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Features of the electric cervical massager for home use

What are the uses and benefits of the electric massager for neck and shoulder?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: this product was specifically designed to control muscle contractures, either in the neck, shoulder and part of the arms, although the greatest benefit will be in the cervical area and shoulders. Contractures are small irregular groupings in the micro fibers of the muscle that also generate excessive stretching in other areas of those fibers. With the electric massager you offer muscle relaxation and contractures are gradually calmed, while having an additional relaxing effect.
  • Muscular pains: for chronic pains it is not recommended to use this product, but when it comes to exhaustion pains, minor injuries and treatments of old chronic injuries, then this product is highly recommended because it lowers inflammation and marked pain in the parts of the body to which it has access. This product regulates the perception of pain receptors that are in the skin and send signals to the brain that something is wrong.
  • Neck pain: if you had a hard day at work and need to rest, this is an ideal option to drain all that physical exhaustion that was accumulated during the day. Make your nights relaxing and recharge your energy before going to sleep. In addition, getting a good massage before going to bed will make you have a deep and restful sleep, which in turn will allow you to wake up better prepared for another long day of work. Neck pain can become more complicated if not treated in time.
  • Back and shoulder pain: the back is susceptible to developing discomfort such as contractures, cramps and fatigue. These three symptoms of injury will lower your performance at the office and in sports training. With the uniform movements of this product, you get the shoulders to relax as well and you can maintain mobility in your shoulders without feeling additional discomfort such as joint stiffness. When we apply heat to the shoulder, you ensure that the cartilage and ligaments do not lose their flexibility and strength.
  • Myofascial massage: this type of second skin must be in shape to provide more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and other internal tissues surrounding the neck and joints that make up the shoulder. In addition, the fascia must remain flexible so as not to impede the free mobility of people. From the application of the first myofascial massage, you guarantee that the fascia remains with its natural flexibility, you just have to make sure that there is no extra pain or discomfort while using this product, anywhere on the body.
  • Trigger point massage: Trigger points abound in the muscular system of the back and shoulder, which serve as a kind of "buttons" that turn on muscle recovery in other parts of the back and body. Reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure therapy all talk about these important points during a good recovery and are automatically activated by this massager, which is designed to touch these points without you needing to know the exact location of them.
  • Release adhesions: Adhesions in the back and shoulders can be due to surgery, serious injuries and a healing process that requires additional tissues that bind the rest of the tissues in these parts of the body together. By offering mobility and a regulated temperature, it is possible to avoid adhesions that in the future will become severe pain and stiffness when making arm movements, in case the adhesions are in the shoulders.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: massaging tense areas, such as the neck and upper back, relaxes muscles that have been poorly grouped by the stress of work or exhaustion after a sports workout. Whenever the cause is muscle fatigue, the effect of this massager is immediate, you just need to turn on the equipment and find a place where you feel comfortable and can receive all the benefits of this product. The movements and the heat of this massager make the pain receptors support the muscular discomfort better.
  • Stress reduction: stress at home makes all muscle fibers tense, which will be a nuisance if you want to remain active in the activities you love. Allow the electric massager to do its job as a muscle relaxant with the adjustable movements and heat that you have at hand from the moment you turn it on. When you notice that your body is no longer stressed, this benefit is also felt in your mind because people tend to reflect their moods on their bodies in different ways.
  • Improved relaxation: another of the main benefits of the massager is to allow tendons, ligaments and muscles to remain active, but relaxed under the pressure that the massager's body exerts on the skin. The heat emitted by this product does the same by increasing blood flow and the nutrients the tissues require to stay healthy and withstand the physical demands of your busy daily schedule. When you allow stress to enter your mind, tension takes over your muscles until they contract and ache.
  • Reduction of muscle tension: this tension is usually temporary when the origin is in the stress of everyday life, because you have lost the ability to deal with all the overwhelming stress. According to specialists in holistic physiotherapies, tension is nothing more than energy accumulated in specific points of the back and neck, which can be released by pressing them gently. This is a pressure that the electric massager provides and that brings better benefits than manual massages because the pressure is uniform wherever you apply this product.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: an excellent way to take advantage of this massager is to place it in the lower back, abdomen and legs, everything will depend on the body position you have and that allows the massager's body to properly touch the areas where there is discomfort. Remember that this product was designed for the neck and back, so it is not recommended for use in case of physical injuries, only muscle exhaustion. You should be aware of your body and its limitations before applying this product to other parts of the body.
  • They reduce blood pressure: high blood pressure is a silent weapon, which usually has no signs until there is a major vascular complication. So, if you have a history of hypertension at home, it is important that you use this massager with some frequency so that the blood stops putting pressure on the vessel walls and veins. If you are not experienced in using massage to control high blood pressure, it is best to have the expertise of a physical therapist to give you better recommendations on how to best take advantage of this massager.
  • Activates circulation: by activating proper blood flow in the body, you lower the probability of having vascular difficulties such as varicose veins and ulcers that will cause you to have constant pain and swelling in your legs. Although this product is for the neck and shoulders, when you stimulate a good circulation from these areas, the benefit is actually for the whole body, including the lower extremities where there is usually inflammation and constant pain due to an incorrect venous return.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins: an excellent way to eliminate toxins is through a lymphatic massage. And with some additional recommendations, you can use this product to have benefits in the regeneration of the lymphatic system, improve blood circulation and relax the central nervous system. A lower amount of toxins, will make you have a better mood and the body is better prepared to withstand the stress you subject it to daily. A correct stimulation of this system will cause high amounts of interstitial fluid to leave your body.
  • Improves immune function: a good use of this massage garment will increase the amount of lymphocytes in the body, which is a type of white blood cell that generates the bone marrow and strengthens the immune system. When the body has more lymphocytes, it is better prepared to block the advance of viral and bacterial diseases that attack the body and weaken it. B-lymphocytes generate more antibodies and T-lymphocytes destroy malignant cells in the body, such as cancer cells.
  • Accelerates recovery: In the case of minor injuries, recovery is more effective with this product, which is best used to prevent complications when you know that the neck, back and shoulders may have relapses of old or poorly healed injuries. If you have exhaustion, the initial recommendation will be to use this product every night as long as you feel that there is relief from muscle fatigue and discomfort associated with the tensions accumulated during the day. Just keep in mind that you should not use the massager for more than 30 minutes if you apply heat at all times.
  • Injury prevention: one of the great benefits of being cautious and using this massager, is that you avoid major injuries and when they occur, you avoid that they are complicated by a bad therapeutic approach. As you have a better experience applying self-massage, you will realize its potential and the different uses you can give to this muscle stimulator device. Preventing injuries will help you to be more available both at work and in the sports practice you frequent.
  • Improve sports performance: remember that there is no magic massager that will turn you into a super athlete, but when you avoid injuries you can train more and better, thus giving the body a chance to get used to the new training routine you perform and make the tissues better withstand injuries. Remember to support your performance at all times with a good diet and exercises according to your goals.

