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Buying Guide: How to choose the best arm braces & arm compression sleeves for all types of injuries? List 2024 (UK)

Compression sleeves for arms and elbows have become an indispensable product in the treatment of various ailments and injuries, as well as their use in physical and sports activities. This is due to the great advantages it has such as: pain relief, improved recovery and reduction of inflammation, to name a few.

If you want to know the benefits, features, designs, price and even how to use it. Then continue reading this article where all your questions will be answered.

In what type of injuries are compression sports sleeves recommended?

Bruises and problems in the arm are so common because of their exposure and daily work. Therefore, any injury will have consequences on daily life and sport. There is a way to prevent and improve many types of pain and inflammations in this delicate area of the body quickly and decisively.

This is compression sleeves for arms and elbow, and here we explain in more detail the types of injuries where they are mostly used.

  • Muscle contractures and overloads: This is a contraction of the muscle fibres that causes constant tension. In the arm it occurs when repetitive movements are made without prior preparation, during or after a physical effort in that area. Overloading, on the other hand, occurs when the joint is subjected to excessive (or unaccustomed) strain or some repetitive movements. The arm is used daily for all kinds of activities and therefore its exposure to these inflammations and pains.
  • Muscle cramps: This is the contraction of one or more muscles, in an involuntary and rough manner. It causes severe pain in various parts of the body, including the arm. They usually occur during sports training, although it also affects pregnant women, individuals with kidney failure, among others.
  • Periods of heavy training: During and after sports practice there is a risk of overloading, cramps, injuries and any type of ailment in the areas of the body that have been subjected to the greatest effort. With the compression sleeves you can avoid all that. It stabilizes the muscle, reduces muscle fatigue and vibration that are so frequent in these activities.
  • Sprain in the arm and elbow: This is a sprain or tear in the ligaments that make up this part of the body. It causes pain, stiffness, inflammation and other symptoms. It can be caused by a fall or blow that regularly occurs in the arms.
  • Edema: It is literally a retention of the liquid in the tissues that causes a swelling. It can occur in several areas of the body, including the arms. With the garment you can stop the progression of this ailment.
  • Lymphedema: This is an inflammation that generally affects one of the arms. This is due to the accumulation or obstruction of lymphatic tissues.  Compression sleeves are the most commonly used treatment for this condition.
  • Varicose veins: Swelling that occurs in the veins when blood accumulates abnormally. The best way to treat it is with compression sleeves as it helps to improve blood circulation.
  • Ulnar neuropathy: This is damage or compression of the elbow nerve located from the arm to the wrist and extending to the little finger and ring finger. Its symptoms are tingling and pain.
  • Elbow instability: It is considered as such when you have some dislocation or subluxation in that area. It is caused by overuse in sports or some traumatic event.
  • Pronator syndrome: This is the compression of the median nerve (extending into the hand) in the forearm. It causes pain, a decrease in strength and a sensory alteration.


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What are the health benefits of compression sleeves for arms and elbows?

What are the health benefits of compression sleeves for arms and elbows?

Knowing the benefits of compression sleeves could radically change your lifestyle, since not only can you fight any kind of ailment in this area, you can also improve your health. Here are a few:

  • Stimulate blood circulation: This is due to the compression they exert on the arms, favourably improving many ailments and diseases.
  • Muscle vibration: This phenomenon can cause pain and fatigue so the garment reduces it considerably.
  • Pain relief: It exerts the necessary pressure and strength to quickly calm the discomfort you have in that area.
  • Reduction of inflammation: The compression increases the blood flow which generates a deflation.
  • Improved recovery: By improving the ailments you may have after a workout or for some other cause, you will have a rapid restoration.
  • Injury prevention: Contractures, bruises, muscle overloads, and more can be avoided by simply wearing this protective garment.
  • Good temperature: Keeps the temperature of the arms constant and adequate.
  • Elbow compression: The compression sleeve covers a large part of the arm and shares its benefits with the elbow. Helping to combat any damage or inflammation produced in that area.
  • Burns: The vast majority of materials and designs of the compression sleeves protect your arms from direct exposure to the sun, avoiding burns.
  • They are breathable: It is very important to circulate the air and evacuate the humidity because otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to use and will not generate the same effect.
  • Surgical interventions: These garments are not only suitable for the sports area. There are also therapeutic products that specialise in post-operative recovery.

What features should you consider before choosing the best compression sleeve?

The material, design and of course the prices, are an important factor before making any purchase, because it is the safest way to know that, not only will the product work, you will also like using it, which is indispensable for any treatment in that area.

Here we explain in detail everything you need to know about compression sleeves so that you can place your order correctly:

Compression level

This point is of utmost importance since depending on the level of compression you use, it will define the recovery process. There are "standard" or commonly used levels, i.e. recommended for anyone and regardless of the type of activities they perform. But, there are others that are more delicate, and if you use an inadequate amount it can generate serious health problems. The highest pressures are for previous medical authorization.

