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Does the acupressure mat work for weight loss?

Much of the positive effects of acupressure mats have to do with people's willingness to receive their benefits, to be confident that the routines they perform will have an impact on their physical and mental state. Every specialist recommends that sports and relaxation activity, as in the use of the mat, should be focused on achieving goals.

Losing weight is one of those benefits that requires patience, discipline and consistency, as it will not magically happen, but there will be a number of factors in the use of the acupressure mat that trigger weight loss.

How can using the acupressure mat help with weight loss?

How can using the acupressure mat help with weight loss?

Reducing size with the use of the acupressure mat is not something that is achieved in the short term, but it is one of the side effects or collateral effects because the body stimulation, with the dozens of lotus flowers, affect different organic functions that together achieve weight loss.

And this is nothing new with this product, as the design of the mat is based on the principles of acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses needles in specific areas of the body, including the ears, and has already demonstrated its potential to make people feel better.

Here are some of the benefits of the acupressure mat that boost fat elimination:

  • Accelerate your basal metabolism: this is the energy that the body requires to maintain the basic functions of the organism, not counting the energy demanded by the body in physical activities. Acupressure generates this effect which helps to burn more calories without the need to make additional efforts.
  • Reduces anxiety: one of the most important advantages is that the use of the mat minimises the stress levels generated by a working day or the presence of a problem to be solved. Anxiety causes people to consume more food without the body asking for it.
  • Improves digestive function: Chinese medicine states that the stomach and spleen are the main organs that generate energy in the body, and stimulation with the mat helps them to function properly.
  • It favours blood irrigation: another of the mat's functions is that it helps to improve blood circulation in the body, which allows a better natural balance of energy and this has an impact on the regulation of body mass.
  • Strengthen commitments: believe it or not, it is proven that people who exercise and other healthy routines have a greater commitment to the health of your body, this includes maintaining a balanced diet to avoid gaining calories.
  • Increases kidney output: like weight loss diets, the acupressure mat also has an impact on proper kidney function to prevent fluid accumulation and weight gain due to this risk factor.


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What does the science say about the acupressure mat for weight loss?

What does the science say about the acupressure mat for weight loss?

Clinical assessments and evaluations of acupressure and acupuncture have been conducted for several decades, since science has noted that alternative therapies have a preference for patients who achieve weight loss with these tools.

Since traditional Chinese medicine has been exported to the world, meta-analyses, systemic reviews, clinical trials, controlled medical observations and various specialist publications have been applied worldwide.

The most important and interesting assessment comes from millions of people who claim to have achieved weight loss with the use of these therapies, including the sessions offered by acupressure mats. The weight loss is related to the consistency of product use and the parallel benefits that come together to achieve significant weight loss.

Tips for healthy weight loss

Losing weight should be a slow, safe process that is not forced on your emotional or physical stability. Check out these recommendations for things you can do to lose weight in a healthy and progressive way:

  • Doing cardio: doing exercises that increase the heart rate will increase energy consumption in the body, helping to lose weight in a natural way.
  • Watch your diet: it depends on a person's metabolism, sometimes it is better to eat more, but in smaller quantities. It may be good for you to cut down on carbohydrates if you are not doing exercise in which they will be burned.
  • Write down what you eat: it's about keeping track of the things you like, the places you go and how often. This will help you to better control what you eat.
  • Get massages: Slimming massages will help to eliminate fat accumulation in very specific areas, favour the digestive system and stimulate your body to continue doing sports.
  • Always stay hydrated: drinking water helps the metabolic system and avoids fluid retention. Some people use it to satiate themselves before eating and avoid overeating.
  • Control the calories you consume: an efficient way to do this is to practice a sport as a hobby, perhaps playing tennis on weekends or swimming.
  • Reduce stress: feeling stressed and anxious makes people want to eat more without necessarily being hungry. Maintaining a healthy emotional state will prevent you from gaining weight from the constant stress we endure.
  • Go out in nature: this helps to distract the mind, relax the body and prevent you from constantly thinking about eating to calm a craving or control anxiety.
  • Better with pets: this is another effective way to help you have a hobby, strengthen your relationships, keep busy and avoid anxious moments.
  • Find people to support you: it's not the same trying to lose weight without support as it is with the support of friends and family who will help you achieve your goal.
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