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Buying Guide: How to choose the best shoulder braces & support for all types of injuries? List 2024

Everyday life leads to situations that are often not expected and such is the case with accidents that cause injuries. Fortunately, there are garments that are beneficial in the event of an incident; among them are sports shoulder braces. They are practical and very necessary for a quick recovery.

The information below will help you learn all about this compression garment. Its benefits, when you really need to use one and even the type of material so you can buy it without any major inconvenience.

In what type of injuries are sports shoulder supports recommended?

Knowing exactly what kind of injuries sports shoulder braces can be used for is important to avoid making mistakes and further complicating the damage.

The following list will help you to better identify the cases in which you can use this compressive garment:

  • Rotator cuff injuries: These can cause a dull ache in the shoulder that is made worse by using the arm away from the body. The discomfort can disturb sleep because of the extent of the pain and interrupt common activities such as combing your hair or touching your back.
  • Inflammation of the synovial sac (subacromial bursitis): The discomfort is characterised by affecting the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, but also other joints. It is also known as a structure that has the shape of a pouch or lump and this cushions movements.
  • Tendinitis: This is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon. It causes pain and sensitivity in the area.
  • Post-operative after breaking the clavicle: When this type of injury exists, the pain is usually very intense and is partly the reason why specialists recommend immobilisation, which is when the shoulder support should be used.
  • Shoulder arthritis: This is basically an inflammation and also a degeneration of the joints. It can affect joint structures, ligaments and tendons.
  • Shoulder fractures or dislocations: This occurs when the spherical-shaped head of the arm bone (humerus) comes out of its rounded cavity in the scapula (shoulder blade). When the shoulder is dislocated, it is usually pushed hard in front of the joint.
  • Shoulder sprains: Occurs because the ligaments are stretched or torn and can be caused while playing a sport and also by a fall.
  • Injuries to the brachial plexus: This occurs in the network of nerves that gives sensitivity and control to the muscles of the shoulder, arm, forearm, hand and fingers.
  • Frozen shoulder: The discomfort is characterised by pain in this area of the body and occurs because the tissue in the area is tightened.
  • Injuries to the pectoral muscle: This generates intense pain that does not allow the affected side to sleep, prevents mobility and gives a feeling of heaviness.
  • Acromio-clavicular dislocation: It is usually produced by direct traumatism on the lateral part of the shoulder and can be caused by falls or blows during the practice of sports. In short, there is a rupture of the ligaments that join the clavicle to the rest of the shoulder, which causes pain and an increase in volume or deformity in the upper part of the shoulder.


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What are the health benefits of orthopaedic shoulder supports for men and women?

What are the health benefits of orthopaedic shoulder supports for men and women?

Although compression orthopaedic shoulder supports may give the impression of a garment that does not have multiple functions, it has great health benefits for both men and women at the time of injury.

  • Compressing the affected area: The shoulder brace exerts pressure and this works as a kind of protection for the affected area.
  • They provide stability: They help with the support and warmth generated by the support to recover from shoulder injuries. The support promotes the correct alignment of the shoulder joint.
  • Pain relief: Injuries are often a nuisance when practising everyday actions such as going to bed to sleep. But, by providing relief that, while not immediate, helps to heal, shoulder braces seek to do more than just keep you out of pain, in a state where you can have some mobility without injury.
  • Reduction of inflammation: The shoulder support puts pressure on the muscle and releases the sensation of pain.
  • They are a protector: The shoulder braces act as a piece of protection for the area that is injured so that it does not suffer major consequences that could lead to the development of a more serious injury and complicate the level of health.
  • Thermotherapy: Providing acclimatization to the area that was affected will help to have a faster recovery.
  • Relieves muscular tension in the upper back: Relaxes the muscle thanks to the pressure and thus allows the release of tension levels.
  • Supports the weight of the arm: An effort that cannot be done comfortably if you have an injury is to support the weight of your own arm, so the shoulder brace does a work of strength and pressure to give the necessary rest to the area.
  • They are light: If there is something necessary when you have an injury it is to load the minor possible weight on the body and that is a benefit that undoubtedly contributes the shoulder support on having been a garment of considerable size, but especially light.
  • Can be used under and over clothing: Comfort and health go hand in hand when it comes to injury. This is why you can use your everyday clothes with this garment.

What features should you consider before choosing the best sports shoulder brace for shoulder pain?

An ailment, no matter what part of the body it is, should not be ignored and should be given the necessary attention. Such is the case with sports shoulder braces, which have various types to characterize and adjust to your needs.

Depending on the use

There are elements to consider before choosing the right shoulder brace, for example the types that exist and what the differences are between each one.

