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When do I use a microwave wheat bags vs hot water bottle for pain relief? (UK)

Today we are going to talk about hot water bottles as a natural remedy for relieving muscle pain, warming beds, eliminating menstrual cramps and so on. But can we say that they are completely safe?

We make a comparison of the advantages and contraindications of hot water bottles vs. wheat bags filled with seeds for heating in microwaves, without a doubt an alternative that you may be interested in knowing about to reduce and relieve menstrual, joint or muscular pains.

What types of hot water bottles are there?

What types of hot water bottles are there?

Thermal hot water bottles have been on the market for about a hundred years and are merely an evolution of what was previously used to warm beds, rather than to relieve pain through thermotherapy, which is what many people use them for today.

Previously bottle-shaped containers were used but with hard materials, such as ceramic, clay or even metal. This changed to latex or other plastic material and with this change of material, the functions of the hot water bottles also changed. From then on, they also began to be used to be placed on areas of muscular pain or other discomfort that were never due to infections.

As a handy, easy-to-use and easy-to-manufacture product, it has spread to thousands of homes around the world. This has led to different versions and types of hot water bottles, ranging from different sizes and colours to different ways of heating them.

The most prominent classification is the one that distinguishes the thermal bags according to the way of heating the water inside them, let's take a look at them:

Hot water bottle

This label includes those therapeutic bottles filled with water which, in order to use them, must be filled with hot water (no more than 50ºC) through the nozzle or inlet tab, which is located in the part where the narrowest part of the bottle neck is, usually the narrowest part.

Next, make sure that there are no water leaks that could cause a burn, and after checking, you can place it on the area where you want to relieve the pain or simply to warm the bed on cold winter nights.

*Note: Due to possible water leaks, we do not recommend sleeping with this type of product inside the bed, especially not for use with the youngest members of the household.

Electric water bottle

With the entry into the market and the real interest that was (and still is) aroused by heating pads that are connected to the light, the fame of hot water bottles was waning, because we do not have to do the work of heating water and filling it, because yes, we are becoming lazier.

So, a couple of years ago, to my surprise (and scandal), I saw that hot water bottles were being sold which were already filled with water and which could be heated by plugging them into the mains. I don't know what kind of impression this might give you, but honestly, the further away the water is from the electric current the better, because I don't even want to imagine such an accident.


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– 13/10/2022
Helped with sore back. I really got it to use instead of a hot water bottle during winter. It won't leak!!! It's big size is brilliant
Hannah Brown
– 28/11/2021
Love it, smells great, easy to use and helps my back loads!
– 24/01/2021
Good, but had to knock one star off, as my petite partner found it quite heavy, so you can only really sit down wearing it
Gene Genie
– 24/11/2020
Just perfect for me to stop pain so very pleased. Lovely bright item too to lift your spirits.
Sarah Winney
– 01/10/2020
Simple and easy to use. Comfortable to use for lower back pain and actually supports well as a cushion whilst sitting. Would recommend
Lynn Barbas
– 28/09/2020
Haven't use it yet but looks durable...I like the idea of tying the outside garment...
Sebastien M C Alexander
– 06/06/2020

Why are hot water bottles dangerous and what alternatives are there?

Why are hot water bottles dangerous and what alternatives are there?

This type of product is considered potentially dangerous since there are much safer, more efficient and natural alternatives, such as heating pads with a thermostat or microwaveable wheat bags. And any idea was valid until a better replacement was found, and these have arrived. Have you heard of either of these two alternatives?

Let's consider what kind of dangers can be encountered when using traditional water bottles:

They can cause burns

There are many people who do not know at what temperature the water must be to be able to fill the hot water bottle and wait for the liquid to start boiling. Of course, it is not very common to have a thermometer for water, and it is also a bit cumbersome if you just want to keep your bed warm or relieve menstrual cramps.

This lack of instruments to measure the temperature of the water, or the lack of information a person can receive about the use of these bottles, increases the risk of scalding due to excessive water temperature.

Hazards due to spillage

The danger is due to the type of material they are made of and the filling required for use in thermotherapy. The material is plastic, which deteriorates over time and much more rapidly if subjected to high temperatures. This can cause progressive wear and tear, leading to cracks and fluid leakage. I am sure that if you have used them, over time you will have noticed certain cracks in the body of the bottle.

As for the filling, we know that in order to be used as heat therapy, we must fill the rubber bottle with hot water, at about 50ºC, to be able to enjoy the heat for a reasonable time and gradually eliminate the pain. There are several anecdotes of accidents that I have read in blogs or heard directly from people who have suffered from them.

And as I mentioned before, the last straw is the new model of hot water bottle, which plugs into the mains to heat the water. A leak in this type of product can lead to serious and irreversible accidents.

*Caution: the water used to fill the hot water bottles should not be hotter than 50°C, otherwise it could cause burns on contact with them. Never let the water boil, as it is warning us that it has reached 100ºC.

Beware of diabetics

When it comes to people suffering from diabetes, special care must be taken with the application of cold and heat, as due to the poor blood circulation in the extremities, there may be a lack of sense of touch and sensitivity in them.

It is common for people suffering from this disease to one day decide to apply heat to their feet and hands because they feel them very cold, to such an extent that they apply heat and do not even notice it until at least 5 minutes later. This is why they think that the water is not too hot and they turn up the temperature, to the point of causing very serious burns that can end in amputation.

Hot water bottles are not at all recommended for people with diabetes because if they spill water, they would not even notice it and it could have very serious and totally undesirable effects on their health.

Wheat bags for microwave heating, a much safer alternative

Is everything about hot water bottles bad? No, thermotherapy is very good and we can benefit from the application of heat for many ailments, such as:

  • Sciatic pain
  • Cervical pain
  • Migraines
  • Menstrual pain
  • Muscular strains
  • Bed warming
  • Relieve gas colic in children and adults
  • Joint pains
  • Arthritis and arthrosis

To be able to opt for heat and cold therapy in the safest and most natural way, we have the wheat heat packs that heat up in the microwave in just one minute (depending on the model) and offer us the maximum wellbeing we are looking for when we are not feeling well at all, or simply to enjoy a dry, comforting and pleasant warmth.

With these packs filled with aromatic seeds and flowers, we and our loved ones can sleep in complete safety, as we don't have to worry about hot liquid leaks or electronic problems, as the heat is lost gradually and slowly, and they are even suitable for placing in babies' cots.

What are you waiting for? Get your wheat bag and boast from today of a natural daily wellness, take care of yourself in a natural way, with 100% cotton fabric to avoid possible allergies, an "all in one" that you will surely want to recommend!

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