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Buying Guide: How to choose the best knee braces for all types of injuries? List 2024 (UK)

Knee pain or injuries are becoming more and more frequent, not only in young athletes, but also in any individual who performs any overloading or repetitive movements in the same area.

Knee braces will help you recover from any trauma and promote the stability you need for normal functioning. Knowing the characteristics, benefits and even the types of designs will be very useful for the proper use of this garment.

In what type of injuries are compression knee supports recommended?

Sporting life in general can cause unexpected pain and inflammation, because a simple bad movement can cause serious damage to the knee.

That's why we've summarized in a list, the pains or illnesses where you can use this compression clothing:

  • Sprains: This is a tear or injury to one or more ligaments that make up the knee. It can be caused by a direct blow, violent or infrequent movement in that area.
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease: This is a contusion due to overuse that generates a very painful swelling. This discomfort occurs in the upper part of the tibia bone, that is, below the knee.
  • Chondromalacia of the patella: This is a trauma or wear of the cartilage under the kneecap. In young people it can be caused by excessive use or any blow. In older adults it is caused by degenerative diseases.
  • Rupture of the quadriceps tendon: It is a not so common injury but when it occurs, it is very strong. The pain is located in the back between the knee and the thigh, producing an inability to bend them.
  • Tendinitis of the patella: It is a contusion in the tendon that is located between the tibia and the kneecap. Without it functioning properly you will not be able to do any daily activity or sport.
  • Osteoarthritis: This is a pain that is caused in the front of the knee or around it. It can be caused by physical and/or sports training.
  • Dislocations: Also known as dislocation of the knee. It is produced by means of a traumatism in some joint of this area.
  • Rupture of the meniscus: Any physical activity can generate an injury in this area. It causes inflammation, pain and rigidity. It is located between the thigh bone and the tibia bone.
  • Osteoarthritis: There is also osteoarthritis and arthrosis. It is a swelling in the knee joint. There are many reasons why it occurs: injuries, age, hereditary, among others. It presents pain in the affected area, limitation of movements, sensitivity.
  • Iliotibial band syndrome: This occurs a lot in long distance runners and to a lesser extent in cyclists. The iliotibial band is a strip of tissue located between the pelvic bone and the tibia. Inflammation of the band is caused by repeated rubbing of the thigh bone, causing pain between the hip and the knees.


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What are the health benefits of orthopaedic knee braces for men and women?

What are the health benefits of orthopaedic knee braces for men and women?

Not only in the area of sport has it become a boom, but also in health care, although many still do not know all its benefits. Here we explain some of them:

  • Pain relief: This is possible because the knee braces achieve a state of rest in the ligaments and do not make any exaggerated movement.
  • Reduction of inflammation: The material of the garment and the compression it exerts, performs a great anti-inflammatory process.
  • It prevents diseases: By having better blood circulation, you can prevent illnesses such as oedema or even have greater elasticity in the soft tissues.
  • Avoids injuries: There are sports or training sessions that require the overuse of this delicate joint. The knee braces will protect you at all times.
  • Recovery from injuries: This garment is known worldwide for the rehabilitative effect it generates in all types of contusions in that area.
  • Avoid sprains: With the stability they provide, you will be able to run, walk or jump in total safety.
  • Prevents relapses: If you have ever had a sprain or serious breakage and you are afraid that it will happen again. The use of the garment will prevent this.
  • Take care of your skin: Most knee braces have a lining on the inside to avoid irritation.
  • Post-operative: After surgery for ligament injuries, they should be used to help healing and not to make sudden movements.
  • Comfort and warmth: Having to use an extra object several times can cause discomfort or weariness, which can affect the recovery process. However, this is not the case with compressive garments which, in addition to having a number of models and designs, are easy to use, comfortable and adaptable to any situation.

What features should you consider before choosing the best sports knee brace for knee injuries?

Evaluating every aspect of the knee brace will give you the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your needs. These are some of the features you should consider before making your purchase.

Depending on use

  • Sports knee sleeve: Accidents and injuries in sportsmen and women are the most common in this area of the body. Preventing it will not only help with your physical health, but also with your professional career. With them you will be able to: stabilize the tissues, avoid and prevent bruises, comfort and safety in every training, absorb moisture.
  • Knee brace for work: There are functions that require you to spend a lot of time in an exact position. Such is the case of plumbers or bricklayers who have to spend a lot of hours with one or both knees on the ground to be able to do their job. This piece prevents the joint from having direct contact with hard surfaces, avoiding pain and injuries in that area. In addition to providing protection, they are also very comfortable and practical, as you can wear them under or over your clothes.
  • Knee sleeve for pain relief: There are many types of knee braces, for different purposes in the joints but, the vast majority have something in common and that is that they help reduce pain in that area. The material and the compression they provide have excellent benefits in preventing, reducing and even eliminating pain in the knee, whether in a sporting activity, accidents or bad movements.
  • Orthopaedic knee support: Its use must be previously authorised by a doctor, whether it is due to a special treatment to be carried out on the knee or due to surgical treatments related to the same area. There are many garments for this purpose, of course, with different materials or some with greater support but, the purpose of each one is to immobilize, stabilize or simply keep it in good working order.
  • Knee brace for overweight: People who have excessive weight on their body often suffer from knee pain and have problems with mobility. The advantages of using these garments are Reduce the pressure on that joint, distribute the weight, protect from pressure, greater and better blood circulation.
  • Stabilizing knee brace: Almost at every moment of our lives we need to keep that part of the body stable. Whether it is for physical activity, after surgery or in recovery from an injury.

