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How to use a electric massager gun for sciatica pain relief?

The most important thing to know is that this percussion gun will be effective when the origin of the sciatica is muscular or the result of a physical injury that causes nerve compressions. This product has different heads that will be useful for treating different parts of the body.

When you want quick and effective relief for sciatica pain, this massager is a practical ally that you can use wherever you want, without risk to your health as long as you apply it correctly and pay attention to the progress of the benefits.

What is sciatica and what are the causes of this back injury?

What is sciatica and what are the causes of this back injury?

Sciatica is a condition of irritation, inflammation and tearing of the nerves in the lower back due to improper muscle compression or slipping of the vertebral discs. In these cases, the roots that suffer most are the first lumbar root and the fifth sacral root. When the area of greatest compression is clear, the percussion gun may have a better effect.

These are the most common causes of sciatica:

  • Advancing age: the spine tends to lose its curvature over the years, and if posture has not been taken care of in youth, people are likely to suffer from nerve compression from the age of 50, when the spine loses its strength and ability to keep the torso upright.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: little physical exercise leads to lack of body care, overweight and obesity. The spine is susceptible to losing its strength when the back must manoeuvre with a greater load of fat. A sedentary lifestyle is an enemy of back health.
  • Incorrect habits: the way we sit and stand greatly influences the care of the vertebrae, which are responsible for keeping the back straight and preventing slipped discs. Active breaks are stretching exercises that should be done once for every hour of sitting or standing, and are a habit that should be adopted.
  • Diabetes: the irregular way in which the body processes sugar causes the nervous function to be altered, which increases the possibility of irritation and inflammation of the nerve roots.
  • Physical injuries: here we group falls, blows and injuries such as contractures that generate nerve compressions, which in turn cause pain in the lower back in a latent form when sciatica starts. A physiotherapist should always be consulted for further guidance on how to use the percussion gun for this risk factor.
  • Smoking: A recent study indicates that people who smoke have almost twice the risk of being admitted to hospital for low back injuries such as sciatica. Nicotine alters muscle function and weakens the structure of the vertebrae.

How to use a massage gun to relieve sciatica back pain?

How to use a massage gun to relieve sciatica back pain?

Even if you have extra long arms and this is a self-massage tool, there will be more benefit if you use a third party to perform the stimulating massage with the percussion gun. The back is difficult to access, so misuse of this product can do more harm than good.

This is a correct way to use the muscle massage gun:

  • Lie face down on a counter.
  • Keep your arms down and relaxed.
  • The gun handler should use light vibrations and a round head.
  • They should make slow, linear strokes.
  • You should indicate where it bothers you when you pass and where the most tense areas are.
  • Mark these areas or memorise them for later treatment.
  • There should be no stimulation on the vertebrae with the round head.
  • After a minute or two, switch to the bullet head.
  • Locate the areas where there was most discomfort and tension.
  • Position the gun sideways, not perpendicular to the body.
  • The pressure should be moderate, not light.
  • Stimulate each tense area for 15 seconds.
  • Change the head to a "U" shaped head.
  • Slide the gun from the base of the spine to the cervical spine.
  • Use the vacuum of the "U" to avoid touching the vertebrae.
  • Make three or four passes.
  • Do not stop at any part of the spine.

What are the benefits of using a massage gun for sciatica instead of drugs?

The symptoms of sciatica are often confusing for patients who often turn to drug treatments without expert advice, which will always be a mistake. However, when the pain has only just begun, it is always advisable to massage and assess progress.

Electric massagers guns are an excellent alternative to avoid drug dependency, which can sometimes cause side effects. In addition, as long as you can provide the body with moments of relaxation through massage, you will notice that the relief is immediate and long-lasting.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing massage over drugs:

  • You avoid possible stomach ailments.
  • You prevent possible skin allergies.
  • You reduce the sensations of nausea.
  • You reduce the possibility of your body becoming addicted to medication.
  • You minimise the risks of self-medication.

Although this product should not replace a clinical treatment when a doctor has already made an assessment and diagnosis, there are testimonials from all over the world indicating that they have achieved relief with the percussion gun when drugs have not been able to bring people back to peace of mind.

Massage gun vs. massage balls: Which is the best option to treat sciatica naturally?

Massage gun vs. massage balls: Which is the best option to treat sciatica naturally?

Both the massage gun and the massage balls have a muscle decompression effect that will relieve the back, buttocks and leg pain associated with sciatica. If we are talking about a great advantage, it is worth mentioning that the stimulating balls allow patients with discomfort in these parts of the body to perform a real self-massage.

Through basic pressures and exercises, people find immediate relief without the support of a third party. It is enough to follow the basic instructions of a physiotherapist to know how to use the floor and the wall to apply the correct body pressure on this product.

At the same time, the electric gun provides better pain relief, because this device directly stimulates the sensory receptors in the back, thus blocking the signals they emit to the spine and the brain.

Which of the two products is better for sciatica? Both have specific benefits, their uses will depend on the type of user: whether they are someone who is used to self-massage or someone with no previous experience.

What are the best alternatives to massage guns for sciatica pain relief?

And although this article talks about the benefits of the electric massage gun to reduce sciatica, it is important that you know the alternatives available on this website for the treatment of this ailment.

  • Massage balls: these are an indispensable product if you are already used to self-massage and prefer not to depend on other people to relieve your back pain. With them you can do specific exercises in the lumbar area and lower limbs, thus regulating the symptoms of sciatica in all the areas where it affects.
  • Foam Roller: by using the massage roller, you ensure a deep and uniform stimulation to facilitate muscle decompression that damages the nerves. If you prefer an electric roller, you can combine techniques between gliding and vibration to help the nerve roots function properly.
  • Mini electric percussion gun: this is a more portable version of the professional gun, created for a more domestic use where people only need a massager to relieve stress and tension left by intense working days. The model we offer has a single, rounded, softer head for massaging any part of the body.
  • Electric neck and shoulder massager: although this is a product created for the neck and shoulders, it is also functional if you take your bras and lower the product to the lumbar area. Unlike the percussion guns, this product relaxes with friction and increased body temperature that will unwind the muscles and decompress the nerves.
  • Electric foot massager: you may wonder what the feet have to do with sciatica, in fact, this ailment affects up to the calf in the most extreme cases, but by massaging the feet you allow a better blood flow throughout the leg, which releases a greater amount of endorphins that serve as a natural and effective analgesic. You will notice how the pain of sciatica in the legs is considerably reduced.
  • Electric back and leg massager: many of the existing models simulate a chair in which people rest and all they have to do is receive stimulation through vibrations and heat. Both qualities of these products help to reduce acute and intermittent pain.
  • Hand-held electric massagers are devices that work to perform self-massage on any part of the body, including the back. It is recommended when the pain is mild and bearable, and as it fits in one hand it is possible to reach areas that are difficult to access, such as the coccyx. As with the pistols, if there is a third person who can provide support, it is better.
  • Massage chair: these are seats that cover the back, buttocks and legs. They are perfect for when people are unable to exercise for whatever reason, but require treatment to relieve the symptoms of sciatica. People just sit on the product and receive the vibrations that will relax tense muscles.
  • Infrared massage: the massage with this technology allows to prepare the tissues of the back before offering other types of deeper massages. It should not last more than three minutes, on average, and should be performed by a qualified specialist.
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