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Features of the mini myofascial massage gun

What are the uses and benefits of the portable electric massage gun?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: Unlike conventional guns, this design is more compact and is used in areas where no third party intervention is required to relieve muscle tension after a hard day's work or running errands that leave your legs exhausted. Use this mini massage gun for the neck, arms, legs, calves and feet.
  • For treating injuries: The gun is designed to treat minor injuries and superficial tissue injuries. Although it has a long battery life, the product is designed primarily to generate general relaxation and not to concentrate for more than two or three minutes on trigger points, because the force of the strokes is less than in guns for extended and professional use.
  • Muscle aches: as long as the pain is mild, you can apply this portable device to safely massage muscle groups such as those located in the arms, legs and side of the lower back without any problems. This gun has a pain-inhibiting effect so that you can continue doing the activities you like the most, without the risk of having complications in the original injuries, but you must be clear that the relief effect is temporary.
  • Back and neck pain: it is only advisable to give self-massage in areas where you can reach with your own hand, if you feel uncomfortable to place the gun in any area of your back, it is better to avoid its application. Try to have someone else provide a good massage for you. For neck stimulation, you should use gentle pressure and avoid directly touching the cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae.
  • Sciatica: this is a compression on the nerves of the back that generates pain in the lumbar area and legs. You must be especially careful when giving massages for this reason, because you can cause greater compression and irritate the affected nerves more. You should not try to massage the vertebrae and it is likely that you will require someone else to really relieve pain associated with sciatica.
  • Low back pain: as it is a generalized pain in the back, it will be difficult for you to perform stimulations on your own. Ask someone else to use the gun and you must indicate where to place the product and with what pressure so that there is no inflammation. The head of this gun is ideal to give soft blows on the muscles of the lumbar area and the high sword.
  • Cellulite: this is a frequent problem in women from 40 or 50 years old onwards and as age advances, the pains tend to be more frequent. With the mini electric massage gun, you have at hand a useful tool for when the legs and buttocks ache for this reason. With this product you allow more blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and components that soothe the discomfort.
  • Massage on trigger points: these hot spots appear when there are minor injuries in the musculature, whatever part of the body is affected. You should already have well defined which are the hot spots to be addressed with this product and remember not to exceed the use of the gun for more than 90 seconds.
  • Plantar fasciitis: the fascia in the sole of the foot goes from the heel to the metatarsals, the pain is localized in the heel when stepping, but when the injury is complicated then the pain extends to the toes. With the isthole you achieve a gentle stimulation of this tissue that, despite being dense and resistant, is more fragile than you think when it comes to receiving stimulation.
  • Release adhesions: these adhesions are annoying unions in the soft tissues and internal organs, this second case occurs after an open operation in women in which the internal organs need to find accommodation again, as in cases of hysterectomies and caesarean sections. This gun should not be used immediately, you must first have the initial orientation of a medical specialist.
  • Cellular activation: if you want to quickly heal a minor injury, it is best to allow a good cellular activation massage, which has no new or additional techniques, just turn on the product and place it on the muscles so that several beneficial factors are activated and the damaged cells begin to regenerate.
  • On bruises: not all injuries are easy to resolve with this type of percussion massage. For example, if you want to reduce some kind of bruise you will not be able to because this sign is actually an internal bleeding in the skin and as the massages will increase the blood flow in the affected area, there will be an opposite effect that will extend the multicolored spot, which is visible to the eyes, for almost 15 days.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: although this gun is smaller than the conventional model, it still allows autogenic inhibition which consists of an adjustment in the perception that the pain receptors have about the discomfort, that information reaches the brain by way of a decrease in pain that allows the person to continue performing physical activities without discomfort.
  • Stress reduction: the mental stress that usually accumulates during the day, is also manifested in the body of people who do not allow adequate rest of thoughts and is reflected in muscle performance. In these cases, you can use the gun with low intensity in tapping without time limits, as long as you have relief and the feeling that the legs or shoulders begin to relax.
  • Improved relaxation: in addition to feeling that you are calm, proper relaxation is also associated with slow lung function, normal heart rate and blood pressure regulation. But to reach this state of relaxation, it is not enough to give massages, you must also be willing to be disconnected from your stressful environment for that period of time.
  • Reduction of muscle tension: when there is muscle tension, it is likely that you can feel with your hands some bumps in the affected areas, these bumps are also known as trigger points, where these fibers contract and affect the mobility of people. Pain and stiffness in movements leads you to use the mini electric massage gun to get needed relief.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: when a muscle is injured, it no longer has the full ability to stretch and return to its resting state. This is when the gun provides muscle soothing benefits so that little by little the affected cells regenerate and you can move the damaged limb again in the shortest possible time. Often, you don't need to activate trigger points, just make quick strokes.
  • Reduce blood pressure: this is a parallel benefit of massaging any part of the body with the gun. Although if you use it on the legs, you will notice how it improves blood circulation and increases the temperature in that area, thus lowering the pressure that blood circulation generates on the walls of the vessels and veins. You should not use the product to replace clinical treatments against these ailments.
  • Improves circulation: this is also an additional benefit you get when you massage your legs and neck. You must be clear that, by improving blood flow, increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the damaged muscles, that favors the recovery of them and soothe symptoms such as pain and inflammation more efficiently.
  • Favors the elimination of toxins: every body that is subjected to sporting demands, will emit a series of toxins in the body that must be evacuated through sweat and urine, but when there is no proper body cooling it is not possible for this process to occur. Often, you can use the gun to stimulate the muscles that you have worked and in which you have fatigue.
  • Improves immune function: when a body is healthy, it allows the immune system to be better focused on defending against viruses and bacteria that can weaken muscles and other tissues. In addition, massage stimulation releases a greater amount of lymphocytes that make immune function more resilient.
  • Accelerates recovery: when we stimulate the muscles, we allow a greater flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients that the body requires to treat injuries. And if the person has a balanced diet, when massaging for muscle recovery there will be a quicker and better healing action on the damaged fibers.
  • Increases endorphin levels: it has been clinically proven that endorphins are a kind of natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. When there are more of them in the body, muscles are likely to recover better from injuries. Massage stimulates the production of the so-called happiness hormone, because its expansion in the body generates relief and a feeling of pleasure and well-being.
  • Improves rest: when the body does not have a good rest, the muscles do not respond in the same way. That is why you should always treat injuries, no matter how minor, with a good massage of repetitive strokes with this mini electric gun, which has most of the benefits offered by conventional electric guns.
  • Injury prevention: by using this product as a way of cooling and warming up the body, you help the muscle fibers to be better prepared to deal with injuries and to better adapt to the change in sport intensity that you require as a good professional. Preventing discomfort, it prevents you from being off work for a long time to rest in case of injury.
  • Improves sports performance: there is no magic formula or device that will make you a better professional, with strong and resistant muscles. This is a benefit you get by not stopping your training and the electric massage gun will help you avoid injury and achieve more time in your personalized training.

