’ benissimo . – Semplice un po’ poco rifinito all’interno. Ma per quello che devo fare nei boschi e d’inverno va’ benissimo . Calza un po’ grande il numero del piede . Il e la lunghezza totale . O comunque ho la gamba corta io . 😂

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    Dominique Douay

    Très agréables à porter. – Très agréables à porter .

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    Perfetto come descrizione – Perfetto come descrizione

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    Ottimo prodotto – Usato per scarpone sci ottimo prodotto

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    Calze Compressione Graduata Sport Uomo/Donna – Ottime calze a compressione.

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    Como recogen – Súper bien se ajustan y te hacen verdaderamente su función que es la compresión

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    Ottima aderenza e compressione – Ottime per trekking

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    Fabiano Pavanel

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    Silvio Filippi

    Perfette – Soddisfano le mie aspettative

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    Hié Sabrina

    Titre trompeur – Un lot de 2 chaussettes et non un lot de deux paires de chaussettes...a ce prix là ce n'est pas correct.

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    Calze ottime – Calze buone

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