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Features of Roll On manual body massager

What are the uses and benefits of the ice ball roller body massager?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: the manual massage roller is a tool that is applied directly on the skin and on any type of fabric, whether the person is wearing thick clothing for work or tight-fitting garments for sports activities. This product helps to relax the muscle fibers that are irregularly grouped during a contracture, after an intense physical activity that hinders the muscles’ capacity for elasticity.
  • Muscle aches: the product is also known as a manual massage ball, its quality of exerting light pressure on the tissues of tight areas makes the blood flow better and reduces intense pain after a physical injury. It also works against inflammation, a natural process in the body that accompanies pain and between them hinders the mobility of the affected limb. It is a self-massage tool that does not require the assistance of a specialist for positive effects.
  • Back pains: it is quite effective for lower back pains caused by sitting or standing for long hours. This manual massage ball allows the relaxation of any soft tissue, even extensive and deep muscle groups such as those in the lumbar area. Even if you place the massager in the refrigerator, you can apply cold to the back and achieve better relief, and in the short term when it comes to minor injuries, it is a versatile and easy to use product.
  • Neck pain: as neck discomfort is common in people with busy schedules, the relaxing massage ball will relieve physical stress and generate a sense of mental stress relief, where the stresses of daily life will cause the neck to have a tense reaction and leave pains such as stiff neck and even headaches. This bag is a product that you can take anywhere and offer muscle relaxation for a few minutes to continue with the activities you need to develop.
  • For the fascia: the fascia is a tissue that covers the entire body, but the part where most often there is injury is in the sole of the foot, where it suffers from the overload of work of this limb when walking long distances and standing all day. By using the roller as a massager from the heel to the metatarsals, a relief of the tension of this tissue is achieved and if you apply cold, the relief will be more effective and lasting, this is a recurring problem if you also practice sports such as running.
  • Cellulitis: this is a disease that begins with the entry of bacteria into the body, often by cuts and injuries that leave an entry point in the skin. It is mainly present in the lower extremities such as buttocks, thighs and legs, but can also appear on the face and arms. In the long term, cellulite can damage the lymphatic system and that is when this massager can give pain relief and reduce the swelling associated with cellulite. Simply apply friction to stimulate the lymphatic system in the body.
  • Release adhesions: the proper healing of a wound will also depend on whether the patient takes care that there are no adhesions in them, so it is vital that the body is well hydrated and that there are constant massages that stimulate cell activation and healing is a successful process. The massage ball has this positive effect, avoids the rupture of soft and hard tissues, and when there are infections it contributes to the healing of these wounds in narrow areas of the body.
  • Facial massage: this is a tool that stimulates the production of cells in any part of the dermis, including the face, whose skin is more sensitive to the weather and the natural aging process of people. A brief massage on the cheekbones and forehead will make the person look rejuvenated from the first week of application. It also works to soothe pain and inflammation in case of injuries caused by traffic accidents and falls.
  • Mental relaxant: if you are looking to lower the level of mental and physical stress, this manual massage ball is ideal to achieve this goal, because you use it as friction on the shoulders, neck and legs, areas where the daily stress of work has a greater impact. If you are used to receiving relaxing massages, then this portable tool will serve as a support to address the key points that you already know and that with a good self-massage you can stimulate at any time of your day.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: there are two ways in which this massage product helps to reduce pain: by relaxing the muscle fibers when they are contracted and by applying cold during the massage, in both cases the pain receptors lower their threshold and the inflammation subsides. The effect is best for minor injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons. In case of injuries such as fractures, it is better to have the guidance of a specialist on the use of this tool.
  • Stress reduction: by circulating the accumulated energy better in specific areas, it reduces muscle tension. If you know how to use massage, this manual ball serves as a kind of acupressure therapy, in which this massager is used to relieve the discomfort caused by muscle tension anywhere in the body, even in hard-to-reach areas such as behind the knee and lower back if you do it yourself.
  • Improved relaxation: when you rub and apply pressure on the muscle fibers, it allows them to unravel and soothe the discomfort felt in parts of the body such as the thighs, neck and feet, where tension often has the most negative effect. You do not need to wait for a physical injury, it is enough to feel muscle tension, stiffness and tiredness to start using this product that will help you feel better in any aspect of your life.
  • Reduction of muscle tension: Tension is nothing more than accumulated energy in key points such as joints. It is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine, which consists of touching and rubbing these trigger points to drain the accumulated energy and achieve a pleasant relief for your body and mind. Although the massages can be given by hand, using this massage ball achieves a better effect and your hands are not exhausted by the pressure they must do to offer a good relaxing massage.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: stimulating the muscles is an excellent way to keep them in shape, to take care of their ability to flex and elasticity. If you like sports as a professional or amateur, this product is an important ally to reduce fatigue after an intense workout. In addition, it relieves pain due to wear and tear in the joints, which will prevent further damage to ligaments and cartilage.
  • Reduces blood pressure: A study by the University of North Carolina, in the USA, showed that neck and back massages are effective in lowering blood pressure in women, but do not have the same effect in men. Massage stimulates circulation and makes it reach the whole organism better, thus reducing the use of drugs to treat this pathology. It is an alternative applicable with the massaging ball and can be self-help in case of discomfort.
  • Improves circulation: as we have mentioned, massages are excellent to regulate venous return, this reduces the symptoms in case of varicose veins and ulcers, where the difficulties of blood supply leave pain and swelling in the legs. It only requires several minutes of application per day to begin to regulate the symptoms of both conditions, especially in older people.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins: during sports activities and when the person retains fluids, the elimination of toxins often becomes a complex process. For this reason, specific points in the body should be activated so that there is no accumulation of liquids that can cause inflammation, especially in the legs of older people. When toxins are eliminated from the body, muscles recover better.
  • Improves immune function: Swedish massage, which you can apply with the massage ball, helps to increase the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines that activate the immune system and combat the entry of viruses and bacteria into the body. To achieve this effect, the massage should be constant and preferably guided by a physiotherapist, although you can give a self-massage as well.
  • Accelerates recovery: in case of physical injuries, tissues need a stimulation of their cells to multiply and heal quickly. This will get you back to your favorite activities and prevent relapses in muscle injuries. If you use the ball to give cold to the injury, it will provide an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect that relieves the symptoms generated by that physical injury.
  • Injury prevention: for athletes, this self-massage ball will prevent the wear and tear on muscles and other tissues from leaving negative consequences on the body, so you can be more active during training sessions. You should only take into account if you have already had a previous injury, to give priority to this area in which there may be a relapse and force you to take a longer rest of several weeks.
  • Improves athletic performance: the idea of giving a good massage is that you can avoid injuries and spend more time training, only then you will become a better professional and any discipline in which you develop as an athlete. When there is an injury, rest will make you take a break and when you return to training, you must start from scratch, this makes your progress in sport is slower.