Where to use?

  • Chest: the basic use of the gun on the pectorals should be applied with a minimum intensity of vibrations at the beginning, to cover the largest muscle area and give a superficial stimulation. You should avoid starting with high vibrations as this will cause bruising and swelling of the area where the gun is in contact.
  • Back: it is preferable that you ask someone else to use the massage gun on you, you will not be able to cover a better muscle area if you try to do it on your own. Avoid massaging the areas near the collarbone and the sides of the torso with this product. Use light vibrations to work where there is more muscle mass.
  • Lumbar: perform self-massage whenever you want to stimulate the muscle areas, but when you want to get closer to the vertebrae you should also seek the support of a second person to achieve in you the benefits of massage with this electric gun. Remember not to stimulate the vertebrae directly.
  • Hip and buttocks: first you must stimulate the back side of the buttocks with a soft massage and then deep, if you detect trigger points, you must exert more pressure due to the dense musculature in the buttocks. When stimulating the hips, take into account that there should be no gunshot on the bony structure.
  • Legs (Quadriceps and Hamstrings): you can perfectly well give self-massages in these parts of the body, but first you must prepare the muscle with smooth glides to then give a greater depth in the blows of the gun. At no time should you feel pain, in those cases you should stop the massage because there may be a major pathology that has not been detected in time.
  • Calf: this muscle group is sensitive to the massages offered by this type of equipment. Start gently, there should be no rush in the stimulation of the calf because it can irritate the fibers and leave them inflamed. You should only last, on average, between two and three minutes on the calves giving soft and slow circular movements.

