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Size chart

Size Chart Elbow Brace Support

CM 20-24 24-28 28-32 32-36
IN 7.5-9.5 9.5-11 11-12.5 12.5-14
Measure arm circumference just 4 inch/10 cm above the elbow joint (*View image)
*Note: If after measuring you are between two sizes, choose the larger size

Elbow Compression Sleeve

How to use the elbow compression sleeve?

Features of the elastic compression elbow brace

Elbow Compression Sleeve

Double Anti-Slip Silicone

Elbow Compression Sleeve

Elastic Fabric

Elbow Compression Sleeve

Various Sizes & Colors

Elbow Compression Sleeve

Unisex & Breathable

Elbow Compression Sleeve

Ergonomic & Adjustable

Elbow Compression Sleeve

Sport Design

2 Pack Elbow Compression Sleeve

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2 Pack Elbow Compression Sleeve

Custom Packaging

2 Pack Elbow Compression Sleeve


What are the uses and benefits of the compression sports elbow brace?

What is it for?

  • Swelling and inflammation: contusions, sprains and tendonitis or tennis elbow generate inflammatory processes that can be minimized by this Nylon and Spandex compression elbow brace. This is of great help to accelerate the recovery process.
  • Acute or chronic pain: the compression of this garment is ideal for controlling chronic elbow pain. It keeps blood flow limited, and all elbow tissues are compacted to reduce the impact and friction of natural elbow movements.
  • Sprains: after this type of injury you can use the elastic elbow brace to maintain a continuous compression on the joint, so that the partially torn ligaments have a support that allows them to rest more and recover in the best possible way, avoiding a possible relapse of the injury.
  • Dislocation: using this product will be of great help in case of dislocations that could cause damage to the epicondyle muscles. With it, you will improve the blood supply to these soft tissues so that your body starts a much faster and more efficient recovery process.
  • Bursitis: it will be of great help for the recovery of this injury. With it you will control the inflammation generated by excess synovial fluid in the bursa of the joint, and maintain the temperature of the same while improving the blood supply to your body to initiate a more effective cell regeneration process.
  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis): this elbow brace will provide extra support so that the ligaments and tendons irritated in the injury are not strained so much. In addition, inflammation will be reduced and the body temperature of the area will be maintained to provide improved recovery.
  • Golfer's elbow (epitrocleitis or medial epicondylitis): with it you can control the inflammation of the tissues of the elbow that is generated by this type of tendinitis. In addition, blood circulation is improved, the temperature is kept stable for a better recovery process, and the use of the tissues that join the forearm muscles to the elbow is reduced thanks to the support provided by this elastic elbow brace.
  • Overuse injuries: it works perfectly to reduce the symptoms of those injuries generated by the wear and tear of repetitive movements when practicing high-impact sports or work tasks that require this type of actions.
  • Contusions and trauma: you will effectively control inflammation and pain caused by any type of trauma or contusion in the elbow, in addition to achieving a quick recovery thanks to its benefits to improve blood circulation and maintain a stable temperature in the joint.
  • Elbow instability: it provides a healthy support to stabilize the elbow joint and improve the symptoms of all those injuries that generate instability in it.
  • Postoperative: it is ideal to avoid joint edema that can be generated in a postoperative period and could complicate the patient's recovery. In addition, it provides perfect support for the joint and maintains a stable temperature, which is very beneficial to avoid cooling that may cause sensitivity during the first 48 hours after leaving the operating room.

What are the benefits?

  • Support and stability: the compression it exerts on the joint, will allow you to give support to all the soft tissues of the joint, so that it becomes more stable and reduces the likelihood of injury resulting from repetitive wear and tear.
  • Compression: provides a uniform compression that allows all tissues to be compact, greatly improving blood flow, reducing sensitivity to fatigue, and maintaining body temperature in the area, without forgetting the balance and support that favors the ligaments.
  • Pain relief: thanks to it you can relieve the pain of traumatic or chronic injuries, allowing you to have a much calmer recovery and free of bad moments for acute ailments. All this because of its compressive effect that improves blood circulation and stabilizes the tissues of the joint.
  • Injury prevention: by providing stability and support to the soft tissues, the probability of suffering injuries as a result of wear and tear such as bursitis, tendinitis, sprains or ligament microtears is reduced. In addition, this same feature also reduces the risk of sprains or dislocations.
  • Improves athletic performance: using this elastic elbow brace improves joint performance by supporting the ligaments so that they work less and wear less, which translates into being able to compete longer at the highest level.
  • Reduces fatigue: by generating better blood flow, oxygenation of tissues is also improved, so that during physical activity the muscles and especially the ligaments are more resistant to fatigue so you can maintain a high intensity for much longer.
  • Improves blood circulation: the compression zone generated in the elbow, makes the veins and arteries are compacted and can have a better blood flow, especially in situations where the heart rate will accelerate excessively.
  • Accelerates recovery: wearing the elbow brace during injuries will improve blood circulation and maintain an optimal temperature in the brace, allowing tissues to recover more quickly. In addition, by providing support to the soft tissues, it becomes your best ally to overcome ailments such as tennis elbow, golfer's elbow or sprains.
  • Minimizes vibrations: it allows you to reduce the vibrations generated when using the joint, especially in sports in which the arms are widely used such as basketball, tennis, badminton or boxing, reducing the impact of receiving the ball, making a return or giving a blow.
  • Maintains body heat: undoubtedly one of its best advantages is that it keeps the temperature of the joint stable, which is of great help for injury rehabilitation processes, or even to practice any sport on winter days when temperatures are low. Of course, it continues to maintain its breathable qualities.
  • Prevents chafing: avoids skin friction thanks to its use, which will reduce the appearance of irritations and blisters on the elbow.

