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Microwave Wheat Bags

Haven't you heard of microwavable heating pads yet? Meet them. They are small cloth bags that can be filled with flax seeds, wheat, olive, cherry, rice, clay balls etc. that when heated in the microwave or oven, give off a gentle heat very beneficial for certain ailments and types of pain. They can also be used cold. Actually it is nothing new, our grandmothers surely used a microwave heat pack as it is considered a remedy of "all life" that does not go out of fashion, yes, today are becoming popular again among people of all ages, and it is not surprising because they are easy to use, comfortable, natural and very effective to relieve pain.

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    5 out of 5


    I've had it for ages now . Just covered it again – I have a bad neck and shoulders so heat this up every night and early morning . I've had to re- cover it but wouldn't be without it.

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    5 out of 5


    Nice cover – Very happy with this product

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    5 out of 5

    Mrs. Susan Jackson

    Really good – This is longer than my usual wheatbag which makes a difference it is good that one side is soft and the other side is a more robust cotton feel

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    5 out of 5


    Excellent slippers. – Received my microwave slippers this afternoon and tried them tonight. They warmed my Ice cold feet immediately and stayed warm long enough for me to be really comfortable and ready to sleep after reading in bed for an hour or so. I certainly recommend these slippers to anyone who suffers with chronic cold feet as I do. Definitely worth the money and much better than a hot water bottle.

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    5 out of 5

    D. McGrath

    As Advertised – As Advertised

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    5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    Really warms up your feet. – Great slippers. Not too heavy. Warm in 2 minutes. Great buy

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    5 out of 5


    Not too heavy – Gift for friend. She was happy with the quality

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    3 out of 5


    Seams splitting after a few months use. – Have been happy with the two bags we purchased earlier this year - they did what was expected. However, recently both have split at one of the spacing seams. Have restitched them but the inner bag is of rather thin material and the seams do not have enough overlap. Needs a redesign!

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    5 out of 5


    Better than a hot water bottle – Helped with sore back. I really got it to use instead of a hot water bottle during winter. It won't leak!!! It's big size is brilliant

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    4 out of 5


    Works well – This a good and handy product. I suffer with tension in my neck and shoulders - this brings relief.

What are microwave heating packs and what are they for?

What are they?

This simple but at the same time very practical product is changing the way of treating pain as they are very beneficial to health when we apply thermotherapy. The heat pack filled with seeds is the ideal complement in our daily life, avoiding the use of chemical medicines as long as they are not completely necessary.

The heat pack of seeds and aromatic flowers are so safe that we can use them to sleep and put them inside our bed on cold winter nights, even in your baby's crib without running any risk as long as we respect the right temperature.

What are they for?

The microwave heat bag filled with seeds and aromatic plants serve as natural painkillers and anti-inflammatories. In addition, they improve blood circulation, thus helping to speed up recovery from injuries. All this in a simple way and without side effects, except for improving mood.

This analgesic effect is scientifically proven, and as a great summary, to tell you that by applying heat to our body at 104┬░F or more, heat receptors are activated, which in turn, inhibit the pain receptors. If you also accompany this with the soft and pleasant aroma of lavender, your mood will improve and it is well known that with a good mood you improve your health much faster.

To relieve different types of pain, whether muscular, joint, bone, headache or menstrual pain, we must know the heating pads filled with seeds, these use cold or heat therapies to relieve and reduce different types of ailments. Knowing the alternatives to drugs to treat pain is a great way to take care of ourselves naturally and free of chemicals that can be harmful to our body in the short, medium or long term.

Thanks to alternative therapies for the treatment of pain based on the localized application of heat or cold in the painful area, we can reduce and even completely disappear those little aches and pains that do not let us continue with our day to day. The microwave hot pack are an excellent option as a natural remedy to relieve hundreds of pains, whether they are acute, chronic or circumstantial pain caused by a blow, pull or muscle contracture. Without a doubt, therapeutic seed cushions are an effective remedy to treat any pain.

What are their uses?