When to use the mini percussion massager and what are the best exercise routines to do at home?

Pre-workout program

The best thing you can do for your muscle health is to prepare your muscle fibers before engaging in new and demanding physical activity, and execute an intensive training plan that involves your back and legs, as well as shoulders and arms, where this portable massage gun has the greatest effect.

As a warm-up, you should try to perform gentle strokes for a time not exceeding 2 minutes because you only want to activate the muscle fibers and not fatigue them before performing the exercises of the workout. Perform uniform strokes, always taking into account the shape and direction of the muscle you are going to work. And if you need someone to help you in areas that you can not access, it is better to ask for support than to make a bad movement and generate bruises or inflammation due to damage.

Post-training program

In this phase of the training, the first thing you should treat with this massage gun are the most tense points in your body. They are easy to recognize because in case of contractures, you can feel the tension when you touch the area with your hands, and that is where you should apply the percussion massage for relief.

Similarly, start with constant movements and gentle pressure. Make even glides, and if in 1 or 2 minutes you do not get to relax the muscle area, then move on to trigger point stimulation, remember to use both hands and do not exceed one minute of stimulation.

Injury Recovery Program

It is important to remember that the injuries to be treated are minor and are related to fatigue and muscle wasting, such as muscle contractures and cramps that usually appear due to overwork and overtraining. First you should try to relax the affected area with gentle strokes with this massage gun, at the beginning there should be a light vibration

When you feel that the muscle is ready, then it is important to apply progressive pressure. What should you stimulate? The trigger points that bother the most at that moment. Adjust the speed of the percussion so that the skin and tissues adapt to the massage.

F.A.Q: Frequently asked questions

Are there any contraindications to the use of the mini myofascial massage gun?

Knowing the type of use you can give to this product is as important as knowing in detail the contraindications. It is necessary that you learn in which cases you cannot use this gun.

  • Its use is contraindicated if you are sick or weakened for any reason.
  • If you suffer from fractures, sprains or dislocations, you cannot use the gun immediately.
  • Avoid massage in case of skin infections.
  • If you have chronic pain and inflammation, you should not receive massages.
  • It is not recommended that the bones receive stimulation of this type.
  • You should also not use the gun when you have open wounds.
  • If you are a cancer patient or have degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Do handheld electric massagers really work to improve sports performance?

Yes, there are enough indications and recommendations from trauma doctors, physiotherapists in different techniques and experienced sportsmen who constantly talk about percussion massages and this type of electric tools to generate greater relief for the patient. The uniform stimulation and pressure with your hands, make it highly effective application of stimulation via percussion.

What kind of sports is the mini portable massage gun recommended for?

Whenever you expose your muscles to the limit in terms of strength and endurance, this percussion massage device is going to be of great use. The vast majority of sports are going to require all available muscle performance and flexibility. When the muscle fibers are not ready, then there will be injuries and that is when the advantage of using the massage gun for recovery and prevention comes into play, when the discipline necessary for constant use comes into play

Whether you practice strength sports such as Crossfit, Fitness or weightlifting, or you like more endurance activities such as running, cycling or swimming, the consistent use of this product will make you can improve your athletic performance by reducing the risk of injury and accelerating recovery in each training session.

How long should I use the handheld massage gun for to get results?

It is important that you always take into consideration the time of use of this tool, that will save muscles headaches due to a bad technique.

  • Time per muscle group: when you are doing percussion massages on the hot spots, you should not exceed 90 seconds of use on each muscle you are stimulating.
  • Time of use per session: each session can last between 15 and 20 minutes if you take into account the previous consideration. The same series can be repeated two or three times a day.
  • Long-term usage time: when you have more knowledge of trigger points and know when you know how to apply each type of massage, then you will be able to better maneuver the usage times for two or three days in a row.

What are the differences between mini percussion massager and massage guns?

It is of great importance that you learn to differentiate the main features of each product, so you can get the most out of them.

  • Mini percussion massager: there are different models of percussion massagers on the market, most of them are shaped like a gun. They have more domestic uses, mainly to relax the fibers of parts such as the neck, shoulders, lower back, legs and feet.
  • Electric massage gun: this type of massager has a more professional use, although you can apply at home as long as you do not have serious injuries and do not feel discomfort when using this type of device. The new models have greater adjustments in speed and have a greater number of interchangeable heads.


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