However, the compression you exert is classified into 4 levels and is measured in terms of mmHg (millimetres of mercury):

  • Light (20-30 mmHg): After inflammations, pain in the joints and for the prevention of varicose veins.
  • Normal (30 to 40 mmHg): Used for small varicose veins in ordinary people and pregnant women, after surgery and heavy arms.
  • Strong (40 to 50 mmHg): For major conditions such as: Lymphedema, oedema, chronic venous insufficiency, post-surgery.
  • Extra Strong (50 to 60 mmHg): Used for more serious cases than those mentioned above. They must be under medical authorization due to the sensitivity of the subject.

Depending on its use

  • Sports compression sleeves: If you practice any sport and constantly exert pressure on the arm part, then sports sleeves are the best option to avoid all kinds of pain, bruises, overloads and more. It improves sports performance and makes muscle recovery after effort.
  • Gamers' Sleeves: This garment is covering any activity we know of. There is already a compression sleeve for gamers that offers so many benefits so that you never have to let go of control during a game. Some of these are: Reduced muscle stress, fast recovery, blood circulation and more.
  • Daytime compression sleeves: These are the most commonly used for any treatment on the arms such as injuries or others. There are models that cover from the wrist to the shoulder, but there are also those that cover a little less. It is a hard but flexible fabric, they can come with mittens or gloves.
  • Night-time compression sleeves: Immobilise and protect your arm at night or at any time of day while you rest. By having the joint in a straight position and a much firmer hold you will have: stability, pain relief and a faster post-operative recovery. In terms of appearance, it is much larger than the previous one.

With or without padding

The protection with padding or foam cushion, provides more protection than any other in contact sports such as: rugby, boxing, football, basketball, karate and more, because it avoids any high impact. It should also be noted that it holds firmly in the area i.e. it will not slip and will always stay in place, no matter what activities you are in, you will have the protection and security that the padding provides.


The evolution and notable growth of this product in recent years has led to the expansion of its manufacture by using different materials according to each need. These are the most used with their respective characteristics:

  • Nylon: It is slippery, resistant, strong, absorbs humidity.
  • Polyurethane: Flexible, light, anti-humidity.
  • Elastane: Also known as spandex. It has a lot of resistance, stability, breathable and with a durable fabric.

It is not only the type of fabric that makes these garments stand out, they are also created with different materials to exert more pressure, support, greater protection and even more comfort, we can highlight: Foam, padded covers, external straps, copper and more.

It is recommended to check before purchasing that the garment is breathable. This is because not all the sleeves have it and, in general, they are more economical. But, don't trust the price or the brand, make sure they have the right materials and that they can cover your needs.


In today's market you can get specific sizes to suit each person. But it is not recommended if what you need is a specific treatment since the pressure exerted will not be the same. They also make customized compression sleeves according to your measurements and needs. Mostly, it is used by people with an advanced lymphedema problem or who have a longer or irregular arm.

Size Chart Elbow Brace Support

CM 20-24 24-28 28-32 32-36
IN 7.5-9.5 9.5-11 11-12.5 12.5-14
Measure arm circumference just 4 inch/10 cm above the elbow joint (*View image)
*Note: If after measuring you are between two sizes, choose the larger size


As mentioned above, the variety of designs, colours, materials and shapes are almost infinite. But, there are still details that can be highlighted. The products are usually made of flexible fabric for comfort and adequate pressure. The lower part of the garment is always tighter than the upper area for better lymph circulation.

Also, as mentioned above, the materials must be breathable so that sweat and moisture do not build up on the compression sleeve for the arms, which would cause discomfort when wearing them. The most prominent colours are white, black and beige, which always combine their designs on the edges or in figures with red, green, blue and more.


The compression sports sleeves are high quality garments, made with the most flexible and breathable materials, which also generate an adequate support so that you can use the product at all times and with the greatest possible comfort.

It is important to remember that these garments are created to generate well-being in your health, and this should be a priority for anyone who wants to have a healthy life. So get a product that can really realize the therapeutic benefits, such as compression sports sleeves, without estimating costs, because in a short time you will notice the results and also, make a single investment because its durability is much longer than the rest of the competition.

When and how to use compression arm sleeves to improve your sports performance?

When and how to use compression arm sleeves to improve your sports performance?

Studies have shown that compression sleeves increase muscular coordination; this is the ability of the muscles to synchronise with a movement. Although the research was carried out in a clinical environment, it can be translated into significant improvements in sports performance because, by improving muscle coordination, it creates a range of advantages for good performance in the discipline we perform.

How to use the compression arm sleeve?

  • It should be used in the morning as the body is a little more deflated.
  • To make it easier to apply, you should use your fingertips to put it on.
  • Wash it after each use, this improves its compression and extends its life. You can do it by hand or in machine with neutral soap and cold water, do not use fabric softener.
  • Do not dry the garment in the sun, this could damage it. Do it in the shade or without the direct penetration of the sun's rays.
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