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Buying Guide: How to choose the best ankle sleeves & braces for all sports? List 2024

Sport is an activity with a competitive purpose, there are people who only practice it to improve their physical appearance and health, as well as there are those who practice it as a professional career. Injuries in these disciplines are very extensive, especially in the ankle area of people who run, jump or make sudden movements in that area constantly.

To alleviate and prevent this type of accident, the most recommended is the use of ankle compression sleeves, but their benefits do not stop there, which is why the following article will explain their types, characteristics, the most frequent traumas to the ankle and more.

What are the most common ankle injuries when we play sports?

The ankle is one of the most injury-prone joints, due to the stability it provides throughout the body. Therefore, any sport that requires constant and perhaps sudden mobilisation of this area runs the risk of suffering injuries, pain or fractures. Below we explain the most common ones.

Ankle tendinitis

It is defined as the injury of the tendon causing chronic inflammation in the tissues and tendons located around the ankle. It is common in any sport, due to the intense exercises or repetitive activities performed in many occasions.

It can be said that one of the disciplines most prone to suffer this type of trauma is basketball, due to the frequent jumps and the overload that they generate not only because of training, but also because of their great physical aspect, which must load this joint, while at the same time exercising the flexions and turns.

It is worth remembering that the tendons are the basis of our movements and stability. If you wish to practice sports professionally, you must be aware of the consequences of not taking care of your body.

Muscle cramps

Cramps are common in sport and even in our daily lives, and although many people do not see it as important, it is often a warning that something is wrong. In the ankle it is different, it is caused by spasms in the tendons due to hyperactivity and overloading of forced movements.

This ailment is common in almost all sports due to the constant use of the joint by physical training or perhaps, extensive matches which, combined with some dehydration obtain this as a result.

It is considered an injury from the perspective of immobility, since if it occurs frequently, it can become a therapy problem. In summary, ankle cramps are not simple and should not be ignored, because pain is a warning before more serious situations.

Ankle sprain

It is presented by an injury of the ligaments which form a joint. Excessive physical and sporting activity, as well as sudden movements, cause the ligaments to tear or stretch, which causes the ankle to suffer in such a way that all types of flexion are impossible.

Football, basketball or tennis are some of the main activities involved in this trauma, because they are characterized by rapid and unexpected movements, changes of direction and strength to throw, which generates a sprain.

Plantar fasciitis

The fascia is the tissue underneath the foot, making it and the heel work perfectly. Its cause in athletes is usually overexertion or even age, producing an inflammation in the area of the heel accompanied by constant pain, preventing the foot from settling down.

In running, this injury is common because it requires running in speed. Therefore, the plantar fascia is injured when the athlete practices very frequently and does not use the necessary protection. This is because the fasciitis connects with the tendons, ankle joints, and the foot in general, completely blocking the steps or movements of the foot.

Ankle Bursitis

Bursitis is responsible for providing the correct functioning of the ankle. They are small bags full of liquid that are located between the bones and the moving parts of flexion, preventing them from colliding.

It can occur in any sport, an example of which is hiking, this is due to walking or climbing, as they rest their strength and activity on the ankle, which causes the bags of liquid to become irritated and inflamed making it impossible to move and stabilise the ankle later on.

When bursitis becomes an injury, it must be treated in time because it can reach a chronic level that makes long-term movements impossible or leave sequelae, making recovery a little slower.


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In which sports and physical activities is it common to wear sports ankle braces?

In which sports and physical activities is it common to wear sports ankle braces?

Ankle compression sleeves have become an indispensable item of clothing in many sports, thanks to their protection and good performance for the player. Their capacity to strengthen the ankle acts in a concrete and direct way, doing its functions according to the type of garment requested. Here we explain in detail why it is essential for some sports:

Volleyball ankle braces: It is very normal for volleyball players to use ankle braces, as the most common injuries in this sport are sprains or twists in the ankles, because this practice requires jumps and many bending movements to be able to throw the ball to the opposite side, which is divided by a net.

Basketball ankle braces: This is one of the disciplines that most compromises the ankle, due to its multiple jumps, dribbles, and changes of direction very quickly. Therefore, the use of these garments are seen not as an accessory, but as a necessity.

Ankle braces for running: Ankle braces are commonly used in all professional or amateur running, due to the overload they put on the ankles, due to the continuous use and the intensity with which they run, bringing with it frequent injuries and ailments in the joint.

Crossfit ankle braces: For crossfit, it is common to use ankle braces that are capable of providing extra support to practitioners of this high-intensity exercise. People need to be able to rely on support equipment that allows them to balance and distribute their weight better on their feet without significant damage to the joints.