Here's when to use the heating pads for both heat and cold therapy:

In heat:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Prepares muscles for physical activity
  • Decreases pain transmission
  • Warms muscles prior to massage
  • Reduces cramping pains

In cold:

  • Contusions
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprains
  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce inflammatory processes
  • Release tension in muscles and joints

Health benefits of heat packs for microwave

  • Cervical pain: If you spend hours in front of the computer or reading and you do not maintain a good posture, the cervical spine suffers and causes pain, applying the microwavable heating pad on the cervical area, the muscle relaxes and the pain disappears completely.
  • Sciatica: To treat the pain it is recommended to apply dry heat, the herbal heating pads are ideal for this, the contribution of heat directly in a localized area, makes the blood flow better and this helps reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Lumbalgia: Applying heat through the flaxseed heating pad, the muscle relaxes, more blood reaches the area allowing to reduce inflammation and override the pain receptors, therefore, it is also highly recommended and useful to use them in low back pain.
  • Joint pain: Due to osteoarthritis or arthritis, joints become stiff and cause severe pain. The application of heat by means of microwave heat wrap reduces the pain and improves the circulation of the area, avoiding certain medications.
  • Muscle contracture: When performing an intense physical activity or a bad gesture, small muscle contractures can occur that become very painful and annoying. If you apply heat with the aromatherapy heating pad you make the muscle relax and relieve the pain, always use heat when the area is not inflamed.
  • Baby colic and gas: The heat acts mainly by inhibiting the pain receptors, but also makes the blood flow better, thus helping to dissipate the air and therefore the swelling and discomfort caused by colic and gas, especially in babies.
  • Menstrual pain: Applying heat to the area of the ovaries or kidneys, the blood circulates better and pain receptors are canceled. The lavender heating pillow are an excellent option to remedy period pains, also regulates body temperature.
  • Pre-massage: Before giving a relaxing massage, it is very convenient to warm up the area to be treated, so you should apply the microwavable heating pad for at least 10 minutes prior to the massage to relax the muscles, warm them up and thus achieve greater pleasure.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory: To reduce inflammation after a blow, bruise or due to muscle wasting, the heating pad microwave are a great option, you have to use them cold in the painful area for 15 minutes and you will notice how the swelling goes down.
  • Reduce fever: To treat febrile processes in well known that cold is a good complementary remedy, for this place the bag on the forehead and you will see its effect in a few minutes, it is not an aggressive cold and its anatomical design allows to place it on the face.
  • Tired feet: After a long day or prolonged physical activity, our feet may be sore, for this a cold thermal pillow and place the legs upwards will reduce the swelling of our feet and relieve the pain.
  • Headaches: Place the cold seed bag right on the back of your neck and you will notice how the blood flows better to your head and automatically migraines and headaches will disappear and will make us feel much better thanks to this treatment.

How to use microwavable heat packs for pain relief?


  • Step 1: We heat our heating pad in our microwave at maximum power between 1:30 and 2 minutes depending on the size.
  • Step 2: Place the pad on the painful area for 15 to 20 minutes, we will feel how our muscles relax and the pain disappears.
  • Step 3: Incredible! The pain disappears and we will automatically feel better, we can repeat the process as many times as we want.


  • Step 1: We cool our thermal pillow inside a bag in the freezer for about 2 hours prior to the cold treatment.
  • Step 2: Place the pad on the area to be treated for about 12 to 15 minutes, we will feel how the area deflates thanks to the cold therapy.
  • Step 3: Congratulations! Thanks to the effects of cold therapy our pain and inflammation disappear, for greater effectiveness apply 3-4 times a day.

Best seeds for filling heat pack

  • Flax seeds: Undoubtedly the best option, being small they adapt perfectly to any area of the body, they support very well the heat at high temperatures and have an excellent conservation in long periods of time providing health benefits.
  • Clay balls: A highly recommended option and also natural, as the clay has very interesting heating properties and can withstand heat for quite some time, its size is variable and we can choose the one that best suits our body.
  • Wheat seeds: Almost on a par with flax seeds as they have a good size both in length and thickness, adapt to any area of the body and perfectly withstand heat although less recommended due to the worse conservation.
  • Cherry pits: As they have a relatively large size, they do not adapt well to the body, especially in smaller areas such as joints, etc. They are also quite hard bones which can exert too much pressure on the painful area and damage it even more.
  • Olive pits: As with the cherry pits, they are quite uncomfortable if we use them in the lumbar area or in the back as olive pits are quite hard.
  • Millet seeds: This type of seeds have the advantage that, being small, they adapt very well to the body area we want to treat, the problem is that they lose heat quickly and we must be heating them repeatedly to make their effect.
  • Rice: This type of seeds are much less used than the previous ones but never hurts to mention them, it should be said that when using rice as a filler, the bag gives off a rather unpleasant odor, also tend to grow small bugs between these grains if not used regularly.

