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What are the health benefits of using microwavable wheat bags for pain relief? (UK)

The thermal pillows to heat in microwaves have proven to be one of the best remedies to relieve and reduce many of the pains we suffer every day.

All the benefits of this natural remedy are based on thermotherapy, i.e. the use of cold and heat to relieve certain pains, whether chronic, periodic or occasional.

When can we use the microwaveable wheat bag and what are it for?

The heating pad for microwave can be used several times a day. Being of external application, it does not harm our health at all, but on the contrary, it will bring us more well-being and health without the need to take any kind of conventional medicine (as long as our ailment allows it).

There are conditions that allow us to use only cold and not heat. In these cases what we need is for the blood supply to decrease to lower inflammation and reduce pain.

To give a few examples, this usually happens in:

  • Blows, sprains, bites, post-operative, to reduce fever, migraines, headaches, or also to reduce eye inflammation and dark circles under the eyes and improve our appearance.

The use of heat is also highly recommended as a natural remedy for multiple conditions, and is beneficial in eliminating pain caused by tense muscles since heat brings blood flow to the area and the blood and heat makes the muscles relax and provide nutrients and oxygen, necessary for recovery.

Some conditions for which it is good to use heat are:

  • Stiff joints in arthritis and osteoarthritis, tendinitis, menstrual cramps, neck pain, muscle spasms, cold hands and feet, blepharitis, dry eyes, and also to warm the bed or cradle in winter.

Heat should never be used on open wounds or areas that appear inflamed and red. In these cases, cold is better.


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What are the health benefits of using the wheat bag for pain relief?

What are the health benefits of using the wheat bag for pain relief?

The benefits of the heating pad for microwave are multiple and for thousands of years thermotherapy has been the only remedy that many people have been able to use to remedy some diseases.

More and more doctors and physiotherapists are recommending these products for momentary pain relief, instead of using some kind of ointment or conventional chemical-based medicine that can damage our bodies.

Applying dry heat to joints (osteoarthritis, arthritis...), muscles (contractures, tensions...) and other areas (feet, eyes, forehead, etc) provides benefits that certain pills cannot give you, such as general well-being, a feeling of calm, relief, and all without adverse effects or unwanted excipients.

Benefits of dry heat or thermotherapy

The scientific method has shown that when we apply heat at more than 40ºC, as with a microwavable wheat bag with lavender, the heat receptors are activated, and when this occurs, the pain receptors are inhibited. In short, what happens is that our body only becomes aware of the new sensation of heat, and that of pain disappears.

When does this help us? Well, it is a fantastic natural remedy to relieve menstrual pain, cramps in babies, pain in: hands, fingers, knees and so on, caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis. Also when we suffer from lower back pain, due to a pinching of the sciatic nerve, or when we have so much tension and pain in the neck that we can hardly move it.

If you haven't tried it yet, I invite you to do so. If you have a microwave heating pad at home, you will use it a lot, either to relieve any pain or discomfort you feel, or even to keep you warm while you are reading or watching your favorite series on the couch.

Advantages of local cooling or cryotherapy

Heat is very beneficial, but it is not always the right thing to do, there are times when you have to use cold instead of heat, and I will leave a couple of examples of the clearest.

When there is a wound that is not well healed, heat should not be applied, because it makes the blood flow more and can reopen or provide excessive heat that leads to infection in the wound. In these cases it is best to apply cold and thus reduce the inflammation and pain we may have in the area.

With the cold we will manage to control blood flow and reduce inflammation and pain. To do this, it is convenient to apply the wheat bag microwavable with lavender previously cooled in the freezer.

We will also appreciate the cold heat pack for times when we suffer from migraines or headaches, as applied to the eyes or forehead, we will make the blood circulate better towards the head so that it will provide oxygen and eliminate this annoying sensation of pain and besides, you will surely love the smell of fresh lavender. You can try placing the heating pad for microwave cold or hot on the back of the neck, so the blood will flow better to the brain, oxygenating it and eliminating the headache.

For moms who are breastfeeding, cold is also key (as is heat). By applying the small, cold wheat bag for pain relief to your breast half an hour after your baby's feed, or when it hurts, you'll get pleasant and totally safe relief.

Uses of aromatherapy

Perhaps you know more about aromatherapy since we were given lavender baths since we were children to sleep better. This plant is known all over the world for its relaxing benefits and its smell is a key ingredient in perfumery too, as it is well accepted by almost everyone.

When we combine the heat of the microwavable wheat bag with the smell of lavender flowers, we will quickly forget the pain, as our head will be more aware of the new stimuli of heat and smell than the pain that has led us to use this heat pack.

Phytotherapy and its advantages

In order to benefit from the heat, the cold and the aomatherapy we will only need some plants and these are, the wheat and the lavender. On the one hand the wheat will be in charge of storing the heat we need and on the other hand, the lavender will multiply the analgesic and calming effects.

The heating pads for microwave are a great natural remedy that will avoid us to take many conventional medicines, which will strengthen our organism and will not create resistance for when they are really necessary.

Uses of the wheat bag for pain relief. When is it better to apply cold or heat?

Uses of the wheat bag for pain relief. When is it better to apply cold or heat?

Heat is not always adequate when we are injured. We can always ask ourselves whether it is better to use cold or heat and below you will see a list of which conditions are recommended to use cold and which others are recommended to use heat.

Applying cold

We do use cold when:

  • Immediately after an injury (bruises, sprains, joint injuries, tendinitis, bruises, cramps...).
  • When there is great inflammation (it helps to reduce it).
  • After high intensity training.
  • Always without direct contact with the cold element (ice, gels, etc).
  • We can apply it to all types of tendons, muscles and joints, although it is true that there are more sensitive areas such as the stomach or back, where we must avoid the temperature being excessively low

We don't apply cold when:

  • If there's a wound.
  • An infection has occurred.
  • Obviously, also, if there are vascular disorders.
  • If we have skin hypersensitivity.
  • In the temples (especially if we tend to suffer from dizziness and loss of consciousness).

Apply heat

The heat is suitable in:

  • At least a couple of days after an injury and prior treatment with cold and professionally recommended drugs. That is, when we have already suffered the acute evolution but the pain continues.
  • When we have menstrual cramps.
  • In cases of injury produced by daily effort (cleaning, sleeping in bad posture, by accumulation of tension ...).
  • To relax the muscles in muscular contractures

We do not immediately apply heat when:

  • After a blow.
  • If the swelling remains.
  • If there is infection, redness.
  • If the skin already has a high temperature.
  • If you suffer from hypertension.
  • If you suffer from alterations in sensitivity.
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