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How to meditate with an acupressure mat?

Meditation is a set of actions that people should do to focus their energy and thoughts towards a specific purpose. Many people think it is about "closing your eyes and breathing", but in reality it is about using as much mental concentration as possible to find solutions to problems, to relax the mind and body.

As the acupressure mat offers a similar feeling of relaxation, combining this benefit with meditation broadens the focus that people seek in any mental immersion process, thus amplifying the full effects.

What are the benefits of meditating with an acupressure mat?

What are the benefits of meditating with an acupressure mat?

The main advantage is to combine techniques to amplify the benefits that both practices have on the mind and body. These are the advantages you need to know about the use of the mat in meditation.

  • Change views: with the help of the stimulating mat, meditation leads people to emotional creativity until they learn how to channel their emotions and deal with conflicts. For this, the mat offers relief from tensions while the mind works on how to develop a solid management of emotions.
  • Self-understanding: this time of reflection allows people to get to know their body, to know what causes some ailments, how the mat calms some symptoms that until now have been attacking their peace of mind.
  • Improves memory: when working on concentration and coordination, the memory of those who regularly practice meditation on the acupressure mats is strengthened in the medium and long term. The body and mind are more open to thoughts when both practices are combined.
  • Manage stress: If separately, stimulations and meditation reduce stress, imagine what they can do for you when you mix both benefits in a single meditation session. The body reacts by reducing tension, the mind yields to the calm offered by the mat with each use.
  • Prevents anxiety and depression: while the acupressure mat releases a greater amount of endorphins and oxytocins, components that generate relaxation, meditation allows the mind to calm down and find a way to deal with the problems and conflictive situations that disturb people's peace of mind.
  • Promotes sleep: the state of relaxation and wellbeing of both the mat therapy and meditation help people to get more hours of sleep in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, one of the five stages of sleep that people should have every night for true rest.
  • It regulates blood pressure: in people with hypertension, as well as relaxing the body and mind, it also favours correct blood circulation by lowering the pressure that the fireman puts on the walls and vessels, so that the arteries do not harden and the heart does not work too hard.


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What to consider when choosing an acupressure meditation mat?

  • Thickness: as the thickness increases, it is more recommendable for people who have no experience in the use of these mats. The thickness usually used by professionals is 0.8 to 1 centimetre, which is the recommended thickness for healthy stimulation.
  • Materials: there are mats made of cork, which are completely biodegradable, although most are made of cotton, with a layer of HIPS plastic that are placed on the mat without adhesives and are hypoallergenic, so the skin will not have allergic reactions to this type of material while sessions are being carried out. Other materials include linen, coconut and eco-foam.
  • Number of spikes: the number of lotus flowers ranges from 6,000 to 9,000, depending on the size of the mat. All the stimulating points are specially placed to activate areas where the body's energy is best distributed to relax the musculature and myofascial tissue.
  • Size: there are small, square-shaped mats and longer, rectangular-shaped products. The mat you choose should be ideal for the type of routines to be performed. If you are a professional, it is best to purchase a large mat where the whole body receives stimulation. The average is usually 1.5 metres long.
  • Accessories: a complete kit should contain an acupressure mat, an acupressure pad and a bag or sack in which you can carry the product in a practical way, without it getting dirty or getting in the way when being transported.

How to meditate on a lotus flower mat in the right way to get the full benefits?

How to meditate on a lotus flower mat in the right way to get the full benefits?

To meditate and use the acupressure mat you do not require any additional training if you already have experience in meditating.

If you are new to meditation, follow these steps:

  • Find a place where you can be alone.
  • Make sure the lighting and climate are pleasant.
  • Place the acupressure mat on the floor and sit on it.
  • Cross and bend your legs comfortably, keeping your back straight.
  • Start with soft, deep breaths, then slow down.
  • Try to calm your body with each exhalation.
  • With your eyes closed, imagine that you are sitting in front of yourself.
  • Visualise your clothes, your body, feel it from head to toe.
  • Reproduce every detail you see in yourself.
  • Visualise a candle emitting a light, concentrate your attention on it.
  • With your hands and fingers, try to form an "A", this position of the hands favours relaxation.
  • Feel how you release stress, feel the stimulation of the lotus flowers.
  • Locate each thought that comes to your mind and let it go without judgement.
  • Little by little with each practice you will relax your mind more and more.

After you keep your concentration on your thoughts, intuitively perform gentle rocking of your body so that more areas of your legs and buttocks have contact with the mat. Move your body forward and sideways, as if the wind is carrying you with a gentle momentum.

This practice will enhance relaxation and allow the lotus flowers to do their job of stimulating blood circulation, raising your temperature and relieving any tension you may have in your lower back, buttocks and legs.

What are the best alternatives to an acupressure meditation mat?

Check out this list of the best alternative products that are available at very affordable, high quality prices and are really effective in helping you meditate, improve your health and reduce any kind of pain.


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