Alternatives to microwavable wheat bags

  • Hot/cold gel packs: These are the method most commonly used by athletes to apply cold. Perhaps because of the convenience of transporting them from one place to another and also because of their ease of use and maintenance, they are easy to see in sports facilities, soccer and tennis fields, gyms and pharmacies. These packs are filled with non-toxic gel that prevents them from freezing at low temperatures so that they can keep us cool without burning our skin. As for its use in heat, are increasingly common that can be heated in the microwave and this gives a plus of versatility that makes, along with the heating pads for microwave, are a very good choice for applying heat and cold therapies.
  • Electric blanket: As its name indicates, this type of product for applying heat to the body looks like a blanket. The sizes vary greatly, from the most common ones, which are usually the size of a rag, to blankets that occupy entire beds. Electric heating blankets are popular and have made their way into many homes, but if you are looking for pain relief, rather than comfort, the heat they provide may not be enough. In addition, if you fall asleep, it is always less advisable to do so plugged into the mains.
  • Hot water bottles: Surely it happens to you that, although you have never used one or have seen it at home of your relatives, if you say hot water bottle, comes to mind the same image as me, and is that this product used for thermotherapy, or rather, to provide heat, has had much display in catalogs, movies, series and so on and has commonly been seen using it to warm the bed, feet and menstrual cramps. The reason why the heating pads has replaced the use of hot water bottles is because in case of leakage, there is a risk of burns due to the spillage of very hot water. With water you can suffer serious skin burns.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Can microwavable heating pad be washed?

Of course they can be washed, but only the outer sleeve. All our designs have two covers, one inside and one outside, so you can wash without any problem the outer cover of the heat pillow for microwave without fear of wetting the seeds and flowers in its inner cover. By simply removing the outer cover you will always have it clean and ready to use

As it is 100% cotton fabric, washing is not a mystery, since it is a fiber that is easy to treat and very resistant to washing, both by hand and machine. You can choose between hot or cold water when you go to wash the cover, but if the temperature you use is very high (over 140 ┬░F) may lose color and shrink a little, it is recommended temperatures no higher than 104 ┬░F.

Why is the lavender aroma of the heating pad so beneficial?

One of the strong points of the heating pads for microwave is that they are accompanied by lavender, the queen of aromatherapy, which contains in its flowers an essential oil used to soothe and relax. The essential oil, being volatile, makes it easy to inhale and we can benefit from its aroma and active ingredients

It has been proven that aromatherapy, especially with lavender, will help us to improve our mood and achieve full relaxation. Thanks to the care in every detail in the manufacturing process of the heating pads for back pain with aromatic flowers, we get a product of the highest quality, handmade and durable, so that we can enjoy it for years.

What are the risks and dangers of using a microwavable heat pad?

If we compare the risks that may exist in a heating pads for microwave, versus those that may occur in the alternatives we have mentioned above, the former have very few risks, since having no electrical components or liquids at high temperatures, the risk of burns is practically zero, as long as your sensitivity to cold and heat allows you to assess the right temperature

But, if for example you are thinking of a person with diabetes who does not have much sensitivity in the feet and hands, you do not have to worry, because if you follow the recommendations for use, such as heating times that are defined in each product, you will not have to worry, because the heat that will keep the seeds will be adequate to provide heat and analgesic effect, and this heat will gradually decrease to be at room temperature around 25-40 minutes.

Are there any contraindications to the use of heat pad for microwave?

It is always interesting to know when it is not advisable to use heat because, if it is true that it is a natural therapy that serves for multiple conditions, there are times when its use is contraindicated. Heat is not allowed to be applied, for example in open wounds, in acute inflammatory processes, such as a sprain or trauma, because in these cases, the indicated is the cold to reduce blood pressure in the area and reduce inflammation

If the person who is going to apply heat to the body suffers from alterations in sensitivity, it can be counterproductive because he/she will not notice if it is too hot and may suffer burns. To avoid all this, it is best to follow the instructions of each product and use hot and cold therapies for about 20-25 minutes. Heat should also not be applied on the bellies of pregnant women, but it is possible to apply heat to the lower back without any inconvenience.

What are the alternatives to microwave heat bag and which is the best option?

One of the purposes of using microwave heating pads is for the use of thermotherapy, which is nothing more than harnessing heat for therapeutic purposes, mostly analgesic purposes. In order for heat to provide the relief and help we need, and to be considered as an effective remedy, it must be applied at a temperature higher than the physiological or natural temperature we have in our body, which is 96,8-98,6 ┬░F. Therefore, in order to benefit from thermotherapy, the product we use to apply heat to our body should be at least 104 ┬░F or higher.

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