What are the best alternatives to the massage balls for myofascial massage?

As fascia is a tissue that is well distributed throughout the body, it is of utmost importance that it maintains a good functional balance and this is achieved by applying myofascial stimulation with massage balls or alternative products available in the world of physiotherapy and sports training.

Fascia is a part of the body that is not well known to most people, but its functional importance is on a par with that of the skin and muscles. Check out the options we offer to keep your fascia relaxed and healthy at all times.

What are the best alternative massage products to myofascial balls?

Foot massage rollers

  • What it is: it is a stimulator made for the sole of the foot, in cases of plantar fasciitis, muscular tensions and fatigue in the different tissues after an intense day’s work. It meets the needs of runners and athletes with high demands on the lower limbs.
  • Advantages: it is practical, intuitive to use and you only have to be careful not to feel discomfort when massaging. Although they are designed to stimulate the feet, they can also be used to massage the Achilles tendon and the forearm.
  • Disadvantages: These are products that work for discomfort and some minor injuries that cause tolerable pain. For more serious injuries, medical assistance should be sought as soon as possible.

Manual massagers roller

  • What: Lightweight, portable devices that rely entirely on pressure and manual dexterity to provide relief from some minor injuries. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of certain body areas, unlike electric massagers which have more benefits.
  • Advantages: they are more affordable, do not rely on battery recharging and have no side effects on the body from overuse.
  • Disadvantages: these types of massagers do not offer uniform pressure on the different parts of the body, they tend to leave the hands exhausted if they are constantly used.

Muscle Massage Gun

  • What it is: It is a percussion massage tool that stimulates the pain receptors so that it does not emit signals to the spinal cord and the brain. It is ideal for relieving tension, pain in the back and legs, despite the fact that they are dense and deep tissues.
  • Advantages: Its benefits are immediate, it is a product of easy application that you can use at home, less to stimulate the upper back, it is advisable in these cases to seek the help of someone so that there is an effective stimulation.
  • Disadvantages: The pain relief is temporary, while you carry out the activities you have pending. But there are no limits to its use as long as you respect the standards in the application times.

Foam Roller

  • What it is: they are cylinder-shaped tools, their structure is soft and many have grooves that simulate the shape of the palms of the hands and fingers, they stimulate the fascia and muscle fibres mainly from the trunk downwards where they have a better releasing effect.
  • Advantages: they cover a larger area of the body, they are ideal for providing greater pressure without the risk of damaging the tissues, they are versatile because they treat a large number of muscle groups and are made of highly resistant and durable materials.
  • Disadvantages: although they cover almost all areas of the body, their size sometimes limits the stimulation of trigger points in areas that are difficult to access, so it is better to use smaller products such as massage balls.

Massage hook  for back

  • What it is: it is a self-massage device that has different tips and curvatures for a better grip, thus stimulating trigger points in complex areas such as the back. It is an equipment for professional use and comes in different models.
  • Advantages: it is a tool to treat several trigger points at the same time, because of its multiple points and extremities, it is only necessary to make a slight pressure to begin to feel relief in the shoulder, neck and back in a single session.
  • Disadvantages: to use it correctly, you must know the location of the trigger points very well.

Electric vibrating massage ball

  • What it is: it is a versatile product that stimulates the fascia anywhere on the body and in areas where the foam roller cannot reach, they are made of soft materials and come with smooth, spiked and peanut-shaped surfaces to vary the type of stimulation on the skin.
  • Advantages: they better stimulate trigger points on the back and legs, where the musculature is denser and large products cannot have the desired benefits. They have a greater range of mobility to vary the type of massage on the myofascial tissue.
  • Disadvantages: they are intended for professional use or for people who have already had some experience with massaging products.

Electric foot massagers

  • What it is: when there are problems with blood circulation, these massagers increase the body temperature and cause vessels and veins to dilate, resulting in better venous return until people find relief from constant pain.
  • Advantages: prevents swelling in the feet and legs, and relaxes tissues such as fascia and muscles in the sole and forefoot after a day of excessive walking or training.
  • Disadvantages: they are devices that you can’t use all the time, they have established limits to avoid burns and complications in the blood function.

Acupressure mat

  • What it is: it is a kind of mat with hundreds of plastic lotus flowers that are strategically placed to massage the back and hamstrings, it does not require sliding, but the body will put pressure on these points to offer benefits similar to those of a massage.
  • Advantages: in a single session a large area of the body is covered at once, increases blood flow in the body and has a physical and mental relaxing effect that is long lasting.
  • Disadvantages: Although it offers some of the benefits of massage, it is more a tool for relaxation and temperature regulation than for treating physical injuries.

What are the benefits of regular self-massage?

What are the benefits of regular self-massage?

Self-massage is an excellent option for treating at home some ailments associated with muscle fatigue and some physical injuries.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: the feeling of well-being is general when you massage constantly with any of these myofascial stimulation devices.
  • Releases myofascial tension: the massage products reduce stiffness and allow the fascia to better protect the internal organs, from the first sessions you will feel relief in this tissue.
  • Regulates body temperature: massages adjust body heat without the need to sweat, in the area where the massages are applied.
  • Increases blood flow: when blood flow is increased, nutrients reach the body better and muscles have a better chance of staying healthy.
  • Remove toxins: after sports training, myofascial massages facilitate the elimination of biochemical components that leave the muscle groups tired.
  • Increases the production of endorphins: this is a parallel effect of body massages. By increasing endorphins with these products, there is a greater sensation of physical and mental well-being.
  • Helps prevent injuries: when you massage with these products, before and after training, you allow the muscles to be prepared to withstand the high demands of sport.
  • It regulates the metabolism: this is another secondary benefit of massaging with balls and electric rollers, the cells function better and reproduce when the muscle fibres need to heal from injuries.
  • Improves lymphatic function: the massages make the lymphatic system fulfil its function and fluid does not accumulate in areas such as the legs and feet that cause severe pain and discomfort.

What types of ailments and injuries can be treated with massage therapy?

What types of ailments and injuries can be treated with massage therapy?

With the support of massage balls, massage guns and massage rollers, people benefit from the following ailments:

  • Migraines: by stimulating the back and shoulders, people get relief from headaches and migraines that arise for no apparent reason, but are caused by a muscle injury.
  • Contractures: knots in muscles are relieved when massaged with any of these products, but especially with the percussion gun, which also temporarily relieves pain.
  • Low back pain: myofascial balls and rollers are essential for soothing lower back discomfort, requiring only gentle strokes at first to give way to greater pressure.
  • Plantar fasciitis: the plantar arch stops aching when there is pressure on any of these myofascial massage products. You notice how the foot relaxes from the moment it touches the texture.
  • General tiredness: with a good relaxing and gentle massage for the skin you make the body recover energy and be ready for another day of intense physical work.
  • Mental stress: when you feel your body and mind collapsing with so many problems around you, take a break and relax the muscles in your shoulders and back with one of these massaging products.

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