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Does the acupressure mat work for cellulite?

The disadvantage of cellulite is that it leaves very marked evidence on the legs, buttocks and abdomen, it is a harmless skin condition that can be treated with several of the benefits of the acupressure mat.

Throughout this article, you will learn how to use the acupressure mat and reduce the symptoms of cellulite, what science says about using it to treat this skin condition and what routines are best to keep you healthy.

How can using the acupressure mat help to get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is related to sedentary lifestyles, metabolic changes and blood circulation problems, all of which can be worked on day after day with the acupressure mat. You just need to be consistent in dedicating a few minutes a day to maintain the benefits of this product, as well as making some adjustments to your habits.

Check out how the mat helps to attack cellulite:

  • Regulates metabolism: the mat controls body temperature and increases blood circulation, these are actions that ultimately reshape the metabolism of people to prevent unnecessary accumulation of fat in a localised manner.
  • Increases blood flow: daily use of this product improves circulatory function, so more oxygen and nutrients reach the tissues to keep them healthy.
  • Protects the lymphatic system: from acupuncture it is known that by activating specific points on the body, the lymphatic system can be protected and the accumulation of liquids and toxins, both of which are altered when cellulite progresses in the body, can be prevented.
  • Stimulates the skin: the lotus flowers in the mat also massage the skin and keep it active, this should be accompanied by good hydration so that the skin continues to have the ability to stretch and return to its resting state.
  • It offers uniform stimulation: the acupressure mat is extensive and in a single session you can stimulate the lower back, buttocks and legs, on the back of the thigh, so you get uniform results.
  • Allows you to vary the type of stimulation: this product can be used both on the floor, where you can lie face up and face down, and on a solid chair for different stimulation on the buttocks and thighs.
  • It makes you more aware of your body: when using the mat becomes a habit, you notice how you care more about staying healthy, eat better, do better physical activities and hydrate better, all habits that will help you attack cellulite.


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What does science say about acupressure mats to reduce cellulite naturally?

For many years now, there has been a trend to use the acupressure mat more as a way of relieving ailments and signs such as circulatory problems, pain and muscle tension.

Clinical studies based on measurements, observations and analysis by specialists in various fields show that there are real benefits in using the acupressure mat for various ailments, including cellulite.

The best reviews come from people who claim to have achieved positive results in the medium and long term in reducing the bulges and dimples left by this condition on the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

These are people who have unsuccessfully tried various drug treatments and therapies, but have achieved relief from pain and discomfort with daily use of the acupressure mat for no more than 30 minutes.

How to use the acupressure mat to reduce cellulite on legs, buttocks and abdomen?

One of the main things you should know is the time of use and how to use this product to reduce the signs of cellulite. Remember that there should not be an excess of use, because there may be a disturbance in the circulatory system.

Exercises and routines

These are physical exercise routines that will be supported on the mat to achieve a better stimulation of the lymphatic and circulatory system.

First stimulate the feet and legs:

  • Place the mat on the floor.
  • Sit off the mat, but your feet should be on the product.
  • Place your hands behind your body and raise your pelvis as high as you can.
  • Inhale as you raise your pelvis and exhale as you return to the floor.
  • As you raise your pelvis, contract your glutes.

Acupressure mat for feet

Now we must stimulate and work the gluteal muscles, this routine you can do immediately after working the feet:

  • Build on the position from the previous routine.
  • Use an elastic band to place under both knees.
  • Lay your body back on the floor and lift your pelvis. Your feet should always step on the mat.
  • Now try to spread your knees apart with the elastic band.
  • This exercise strengthens the muscles and improves circulation.

Acupressure mat for legs and buttocks

After finishing the routine, you can move on to working the quads:

  • Place your body face down on the mat.
  • The lotus flowers should touch from the abdomen to the beginning of the knee.
  • Hold this position for 20 minutes.
  • Breathe slowly at all times.

Acupressure mat for abdomen and quadriceps

Now you can stimulate your glutes, hamstrings and calves at the same time with this simple position:

  • You should sit with your legs bent, the forefoot and shin should touch the floor without the mat.
  • Fold the mat and press it between the back of your thighs (hamstrings) and calves.
  • Sit on the mat in the same position.
  • Breathe gently.
  • Try to bring your forehead towards the floor to tilt your body.

Acupressure mat for legs

Move on to stimulating the inner thighs, just follow these steps, remember that everything we have shown you can be done in one session:

  • Remain seated on the floor with your legs bent.
  • Place the acupressure mat in the middle of your legs, they should touch your inner thighs.
  • Keep moderate pressure on the mat with your legs.
  • Hold this position for five minutes.
  • You can vary the routine and use a chair to do the same thigh pressure on the mat.

Regularity of use

  • Based on the routines in this article, in each cycle you can do 20 repetitions.
  • You can then take a five-minute break and repeat the whole session.
  • You can do this session twice a day, all week.
  • If you just want to lie on the mat, you can do this for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Resting on the mat can be done daily.

How long to use?

  • The only limit to take into account is the number of repetitions you can do so as not to strain your body.
  • Lying on the mat can be done every day, but no more than 15 minutes at a time.
  • Remember that lotus flowers can damage the skin if you overdo it.
  • Stop using the acupressure mat if you feel discomfort and severe pain.

Tips to reduce cellulite naturally and improve your overall health

  • Exercise regularly: keeping the body active will always be recommended to eliminate excess fat accumulated in the areas where cellulite attacks.
  • Do strength exercises: this will make the muscle fibres more resistant and will demand a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients from the body.
  • Use the Foam Roller: this is a great ally to stimulate the myofascial tissue, where cellulite really concentrates, making this tissue more flexible.
  • Reduce the consumption of saturated fats: actually we should talk about reducing the consumption of sugars, by taking care of your diet you ensure that muscle and tissue function better.
  • Drink plenty of water: hydration makes the skin more supple, water ensures that there is a better transfer of nutrients to the muscles through the blood.
  • Eat plenty of fibre: fibre, vegetables and cereals are the best foods you can eat to reduce the effects of cellulite and as a preventative measure, you can prolong the presence of these annoying marks on your body.
  • Use a muscle massage gun: the guns stimulate the fascial tissue, relax the muscles and regulate blood circulation to promote cell recovery.
  • Avoid vices and addictions: being a regular user of coffee, alcohol and nicotine will make your body more prone to cellulite, and no exercise routine will help if you tend to have these vices in your daily life.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes: although wearing tight-fitting clothes is part of "looking good", it is also a risk factor that increases the likelihood of cellulite on the buttocks and legs.
  • Reduce stress: your body changes completely when you are constantly under stress and anxiety, burning calories becomes more difficult and you don't sleep well, scenarios that worsen cellulite.
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