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Does the acupressure mat work to relieve headaches and migraines?

The acupressure mat has multiple uses recognised by medical specialists, physiotherapists and sports professionals. One of these benefits is the relief of headaches and migraines, which often originate in the neck and shoulder.

In this article we will show you everything you need to know about how to treat headaches with the acupressure mat, what uses you can make of the stimulator mat and the most recommended exercises when looking for an alternative treatment for these ailments.

How can using the acupressure mat help with headache relief?

How can using the acupressure mat help with headache relief?

The benefits for the head are obtained by the multiple positive effects that this product has on different parts of the body both physically and psychologically.

Check out the benefits you get for migraine relief:

  • Stress relief: tension headaches are common when people are stressed and fail to relax the muscle fibres in the neck and shoulders, which are often the physical origins of severe head discomfort.
  • It releases endorphins: this natural chemical component of the body has so far not been duplicated in the laboratory, so to get more you can use the acupressure mat and receive an incredible feeling of well-being. Endorphins serve as painkillers in case of any pain.
  • Reduces muscular tensions: it is common for cervical contractures and tensions to cause discomfort in the head, which usually passes immediately when people receive massages or stimulations with the use of acupressure techniques.
  • Facilitates sleep: A good night's sleep reduces the likelihood of headaches and severe migraines. The acupressure mat makes the body better prepared for a full night's rest to recharge.
  • Improves circulation: when people have vascular problems, they are likely to get headaches because blood is more concentrated in the lower extremities, causing less oxygen and nutrients to reach the brain.
  • Adjust metabolism: Kidney disease, liver disease and anaemia often have an impact on metabolism, which is the body's ability to process energy from food. Headaches are also associated with imbalances in the metabolic process, a situation that can be regulated by stimulation with this mat.
  • Better distribution of energy: Acupressure is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which states that the body accumulates energy in specific areas and this can lead to pain. Energy in the neck and shoulders can cause migraines and this energy can be better distributed with the acupressure mat.
  • Corrects posture: the neck has a natural curvature which should be maintained and is sometimes lost due to bad posture. The acupressure pads help the neck to maintain its curvature and not to put pressure on the vertebral discs.


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What does science say about acupressure mats for migraine and headache relief?

The Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine at the University of Latvia conducted a major study in 2004, which found that the mat has proven benefits for relief and well-being. Researchers concluded that mats of this type increase the flow of blood throughout the body, so that more nutrients reach the muscle fibres and even soothe tension.

They also indicated that the mat regulates the metabolism, which allows the body to make better use of the energy obtained from balanced diets. Constant stimulation with this product reduces muscle inflammation, which eliminates tension and the resulting tension headaches.

Finally, it promotes the release of endorphins (oxytocin), which is the "drug" of life and happiness because it gives people a strong sense of physical and mental well-being.

How to use the acupressure mat to relieve headaches?

How to use the acupressure mat to relieve headaches?

For a correct use of this product, you should know some general considerations and we will show you some practical routines.

Exercises and positions

  • Place the mat on the floor.
  • Make the whole neck touch this product.
  • Hold this position for 10 minutes so that you can do another position.
  • Now place your body on the left side and rest your head sideways on the pad.
  • Remember not to cover your ear with the pad.
  • Stay in this position for five minutes.
  • Turn your body to the right side.
  • Hold the position for another five minutes.

You can also make slight movements, remember that there should be no sudden actions when using this product:

  • Place the acupressure pad on the floor.
  • Place your head on it.
  • Now slowly rotate your head to the left.
  • Then rotate your head to the right.
  • Do 10 repetitions on each side.

If you do not have the acupressure pad, you can simply place the mat on a cylindrical sofa cushion for the same effect.

Regularity of use

  • The length of time of use will depend on the type of routine and position you will be doing.
  • When stimulating the back of the neck, you can do this for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • To stimulate the sides of the neck, you can do it for five minutes.
  • Neck rotations can be done 10 times on each side.
  • The same session can be repeated two or three times a day.
  • It is recommended to do the routines on a daily basis.

How long to use?

  • When you vary the routines and positions, you can use this product every day.
  • Remember to keep the times of use according to the use you give to the mat.
  • If you want to stimulate only with body positions, it is recommended to use the mat on a daily basis.
  • The frequency also depends on whether you feel discomfort in the cervical area when offering stimulation.
  • When you overuse the mat, there may be problems with the blood circulation due to over stimulation.

Both the mat and the cushion can be used to do the routines, but it is better if you use the head cushion in these cases, its design is designed to better cover the cervical and neck area.

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