Ice Pack for Foot - Cold Therapy Socks

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Size chart

Size Chart Ice Pack Socks Feet Coolers

EU 36-40 41-45
UK 3-6.5 7-10
US 5.5-7.5 8-11
The size corresponds to your shoe size (*See image)
*Note: Cooling Socks are not designed to be walked in, put them on and relax on your favorite sofa! 😊

Cooling Socks for Heat Feet

How to use the cold therapy socks?

Features of hot and cold pack for feet and ankle

Ice Pack for Foot - Cold Therapy Socks

Elastic Fabric

Ice Pack for Foot - Cold Therapy Socks

High Quality

Ice Pack for Foot - Cold Therapy Socks

Several Pockets

Ice Pack for Foot - Cold Therapy Socks

For Him

Ice Pack for Foot - Cold Therapy Socks

For Her

Cooling Socks for Heat Feet

Unisex Design

What are the uses and benefits of the cold therapy socks?

What is it for?


  • Mild ligament sprains
  • Achilles tendon irritation
  • Trauma without fractures
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Muscle tension
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Neuropathy


  • Muscle cramps
  • Circulatory problems
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Cartilage wear and tear
  • Sprains
  • Diabetes
  • Strengthens muscle structure

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: Both cold and heat relieve pain and regulate your pain threshold, you just have to know the type of injury you have and start applying this sock according to your physical needs at that time. If you are dealing with injuries such as sprains and fractures, there is a period of time that you must respect and consult your family doctor before applying this product.
  • Reduce inflammation: Once you know the origin of the inflammation, you will know if using cold or heat is the best option. In case of circulatory problems, heat works as a vasodilator and the blood has a better venous return, that is, it goes upwards back to the heart, so you avoid swollen feet when you are active at work.
  • Accelerates recovery: When you have a mild or chronic injury, i.e. for degenerative reasons or wear and tear for years, there is a great muscular relief because these therapies relax the muscle fibers and other tissues such as tendons and ligaments. When the foot tissues relax, regeneration of damaged cells begins and soon you will be able to be active again.
  • Injury prevention: You can use these therapeutic socks as a preventive measure, that is, when you finish a long workout or an intense physical activity such as climbing several floors of a building, thus preventing the muscles from cramping and allowing them to relax while they recover from the fatigue to which they were exposed. Cold reduces the likelihood of inflammation.
  • Improves sports performance: In the sports world, heat promotes cellular activity in muscle fibers, so their performance improves and they better support the demands of each sport discipline. These socks are recommended so that you can train more often and achieve better results in competitions, it is a long-term benefit.
  • Plantar fasciitis: This is an overuse injury of the foot and the socks will prevent the inflammation of the fascia from expanding. Initially, the cold will act as a vasoconstrictor and reduce blood flow to this tissue. Once the inflammation is controlled, with the same garment you use heat to accelerate the recovery of the foot and continue with your daily activities.
  • Sprains: The cold will help relieve pain in the ligaments damaged during sprains, reduce swelling and help deal with the intense pain while painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs take effect. You can then use heat to gradually activate the tissues while the torn ligament fibers regenerate and the foot can be used again.
  • Improves blood circulation: When heat is used on any part of the body, including the feet, blood vessels dilate and blood flows better, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. When venous return is better, pain and inflammation in vascular insufficiencies such as varicose veins and ulcers, ailments in older adults, are relieved.
  • Foot care: When you know that your daily life is stressful, it is best to provide constant care to your feet, so you will avoid an alteration in its operation, take care of the tendon structures, the elasticity of the ligaments and the strength of the small muscles of this part of the body. Whenever you feel pain and you know the origin, you can use this garment as you wish.
  • Chemotherapy: When a chemotherapy process begins, the patient is likely to have fluid retention in the hands, face and feet. In these cases, these socks are used to prevent blood from concentrating in the extremity and swelling. Vasoconstriction again has a positive effect to avoid pain and secondary discomfort from this chemical treatment.
  • Pregnancy: As with chemotherapy, pregnant women often have fluid retention due to hormonal changes related to pregnancy, hot and cold therapy socks will help reduce swelling as the nine months are completed. The last two months are the most prone to fluid retention for this reason.
  • Degenerative diseases: Due to advanced age and overuse of the feet, ailments such as arthritis and osteoporosis lead to weakened bones and joints, which will cause constant pain that will affect a person's daily life. Socks will provide relief in those peak moments of pain, discomfort and fatigue.
  • Strengthens your feet: It is false that socks will make your feet indestructible if you want to improve your performance in the sports area. These socks do not provide this benefit, they are only used to bring more nutrients to your components in case of weakening or to recover from injuries in a shorter period of time.

When to use?