Soccer ankle braces: In this sport they are common due to the constant movement that players face. The most regular injury is a sprained ankle, due to the lateral movements they make in soccer, making ankle bracelets a normal and essential use on the field.

Ankle braces for tennis, badminton and racket sports: These sports require a lot of intensity and speed in the feet, making abrupt movements that result in constant injuries to the ankles. For this reason, they have adopted this garment as a form of protection and increased performance.

Ankle supports for weightlifting, squatting and fitness: Compression garments in particular are almost indispensable when practicing a high-performance sport with high physical demands, such as weightlifting. Because of the very nature of squatting and repeated bending, our muscles, tendons and joints tend to suffer and are prone to injury.

Ankle braces for hiking, walking, climbing and mountain sports: In these activities they use the ankle braces more than anything else to avoid sprains and aches, which are so common in these areas, from long walks and journeys on such unstable surfaces as the mountains.

Ankle braces for cycling: This sport is based on cycling long distances either in the mountains, on roads or on tracks with continuous use of the feet. These repetitive movements produce overuse of the ankles, as this joint is the link between the feet and the legs, being the most affected and making these compressive garments your best option for protection and recovery.

Golf ankle braces: It is very common to use ankle braces due to the main movement of golf, the swing. This is the action that must be executed to throw the ball and that involves the whole body, directly affecting the ankles since they are made repeatedly for several hours.

What type of compression ankle braces are best for sports injuries?

Today, ankle braces are indispensable when practicing any sport, not only prevents and improves injuries, but also helps your sports performance and better and faster recovery after training.

Here are some of the most recommended compression ankle bracelets to treat injuries in athletes:

Ankle compression sleeves

It is essential for treating all types of injuries, as it is an ankle brace that has unique compression effects, also helping to control the sudden movements that can cause trauma and that are so frequent in sports disciplines.

This garment is one of the most used since its characteristics cover most of the injury needs and easily adapt to the joint, creating a perfect structure in it. Within the analysis we could observe that it is the ideal one to make any sport since, it is light and comfortable, with properties that help to diminish the pain and to obtain a fast recovery.

Ankle supports

It is usual for serious injuries and requiring a long recovery time. This type of ankle brace usually has small hinges on the sides to create a stable function for the ankle.

The hinges are made of a lightweight material specially designed to perfectly and simply complement the stabilizing garments, which are recommended by physiotherapists mostly in cases of therapy or recovery from trauma or surgery.

Elastic ankles braces

They are ideal for use after ankle injuries. We can ensure that their therapeutic-use compression support facilitates movement and bone fitting quickly and easily.

Its elasticity provides a gradual force compression which helps to formulate the correct transition of the bone system of the ankle, and in this way exert will and force on the affected area. They are recommended for playing tennis, as the movements they make on the sides require support and ease of movement.

In the case of sportsmen and women in general, if they want to return to their activities after some trauma, they will have to make use of compression therapy based on elastic ankle braces, which will strengthen their stability and blood circulation.

Ankle Strapping

This type of bandage with elastic compression bands is generally used to avoid sprains and dislocations from injuries to the ligaments in the joint.  The high pressure it exerts on the ankle makes the tendons remain firm, avoiding dislocations of the joints due to movements.

The sportsperson looks for this type of garment to keep the entire ankle functioning in frequency, seeking to ensure that movements are not affected or compromised. Therefore, they are acquired for sudden movements, excessive flexions, and to prevent injuries.

What features should you consider before choosing the best sports ankle brace for men or women?

What features should you consider before choosing the best sports ankle brace for men or women?

The anklets are our recovery systems, therefore choosing them is a compromising task. You must take into account aspects such as size, material and even the elements that make it up. In sports, injuries are part of everyday life and this sportswear is the only way to prevent risks in a direct and precise way.

Below are the most important characteristics you should know before buying the sports ankle brace:

Depending on the sport

  • Basketball: This sport is demanding in terms of jumps and changes of position, as well as the most exposed to ankle injuries. Because of this, it is advisable to use compression ankle braces that exert force and stability to the entire joint system, thus diverting all possibilities of ankle ailments or trauma.
  • Volleyball: Commonly it is responsible for multiple injuries in different parts of the body, but the ankle is undoubtedly the main one since; it is the support of the force during the whole game. Sprain is the most frequent type, so it is advisable to use these compressive garments to help avoid injuries on a large scale.
  • Runnig and football: For these sports, a flexible ankle brace is essential to provide pressure and stability. This is because both require running at speed, being intended for injuries or sprain fractures, which can cause the athlete to be suspended either in the short or long term.
  • Tennis, badminton and racket sports: They have many things in common, and one of them is the precision and effort they need to make their movements correctly, which is why they are destined for injuries with ease. That's why the use of ankle braces is important to avoid an injury that could cost you temporary withdrawal from the activity. Compression ankle braces, without lateral elements, would be ideal since sportsmen and women require comfort to make their positions easy.
  • Sports Gymnastics: The high and low impact of the flexions that this sport requires is one of the causes of so many injuries. In addition, speed and static strength are developed in it, which is performed by the ankle with a high frequency. Therefore, compressive ankle braces are vital for the performance of this sport, because they will provide the necessary protection to avoid injuries with long term recovery levels.
  • Hiking, walking, climbing, and mountain sports: The strength required for these practices is the responsibility of the ankle, because without protection, injuries are usually serious due to stretching or rupture of ligaments. Therefore, compression sports ankle braces are recommended to provide a comfortable, safe and resistant environment.
  • Cycling: All the mobilization exercised rests on the ankles. Therefore, bursitis and fasciitis injuries are easy, since the constant movement distorts the functioning and alters the ankle joint. Elastic ankle braces would be ideal for ease of movement.
  • Golf: With regard to golf, even though the force required may seem intensive, everything rests on the ankle, which may involve injuries due to overloading. Therefore, you should choose ankle braces that provide heat and pressure as the compression.

Manufacturing material

The type of material is a key element for the proper functioning of the ankle bracelets, so you must detail this aspect well in the garment you are going to acquire. They vary in colours, models, accessories and extra items, depending on the function you need.

Below are two of the most commonly used materials for the manufacture of these products:

  • Neoprene ankles braces: Widely used in almost all garments, especially those for recovery, due to their great capacity for resistance, flexibility and heat retention.
  • Elastic fabric: This type of material varies in its operation and style, the most outstanding feature is that it stretches as much as you want without losing its original size and its breathability. It is used in different percentages with neoprene or other fibres.
  • Nylon or Spandex ankles braces: It is a synthetic polymer that has gained acceptance in sportswear, due to its resistance, stability, is very elastic, breathable, does not require ironing and is anti-wear.

Type of support

This is one of the key aspects if it is to be used in sports activities. This is because it is necessary to feel safe when you are on the field. And, having an ankle brace that perhaps with the constant movement and sweat can roll off its natural state, could affect your performance, so here we recommend two important materials, if you want to maintain a good grip.

  • Velcro: It is one of the most used due to its ease to close and open in a simple and safe way. Its function is to allow adjustment without causing any kind of damage.
  • Hinges: It is recommended in recovery ankle supports, but its main function is to maintain more stability. Therefore, you should consult your trainer as it could be useful depending on the sport you do.
  • Non-slip gel: One of the most widely used and recommended because of the comfort of the garment, as silicone provides support and protection at the same time.


Size is usually the most stressful part of choosing our product, because when it comes to your health, you have to get the exact measurements. But don't worry, here we will provide you with the necessary information so that you don't have problems with the garment because of a bad choice.

Use a symmetrical tape to measure the contour of your ankle just above the instep, and then check your size based on the centimetres you obtained. Try to keep the joint relaxed and in a stable position, so that the results are as accurate as possible.

It's important to remember that a smaller or larger size could have a detrimental effect on the ankle. Therefore, this area has to be taken very seriously.

Size Chart Ankle Compression Sleeve

CM 20-22 22-24 24-26 26-28
IN 7.5-8.5 8.5-9.5 9.5-10.5 10.5-11.5
The circumference is measured right at the ankle bone (*See image)
*Note: If after measuring you are between two sizes, choose the larger size


All sportsmen and women want to look their best on the pitch, so you should take certain physical aspects into account when choosing your garment. Nowadays, designs with a lot of creativity prevail, offering you variety in colours, models and accessibility, which are available to make a perfect function between effectiveness and comfort. Don't forget that the design of your knee brace can be your letter of introduction.

In conclusion and analysis with all sports, you should be aware that models vary in many ways, both in size and physical aspects. So, when you buy it, consult your trainer or therapist to make the right choice.


Being an athlete, and even more so if you are a professional, requires adequate ankle protection so that you can continue to perform your career in a safe and comfortable manner. The only way to guarantee the effectiveness of the garment, is with the use of the compression sports ankle braces, which are made with highly qualified, flexible and breathable materials that can perform in the joint, the benefits you expect, being its price a little higher than the rest, for its guarantee of protection and durability.

This would not be possible with low cost products, as they will not be able to perform them with the appropriate materials so that the ankle can heal or protect it from injuries. As more implements are placed on the garment, their amount will increase as well as their effectiveness. So, you shouldn't think about prices when it comes to the health of your ankles and the future of your career, you should be more guided by the fact that it exercises the benefits for which you want to acquire them.

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