How to use?

  • This massager is very intuitive and easy to use, find a place where you can sit comfortably, lying down is not recommended.
  • Use the quick guide that comes with the product to learn how to turn on the massager, how to apply massage movements and how to apply heat.
  • If using heat, this massager should only be used for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Use the straps to raise or lower the massager body to improve neck, shoulder and back posture.
  • You can also massage your arms and legs if you hold it with your hands.
  • In case of muscle exhaustion, you can use this product to the abdomen, legs and feet.

F.A.Q: Frequently asked questions

Are there any contraindications to using the neck and shoulder massage machine?

As long as you respect the time of use when using heat, there should be no complications, but you should take into account the following contraindications:

  • In case of fractures, sprains and dislocations you should not use the massager.
  • Nor should you use it when there are open wounds and skin infections.
  • In case of chronic pain, the use of this equipment is not recommended.
  • It is not recommended to massage in case of fever or general malaise.
  • If you feel pain during the massage, you should stop the therapy immediately.

Is it normal for Shiatsu electric massage for neck to cause pain?

No, the only thing that is normal is to feel moderate pressure on the neck, shoulders and back when using this product. If you have severe pain after an injury or when massaging, you should stop the stimulation and heat, then consult a specialist.

For how long is it advisable to use the electric massager for neck and back?

When you apply only movement, you can use the massager for as long as you want, you should only stop the treatment if you feel excessive discomfort, numbness or pain in the area where you use it. If you apply heat, it is only recommended to use the product for 20-30 minutes.

Does the electric Shiatsu massager really work to relieve neck and shoulder pain?

Yes, there are a lot of recommendations from doctors, sports trainers and physiotherapistswho recommend this product for home use and where people already have some experience in its correct use to relieve muscle tension. A perfect complement to relieve those mild cervical discomfort and reduce stress.

What are the differences between an neck electric massager with straps and a Shiatsu massage cushion?

Knowing the differences well will make you make better use of this electric massager:

  • Electric cervical massager: This product comes with special straps that will allow you to relax your arms and shoulders when you apply massages. In addition, these clamps make it easy to place the product on your neck, back and shoulders.
  • Shiatsu massage cushion: This product can only be used on the neck, due to its particular shape. The movements are gentler compared to the cervical massager, although it is a simpler product to use, as well as practical.


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