Some advantages of using this garment are It warms the joints, supports the area, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and of course provides stability.


The knee braces are made by joining different materials so that you can achieve the resistance and quality that you have today. Therefore, depending on the manufacture of the garment, you can evaluate if it is the right one for you. Therefore, we recommend you to analyze each one of its fibres and other complements to determine if it is perfect for you.

The first point is the fabric. There are many options, but the most used are spandex and neoprene, which also tend to unite for their advantageous characteristics:

  • Spandex: It is a very elastic, comfortable, breathable, resistant and strong fabric.
  • Neoprene: It keeps the heat, it is flexible, the fabric does not distort. Its disadvantage is that it does not have transpiration.

As you can see, one complements the other, making it a consumer favourite. An important point to evaluate, and more if you need it to train or avoid accidents, is its padding, since it will allow the cushioning you need to prevent injuries in that area. They can be made of different materials such as: nylon foam, extruded polystyrene foam, gel, plastic, rubber, among others.

Open or closed

The most common knee braces to use and get because they are for all audiences, are these two:

  • Open: Covers the entire knee area perfectly, except the kneecap. It is perfect for people who say they feel pain in that area but do not yet know why. With this garment only covers, not stabilizes therefore, you will not have any problem in bending it because the material is your support.  You can wear it as long as you need to.
  • Closed: Exerts greater pressure over the entire knee area, including the kneecap. It maintains an adequate temperature in the area of the injury. Its compression is much greater than the previous one, but its use is not as long. By covering more, it can be used for more treatments such as: sprains, inflammations, after surgery, among others.

With or without stabilizers

Also known as lateral stabilizers, they do just that, stability on both sides of the knee creating greater support, better resistance in the joint, they are flexible and relieve pressure. It is ideal for all types of sports and physical activities. It is also widely used in post-operative recovery.

With silicone support

Among the various models and styles of knee supports we find in the market, there are also silicone supports. This is located in the front area to give greater protection to the softer parts of the knee. In addition, it maintains the correct position of the garment, greater comfort in the exercises, stable compression, reduces pain and swelling.

With or without Velcro tape

Also known as a hook closure, they have a plus on the knee braces. They have good fixation, adjustable to your taste, greater stability, easier to put on and take off. It should be noted that each garment has its own characteristics and specific objectives in the area concerned. The Velcro tape only exerts greater benefits in its use but not in the therapeutic area.


For the piece to achieve the expected effects, we must choose the correct size. The first thing you must do is measure the contour of the area where the garment will be placed. It should be noted that, the measures vary depending on the country, manufacturer and models. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your supplier before making this choice.

Size Chart Knee Compression Sleeve

CM 28-34 35-41 42-47 48-55
IN 11-13 13.5-16 16.5-18.5 19-21.5
Measure the circumference of the thigh, 4 inch/10 cm up from the center of the kneecap (*View image)
*Note: If after measuring you are between two sizes, choose the larger size


The designs of the knee sleeves are a very extensive topic, because the amount that exist today are many and each with different styles. If you want to train, protect yourself from injuries and at the same time feel "cool" this garment is perfect. The variety of colours, materials and designs offered will make you feel comfortable and unique.

Actually, this is one of the reasons why athletes use them, making their fans also become part of their uniform. Remember that its use is not only reflected in sports, but also in other areas such as orthopedics and / or treatment of any injury in that area, so their designs also cover it, offering pieces with greater support, stability and compression through different materials.


After knowing the great variety of knee sleeves that exist in the market, you may ask yourself what is their cost. It is not possible to define an exact amount because it can vary by model, material and even currency exchange. What we can do is give you a standard from the lowest price you can get to the highest.

How do you use sports knee sleeves to relieve knee pain in sports injuries?

How do you use sports knee sleeves to relieve knee pain in sports injuries?

Injuries to the knee often occur in sportsmen and women who are in constant motion. Athletics, football, basketball, taekwondo, cycling and rugby are some of the disciplines that constantly suffer from this type of trauma. Studies have shown that between 30 and 50% of runners present some type of injury during the year. This is a very alarming statistic for those who practise or are planning to practise it.

But, don't let these numbers alarm you as knee supports are the perfect complement for you to perform comfortably and freely in your area. These garments are not a fashionable piece of sportswear. Their therapeutic value will help reduce the pain and inflammation of the injury caused in that area.

The knee braces are mandatory for athletes who have suffered a traumatic injury and are returning to training. Due to the support it generates and the relief of pain. Causing confidence and comfort. At the same time, they should be used constantly by athletes who have a chronic knee problem. Thanks to the compression piece, they will not have to stop or give up their race.

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