When to use?

  • Daily life: it is not only functional for those who practice a particular sport. Being orthopedic, it can help the proper functioning of the elbow in all aspects of life, especially if you have a chronic injury or chondropathy that affects your quality of life.
  • Work activities: if you must perform repetitive work activities that involve active use of the elbow, this sports elbow brace will undoubtedly be useful to give stability and rest to the ligaments, so that you avoid injuries due to wear and tear and repetitive movements.
  • Golf: it will allow you to reduce the probability of suffering that annoying internal pain in the joint known as golfer's elbow due to the wear and tear suffered with each swing, as well as to recover from the injury in case you are already suffering from it.
  • Running: with this elbow sleeve you will reduce the vibrations generated when running on a route, although you think that these do not affect the arms you are wrong because they are felt in every part of the body. In addition, during a race you are constantly bending your elbow, a repetitive movement that can generate wear and tear that is perfectly avoided with the use of this garment.
  • Cycling: with it you can reduce the vibrations that are transferred from the handlebars to the elbow, which supports much of the cyclist's weight on the bike. As well as reducing the tension generated by maintaining the same posture for many hours.
  • Yoga and gymnastics: the stability provided by this garment is ideal to support the impact on the elbow of the constant acrobatics in artistic gymnastics or parallel. In yoga it also helps to perform some anatomically demanding postures for this joint.
  • Tennis, badminton and racquet sports: obviously if you practice any of these sports you will benefit greatly from the use of this garment as it will provide support and stability to your elbow to perform clean and strong blows without suffering injuries such as tennis elbow or bursitis.
  • Crossfit, weightlifting and fitness: exercises in the gym such as bench press, shoulder press and other routines exert great stress on the elbows, so this garment is ideal to provide support to the joint and prevent injuries.
  • Climbing, hiking and mountain sports: Climbing is possibly one of the most intense sports that requires great resistance in the elbows, so it is very useful to have this garment available to give support to the softer tissues of them. Hiking, although it does so to a lesser extent, also generates stress on them, so having this elbow brace will help you avoid injuries of all kinds.
  • Team sports: If you practice sports such as soccer, basketball, handball, rugby, baseball, Lacrosse, field field hockey, volleyball, etc, no doubt this elastic elbow brace can help you perform your favorite sport protecting the elbow from possible injuries.

Elbow Compression Sleeve

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my elbow brace size?

It is important to know your size in detail otherwise you run the risk of cutting off blood circulation instead of boosting it. What you should do is take a tape to measure the circumference of your elbow while it is extended but slightly flexed at about 170°.

Once you have the measurements, consult the sizing chart we have shared with you above so that you know in detail which size fits your elbow perfectly. In this way you will take advantage of all the benefits of its compression while avoiding risks.

How to wash and care for the elastic elbow sleeve?

Spandex or Nylon are more delicate textiles, and if they are badly treated they can lose their elastic qualities, which are the ones that provide the compression we want. For this reason, it is always advisable to wash them following these tips:

  • Wash in cold water on delicate programs
  • Hand wash preferably
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not use soap with softeners
  • Do not bleach

How many elbow braces come in the box?

When you buy the product you will receive a pair of elbow sleeves so that you have one available for each of your elbows, they are designed in a unisex model that can be used by both men and women, allowing you to choose the color you like the most.

How do I know if the elbow brace is right for me?

This is the ideal elbow brace if you want to receive all the benefits we have listed above for you. No doubt with it you will take advantage of all the benefits of compression for your joint. Check out the uses we have shared with you above to see if it is right for you.

What is the difference between a sports elbow brace and an epicondylitis band?

This elbow brace is a unique elastic garment that is non-adjustable and can be placed on your elbow just like a sock. You can wear it while playing sports as its primary purpose is to prevent you from getting injured, as the best treatment is always prevention.

The bands for epicondylitis are designed to treat an injury, aiming to relieve symptoms so that its pressure is focused on the upper head of the forearm, which is where most pain is felt when we suffer from epicondylitis. This is a difference between the two, since the first, although it can be used in injury recovery, is more focused on preventing them, while the second is already an article for rehabilitation, although it should be noted that there are mixed epicondylitis bands that can also be used to prevent this specific injury.

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