How to use?

  • Find a place where you are seated and comfortable to give the massage.
  • Hold the massage ball firmly, preferably with your dominant hand.
  • Place the massage ball on the skin and make gentle back and forth movements.
  • Exercise pressure on the ball, as long as you do not feel muscle pain.
  • Stay on the same muscle area for five minutes, then offer a break.
  • If you want better pain relief from injury, place the massager in the refrigerator for an hour before use.
  • Repeat pressure rubbing three to four times a day.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications in the use of the manual massager for neck and back?

Although this is a safe product that you can use yourself at home and in the office, it is important that you take into account the following contraindications:

  • Avoid applying massage in case of fever.
  • If there are open wounds, this product should not be used.
  • In case of acute inflammations, the massage ball should not be used either.
  • In case of heart disease, consult your doctor about the use of the product.
  • The product should not be used when there are skin burns.
  • Lymphatic drainage should only be indicated by a specialist in cancer patients.
  • It is contraindicated in patients with infectious arthritis.
  • This massager should also not be used when there are skin infections.

Does the hand massager ball really work to reduce cellulite?

This product helps a lot to reduce symptoms such as pain and swelling in legs and arms, but the causes of cellulite should be better controlled with the support of a specialist. In these cases, the massaging ball serves as a complementary relief for patients.

What are the differences between the handheld 4-Point, cryosphere ball and wooden massager?

When you know how each of these variants work, then you will be able to make better use of them to give greater benefit to soft and hard tissues.

  • 4-point manual massager: it is best used as a pressure massager, its compound is usually made of metal or plastic and it is more recommended to give pressure on deep and thick tissues such as the back and thighs, although you can use it with any part of the body.
  • Cryosphere massage ball: it is ideal to provide friction and pressure on the muscles to achieve a relaxation of the fibers that are contracted. It works to give cold to injuries and reduce pain. You can use it at home without any risk.
  • Wooden hand massager: serves as a tool for muscle release, but are limiting because you can not bring cold to the massage and you must be extremely careful not to damage its structure, it is less resistant than modern self-massage balls.