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Does the acupressure mat really work? What scientific evidence is there?

Since the 1970s, acupressure matting has been used regularly to address muscular, vascular, physical and emotional stress problems that often disrupt people's daily routines, to the detriment of their work productivity and sports performance.

In recent years, a number of clinical, systemic and holistic studies have been conducted to validate the real benefits of this type of product on the body. The results agree that there are concrete advantages to using the acupressure mat as long as you are regular in your use. Check out all you need to know about the existing scientific evidence on the acupressure mat.

What are the health benefits of using the acupressure mat?

What are the health benefits of using the acupressure mat?

In order to use the acupressure mat correctly, it is important that you know the real and specific benefits that you will obtain with this self-stimulation product.

  • Stimulates blood circulation: the lotus flowers on the mat touch precise points on the body that dilate the vessels and veins, this promotes blood flow to bring more components to the muscle fibres on a regular basis.
  • Promotes recovery: this is closely linked to how the blood increases its capacity to carry nutrients and oxygen, which are necessary for muscles and tissues to recover better after a hard day's work or sports training.
  • Increases lymphatic drainage: the constant stimulation of the mat protects the lymphatic system and prevents fluid accumulation, especially in the lower limbs, which can cause swelling in the legs.
  • Detoxifies the body: when doing sports and intense physical activities, the body emanates a series of components that must be expelled from the body through sweat and urine. The mat stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system to generate this effect and prevent the body from feeling exhausted.
  • It stimulates the nervous system: this allows the body to produce more endorphins and oxytocins, which are necessary for a better sense of well-being. These are biochemical compounds that help to relieve pain and relax tension.
  • Promotes mental relaxation: one of the great advantages of this product is that it relieves muscular tensions left by stress and anxiety, due to an intense day at work or constant family problems that people do not know how to handle. The body reflects any difficulty in properly managing emotions such as anger and frustration.


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Studies and scientific research that support the use of the Lotus flower mat

Studies and scientific research that support the use of the Lotus flower mat

The benefits of using the acupressure mat that we have mentioned above have been supported by various clinical studies, academic articles and detailed research observations.

Back and neck pain

A randomised controlled trial found that when people, especially women, receive neck massages with the acupressure mat it is likely to increase the control of ailments associated with neck problems, although it applies to problems in any vertebrae.

Both people with cervical disabilities and patients with clavicular stiffening achieve significant relief when receiving stimulation with the acupressure mat. Three control groups were used to verify the results obtained.

Improving sleep

Since 2018, the Association of Gynecologic Oncology of Germany (AGO) has recommended the use of acupressure sessions to address sleep problems, one of the factors that prevent people from having a proper physical and mental relaxation. They even one study the AGO's own research has established that people with cancer are more likely to have restful sleep when they undergo stimulation with acupressure techniques, including the stimulation mat.

During pregnancy

Research by the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews conducted a systematic review of the effects of the acupressure mat on pregnant women, specifically in labour. This review found that, indeed, labour pains are considerably reduced when women prepare themselves by stimulating the back and lower back with the acupressure mat. It is well known that there should be no massage of areas close to the belly, either by manual contact or by the use of products such as the mat.

Controlling nausea

Another review a randomised controlled trial evaluated the impact of the mat in regulating the sensation of dizziness associated with headaches. Remember that both chronic migraine and headache cause people to have additional symptoms such as low vision, dizziness and nausea.

The use of acupressure techniques made these patients reduce the intensity of nausea, they received stimulation for six months with favourable results to confirm through this study that there are positive effects through stimulation with the mat.

Muscle pain

One of the manufacturers of this type of mats showed the result of a study conducted by the University of Latvia, in which it was proven that acupressure mats increase the amount of endorphins in the body from the first day of use.

The role of endorphins is to relieve pain, as a natural analgesic, it also promotes a state of physical and emotional stability, so this is an important component when people seek to soothe the pain generated by some minor physical injuries, it is not about soothing chronic pain, in these cases it is better to seek medical support.


Through an academic article, the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine recommends the use of massages to soothe ailments associated with cellulite, as well as the stimulation of the skin to reduce the accumulation of liquids and the concentration of fat in specific areas of the body.

In addition, they recommend any type of stimulation to strengthen the lymphatic system to prevent fluid retention, which serves as a breeding ground for cellulite bumps and dimples.

What are the best alternative therapies to acupressure for relieving muscle pain?

What are the best alternative therapies to acupressure for relieving muscle pain?

In addition to the acupressure mat, there are several therapeutic alternatives that work in addition to acupressure stimulation to achieve better benefits.

Myofascial release therapy

The function of this type of therapy is to increase the body's range of motion by keeping the myofascial tissue flexible and elastic, which functions as a second skin and protector of all the organs of the body, including the muscles.

Generally, it consists of self-massage sessions with tools such as the Foam Roller and Lacrosse balls that target the fascia to relax it and eliminate muscle tension. This therapy is applied to every part of the body where there is muscle tension and stiffness when performing joint movements, which often presents with localised pain.

Trigger point therapy

It is also known as trigger point and myofascial therapy because with the hands and products such as percussion guns, pain relief is achieved in deeper areas of the musculature, where perhaps the Foam Roller cannot reach due to its design.

There are trigger points, which are stimulated with the hands or various products, but the relief is felt in parts of the body associated with it. You can combine this technique with the use of the acupressure mat for a better feeling of body relief.

Therapeutic massage

There are a lot of therapeutic massages, which address different purposes such as physical injuries, body reductions and circulation problems. The advantage of the acupressure mat is that it combines the benefits of a good professional massage so that the body has different reactions in favour of the health of the people.

The selling point with the mat is that it is affordable and does not require the manual skills of several professionals to achieve similar results with a single body stimulation product.


It is one of the most widely used techniques in traditional Chinese medicine, which uses needles to be inserted in different areas of the body, which stimulate trigger points and better distribute the "chi" energy accumulated during intense physical activity and sports training.

It is an ideal therapy for people who do not control their emotions in the face of anger and frustration, it is also useful for patients who are invaded by constant stress that is reflected in stiffness and muscle pain. It requires a certified person to get the results you want.


Electrical currents of different frequencies are used, transmitted to the skin by means of electrodes located in muscular areas. These currents stimulate the muscle fibres, reduce pain and regulate temperature in a non-invasive way.

It is widely used in the sports area because it manages to control muscle tone, important for greater strength and endurance in the muscles, according to the sporting demands in each case. Only the time of use should be taken into account because there can be burns when inexperienced hands apply this technique.

Compression therapy

You should know that this is a type of clinical therapy that helps to improve circulation by using special compressive garments to exert pressure and create bridges in the circulatory system that favour local and general blood flow.

Itreduces oedemas, bruises and helps to accelerate the de-inflammatory process in case of trauma and muscular injuries. There must be a correct technique of use, because it is not recommended to apply this type of compression immediately after a serious injury.

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