Cold therapy

  • When to apply cold: If you want to use cold at home, take into account that you can do it without problems as long as it is for muscle fatigue, to prevent discomfort and for recovery of minor injuries and soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. This therapy is ideal in the first minutes of this type of injury in which there will be inflammation and intense pain in the ankle joint. The cold therapy socks come with sizes suitable for both women and men, also includes 2 elastic compression straps for a better fit.
  • How to use cold: The socks should first be placed in the freezer for several hours, at least two, until you know they are completely cold. Then you should remove them and let them rest for at least 5 minutes. These socks have the ability to keep cold for more than 30 minutes and sometimes more, but it is not recommended to exceed this time because it can be counterproductive. It is recommended that you wear the socks in periods of 15-20 minutes at a time and then let the foot rest for about 30 minutes. Repeat this sequence two or three times a day.

Heat therapy

  • When to apply heat: Heat has a pain relieving effect when dealing with chronic injuries, due to the constant wear and tear on the foot and its major components such as the joint. It works as a vasoconstrictor, so it is ideal when the person has problems in blood circulation and deficiencies such as varicose veins and ulcers. They are also recommended for women in the last two months of pregnancy and who have swelling in the feet due to fluid retention in the body. In addition, heat is beneficial when there is weakness in the bone and joint structure due to degenerative diseases. You should always be clear about the origin of the discomfort to know if heat is best for you.
  • How to use heat: As long as the thermotherapy sock is warm, you can use them all day to be at work and have the feeling that it calms the pain and keeps the muscles active. If you feel discomfort when walking due to circulatory problems, you will know that this garment has many benefits for you. In case you need the sock to be warmer, just put the bags containing the gel in the microwave for 20 seconds, then use your hands to move the thermal gel and get the heat to be better distributed so that there is a better use. You should also avoid skin burns, so if you feel discomfort for this reason, you should wait for the sock to cool down. Therapy should not exceed 20 minutes at a time.

Contrast therapy

  • When to apply cold and heat: Contrast therapy is a combination of cold and heat in the same session or day of application, it works to provide relief in traumatic injuries and chronic problems in the ankle joint or foot. It is also intended to stimulate the nervous system, activate the bloodstream with dilation and contraction and accelerate the process of de-inflammation in support of drugs and physiotherapy. You can even apply this combination of cryotherapy and thermotherapy if you want to reduce stiffness in the ankle, when there is wear of the cartilage due to excessive use in sports activities.
  • How to use in cold and heat: You should always be sure that high and low temperatures will not cause skin burns, thermal socks protect the dermis, but always make sure that too much cold or too much heat will not cause damage to you. You should always start with the use of heat, you should not spend 10 minutes with the socks on, then, while the temperature of the garment changes, the foot can rest and continue with the next stage of therapy: the cold. Remember that this cycle can be repeated two or three times a day.
Cooling Socks for Heat Feet

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications to the use of socks for hot and cold therapy?

Although this therapy can be done at home, it is important that you take into account some suggestions and learn what are the contraindications of overuse or misuse of socks to perform hot and cold therapy. Read the following items carefully if you want to make effective use of this garment.

  • Do not apply on an open wound or a wound that has become infected.
  • Do not apply on patients with vascular disorders, except under medical supervision.
  • Do not apply if you suffer from a circulatory or nervous disorder, unless supervised by a physician.
  • Do not apply to an area where the skin is sensitive or irritated.

What are the risks of using hot/cold socks for foot pain?

In this section we will clarify some doubts and questions you may have about the use of the socks you are thinking of purchasing. Read each of these questions, so you will know if these garments are suitable for the purpose you want to achieve.

  • Can they burn your skin? Only if they are used for longer than appropriate or if you are hypersensitive. If you want to use cold, you should allow them to rest for 5-10 minutes before placing your feet on them, you will feel relief from injuries. If you want heat, heat the gel packs in the microwave for only 20 seconds, touch the gel with your hands to better distribute the heat.
  • Can they be toxic? No, the material used to make these socks does not cause allergies or damage to the skin, but you must be sure that the garment is in perfect condition. If you notice tears or deformations, it is likely that the thermal gel has leaked while you are using heat and when it spills on the skin, it can cause burns. The gel inside the sock is also not a toxic material.

How do I know if the hot and cold therapy sock is good for me?

The design of hot and cold socks is suited for home use and there is no history of them causing irreparable damage to the tissues and structure of the foot, in case of misuse in minor injuries.

We have given you a complete guide to the possible uses that specialists and athletes give to this useful garment, which can be used in professional and amateur mode in sports, and is also used to provide relief from foot fatigue when you lead a busy life.

In case of severe and chronic injuries, wear and overwork, it is best to have the comments and suggestions of a medical specialist, who will give you more guidance on what to do and what not to do with these socks to get more relief to your ailments.

57 reviews for Ice Pack for Foot - Cold Therapy Socks

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    Loose/stretchy material – Did not like that the material feels old and stretched out. The seems are good and the straps help but you definitely don’t get the cool feeling you expect. When I first opened the package I thought I got someone’s stretched out return. This one is not for me.

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    Good – They are ok

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    heaven sent – After working 12 hour shifts on concrete my feet can be very painful and these are able to bring down the pain and soreness without being overly cold on my feet.

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