  • Sports shoulder braces: These are those worn when practising and which function as protection. They also help to correct posture. It relieves pain and discomfort that goes from the shoulders to areas such as the spine or back. They are often used by cyclists and motorcyclists.
  • Shoulder braces with sleeves: They are a comfortable garment within their functions because they cover the chest and shoulder blade. They also have adjustable straps to fasten around the torso. You can even wear them with clothes for your activities. They help when you overexert your shoulder muscles. If they are double-layered, you can use ice for heat and cold treatments.
  • Shoulder braces for dislocation and subluxation: The shoulder has a mobility superior to that of any other joint and a capacity of movement in almost all planes and axes. It is par excellence, the one which is most dislocated in the practice of sports. A dislocation can be described as when the head of the humerus moves out of place. It usually presents a lot of pain, deformity and functional impotence, where the sportsman has to immediately suspend any kind of activity.
  • Shoulder braces providing: It provides support in the area, prevents wear, improves the receptors in the skin and helps the brain to better understand the proper position.
    Stabilizing shoulder braces: It provides stability and is a piece that seeks to restrict movement so that the injured person does not get worse. It helps to heal, for example, ruptured ligaments or a dislocation. It can also be used for heat and cold treatment. It promotes blood circulation to relieve pain, swelling and mild dislocation. They are characterized by being light and adjustable, which is necessary for an injured person.
  • Orthopaedic shoulder braces: They are ideal for treating ailments and also for recovering from fractures or sprains of shoulders and shoulder blades. The aim is to stabilize and limit the arm's angle of movement to prevent the affected person from getting worse and, in contrast, to improve adequate rehabilitation. They are made of breathable material and can be used for recovery from surgery. Some of these are:
  • Bilateral shoulder braces: These are designed to cover both shoulders like a short t-shirt. They are comfortable, correct the posture, make the person look taller and benefit from the strength they exert in the area. They are used for joint and muscular complaints and serious injuries that require a long period of time to recover. They work on the mechanical principle of action-reaction thanks to the joint support.
  • Shoulder braces with cold/hot pack: As mentioned, body heat is an important issue for the affected area therefore this design provides an extra temperature to relieve pain, improve circulation and blood flow. It is essential for arthritis, frozen shoulders, dislocation and recovery. In addition, they come with an integrated mesh bag to apply ice. People suffering from acute sprains and other soft tissue injury should first apply cold therapy, then use a heating pack.

The advantages of the shoulder braces are that they are usually easy to get hold of, they have a variety of prices and designs, they help in the recovery of injuries in a practical way and they have multiple uses.

The disadvantage is that you have to be very careful with the care of the product. But, it really is a warning to make the piece more durable. In some cases they can be uncomfortable, but it is all part of the adaptation and healing process.


Although the shoulder braces can be made of various materials, such as neoprene, we work with nylon and spandex to ensure the best quality product. The neoprene ones are very light so that there is no discomfort, it does not load the area with unnecessary extra weight. As it is such a flexible material it is ideal to fit every type of shoulder and it adjusts around the muscles in the area.

Nylon belongs to the group of polyamides, which is one of the best options for manufacturing these garments due to its high resistance, elastic, strong and with good transpiration. On the other hand, spandex can be defined as a fibre that can expand without breaking and thanks to this it is able to recover its original size when not worn.

All materials seek to make the shoulder braces flexible, durable, but also comfortable within the guidelines involved in having an injury.

With or without ice pads

While it's true, warmth is one of the benefits of shoulder braces. There is also talk of maintaining a suitable temperature for the area and, as the case may be, this should be cold. With the ice pack the circulation of the area will be different and will start to give way to recovery giving the ideal context for a heat and cold therapy. Without an ice pack, there is the warmth provided by the garment, which is part of what is necessary for the restoration of the area.

  • Use of the shoulder brace in the cold: It must be cooled inside a hermetic plastic bag in the freezer for at least 2 hours, then it is placed over the affected area so that it starts to act.
  • Benefits of the cold in an injury: The good thing about this temperature in case of a contusion is that it relaxes, deflates and relieves.

Although the benefit should not be abused, it is a stage that will undoubtedly provide a calming effect to the area.


Some of the sports shoulder supports are made in universal sizes, but the best recommendation is to buy one that fits you exactly, because although the different garments are adjustable, the final result will depend on your body mass.


The shoulder braces are available in various colours and materials. Its design is unisex, so you don't have to bother with such an exhaustive search, just choose the model that best suits you. It should be noted that the design is very relevant to the purpose of its use. It is not the same a sportive shoulder support that are much more practical and for different purposes, as a stabilizer to restrict movement, so its shape is a little more rigid to be able to treat the injury.


Compression sports shoulder supports have always stood out in comparison to other garments because of their durability, compression, fit, temperature, material and more, which do the right job on the joint to achieve their therapeutic benefits.

For these reasons, it should be taken into account that a garment with a very low cost will not provide protection and will not guarantee durability as our compression products do; furthermore, they are the ones with the greatest variety of models and colours that exist today.

How to use sports shoulder supports to relieve shoulder pain?

How to use sports shoulder supports to relieve shoulder pain?

As for the use of sports shoulder braces to relieve shoulder pain, there are several points, including the care of the garment and even how it should be washed and worn.

Putting on the garment is very easy. There are people who can try to do it on their own, but the best thing is for a second one to provide the necessary support so that there is no overexertion and the injury gets worse both when putting on and taking off the piece.

Regarding the care of the shoulder brace, it should be washed after each use only in cold and dry. Detergents should not be used or dried in machines, they should not be bleached, ironed and should be stored in a cool place. If not washed properly it can cause the product to smell or damage it completely.

Sports shoulder supports for injuries are a very useful garment and with the proper use, you can get much faster and assured results without major inconvenience. Following all instructions is necessary to heal the injury and continue daily activities.

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