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What type of massage gun head should I use for each body area and type of injury?

Life doesn't stand still and every day the demands of the modern world are increasing. Whether working in the office or at home, our bodies are exposed to strains and pains that affect our health and physical performance. That's why a good massage gun is so useful.

In this sense, the heads of a massage gun are an invaluable complement as it will determine how versatile it can be. Today we will introduce you to the most useful heads that an electric massager can contain and the usefulness of each one of them.

How does the head of my muscle massage gun influence the experience of use?

How does the head of my massage gun influence the experience of use?

The reason why a massage gun contains several heads is because of the simple complexity of our human anatomy. As you may have noticed, our body is full of curves, shapes and various textures that require different types of materials and shapes to stimulate each of them correctly.

The choice of head in a massage gun is essential, as it will largely determine the versatility of the product; the more heads it contains, the more parts of the body can be massaged with it, so when purchasing your electric massager, take a good look at the number of heads it contains.

What types of heads do massage guns have and what is each one used for?

What types of heads do massage guns have and what is each one used for?

Now that you understand the usefulness of the various heads available, it is time to understand which are the most important and the function of each one.

Spherical head

This is recommended if you are looking for a uniform massage, as its shape allows for optimal movement all over the body. With this head you get a very efficient stimulation of the muscle fibres, and basically all muscle groups of an average healthy adult can be stimulated with it.

U-shaped head

It will allow you to work more fluidly the neck, which if you are all day in front of a computer you will know that it is a fundamental part to take care of. It is also special for the Achilles tendon. This head is ideal for the paravertebral muscles which are essential for extensor, lateral and rotational movements. Many specialists even believe that it can improve the radius of joint mobility just as myofascial massage with a foam roller does.

Flat head

It allows a softer and slightly lighter type of massage that allows the elimination of liquids or wastes that can affect the functioning of your body and generate degenerative diseases. At the same time, it is one of the most popular for relaxing massages, as it provides a powerful percussion in which the transfer of energy to the muscle fibres is very effective.

Bullet head

On many occasions muscle pain becomes knots that affect a specific area of the body; for this type of pain the bullet head is sensational and it will help you to combat the nodules or trigger points that produce tingling and those pains when stretching. As you can imagine, this is a favourite for myofascial release sessions.

Paddle head

It is ideal for decontracting massages in the back area, i.e. the spine, as well as the waist. It is certainly recommended for those who spend most of the day sitting and in front of a desk. However, you should carefully follow the instructions of a specialist before treating this part of the body that contains so many nerves, which, if inflamed or injured, will generate more pain than the one you want to treat.

Ring head

This type of head is used as a substitute for fingers, as it provides stimulation similar to fingers. This is why it is the favourite of many to perform acupressure massages that generate a release of energy through the body channels, relieving stress and improving the patient's quality of life in a very gratifying way.

Rounded head

Allows massage of larger areas of the body, such as those involving muscle groups like the calves, sword, hips and arms. This is in the case of the large rounded head, but can also be smaller rounded which is for the muscles grouped in hands and wrists. This is a variation of the ball or round head, and they basically have the same function.

Conical head

This is used to exert direct pressure on points where pain is concentrated such as the sole of the foot, the rhomboid and trapezius area which is the area near the shoulders, as well as the scapula. This is another head that we will see a lot in myofascial release sessions, as its conical tip is ideal for releasing and diffusing trigger points that tend to generate chronic pain throughout the body.

Thumb head

It has similar functions to the bullet head as it is for the so-called trigger points, but especially for those located in the lumbar area. This is a head that is rarely included in a self-massage gun, as it is intended for such a delicate area, it should only be used by specialists, as both the high power of the massage guns and the precision of the head mean that the risk of injuring a nerve through malpractice is high.

What are the main benefits of using a massage gun with multiple heads?

What are the main benefits of using a massage gun with multiple heads?

In closing, here is a detailed reminder of the main benefits of using a massage gun on a regular basis.

We highlight the following benefits:

  • Improves resistance to fatigue: this is the fatigue that the soft tissues experience when the body is exposed to changes in the intensity of training and when people carry out physical activities outside of their usual routine.
  • Improves muscle oxygenation: muscle fibres need more oxygenation to stay healthy, so massages are beneficial because they bring a greater amount of oxygen to the connective tissues and muscles, so they can better cope with aches and pains.
  • It releases tension better: muscle tension prevents people from being able to move freely without pain or stiffness. Massage guns cause the fibres that remain contracted in some areas and overstretched in others to unravel.
  • Protects joint movement: when an athlete makes frequent use of massage, he or she can ensure that muscles, tendons and ligaments can function better. By protecting the soft tissues, it ensures that joints have a greater range of motion.
  • Promotes cell regeneration: Massage creates the conditions that cells need to multiply when healthy and when the body needs it, it is part of the accelerated recovery process that every athlete seeks to remain active in training.
  • It dilates vessels and veins: this also aids muscle recovery by allowing more nutrients to travel through the bloodstream to the muscle fibres and connective tissues. It also prevents poor venous return which leaves swollen feet in most cases.
  • Inhibits pain: the strokes of the massage guns interrupt the function of pain receptors that send signals to the spinal cord and brain when there are physical injuries of any kind. By blocking these receptors, people can continue with their daily activities.
  • Prevents further injury: using the muscle massage gun whenever there is minor discomfort will protect the muscles and make them better able to cope with the constant muscle stretching that can leave damage such as contractures and tears in one or more parts of the muscle structure.
  • It serves as a warm-up: it prepares the musculature and increases the temperature when you need to do intense workouts or when you are going to change to a new intensity in your sports routines. It is an indispensable tool when you want to stay healthy and at the same time increase the pace of physical activities.
  • Serves as a cool down: as this is an important phase of training, the percussion gun will serve to address possible muscle groups where there are likely to be relapses in old injuries, which have not been able to be healed over time and require special care with massages.
  • Protects myofascial tissue: although there are specific products such as the Foam Roller, massage guns also stimulate trigger points that trigger myofascial releases in the places where you apply this product.
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