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Features of vibrating foam roller for myofascial massage

What are the uses and benefits of the vibrating massage roller?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: when you want to reduce the intensity of muscle contractures, this electric roller does its job by relaxing the bundled fibers and allowing the muscle to return to its resting state. During a contracture, the person experiences pain and stiffness when moving the affected limb. The vibrations of this roller cause the muscle tension to be reduced, even without additional movements.
  • To treat injuries: this roller generates compressions on the skin that produce an increase in temperature and an increase in blood circulation, both are factors that facilitate the approach of mild and moderate injuries, even there are chronic injuries that have not been well healed over time and leave sequelae such as pain without inflammation and tensions, which can be soothed with the proper use of this product, which has special grids that simulate the shape of the fingers and palms of the hands.
  • Muscle aches: Muscle aches can be due to multiple factors, most of them are solved with the continuous use of this electric massage roller, as its grids (double and triple) perform an intense and deep pressure on large and strong muscle groups, such as the quadriceps and back. Pain is almost always associated with inflammation, so the roller can be applied to control this symptom.
  • Back and neck pain: this type of discomfort is often due to tension and stress that people accumulate during the day and that, at night, when the body is at rest, usually has a greater negative effect on the musculature of the back and neck area. In these cases it is best to apply a low level of vibration because the cervical is a sensitive area and should not be stimulated intensely. Remember to start with a massage of no more than 90 seconds.
  • Headache and migraines: often, headaches are due to tensions in the cervical, because the neck vertebrae are connected to the base of the skull, so sudden movements and the same fatigue accumulated in the day can generate a discomfort in the head and even a strong migraine. You should start stimulating the neck from the bottom up, preferably without making movements on the roller, just let a slight vibration gently stimulate the back of the neck.
  • Sciatica: this is a resistant product and dense enough to give a correct muscular massage on sciatica and relieve the pressure that hard tissues generate on the nerves of the lumbar area. The pain caused by sciatica reaches the legs when it becomes chronic, so it is best to address these symptoms at the beginning, when the lower back barely hurts. In this area you can apply all levels of vibration and it is advisable to accompany the device with gentle movements.
  • Lumbalgia: this is a generalized pain in the lower back, mainly due to muscle fatigue caused by standing all day or working in front of a computer with an irregular posture, which causes the lumbar muscles to be overstretched for long hours. This electric roller is designed to soothe the symptoms of this ailment, so you can use it with confidence in the release of trigger points that should be contracted. There is no time limit if you alternate between gliding and vibrations on the back.
  • Cellulite: in addition to leaving marks on the legs and buttocks, cellulite is also painful. If the gliding you can do with a manual roller is not enough for you, this electric product has the potential to offer relief and improve the circulatory capacity to make better oxygenation and more nutrients that will help lower the symptoms of this disease. It is recommended to be seated on the floor when using this product.
  • Massage on trigger points: these trigger points, when stimulated, cause a feeling of relief in areas near and connected to them. That is why it is important to know the map of these points in order to place this product directly on them and offer greater relief to the body. In the neck, shoulders and back there are a large number of trigger points, so the dimensions of most of the rollers cover almost all of them and the relief is generalized.
  • Plantar fasciitis: the application of the roller to treat plantar fasciitis is very simple, just place the sole of the foot on the massager and make gentle movements back and forth while turning on the vibration at minimum power, it is not necessary to place the option of higher intensity in these cases, because there are many nerve endings in the sole of the foot.
  • Fibromyalgia: it is not a single disease, but it is a kind of disorder with multiple symptoms that can be controlled with a good massage using this electric roller. As it is associated with an abnormality in the central nervous system, special care should be taken in the time and pressure exerted with this equipment, because it is capable of providing intense massage and compress dense structures of the body.
  • Release adhesions: these are unions of organs and tissues that naturally should not be attached and that leave localized pain in most cases. The recommendation is to use this roller as a preventive tool if there are risk factors that can cause adhesions, such as surgical interventions and injuries with open wounds. When healing processes are complicated, adhesions also form on them.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: The main strength of this electric massage roller is that it quickly reduces the pain of mild and mildly inflamed soft tissue injuries. The roller makes the pain receptors better able to withstand the discomfort caused by muscle tension and overwork during sports training.
  • Stress reduction: calming stress levels is another benefit of the roller massager, just use it for a few minutes, with a gentle vibration, so that there is relief from the discomfort left by muscle fatigue and stress accumulated in an intense day of work. When you dedicate yourself to receive pleasure, relaxation is better and has lasting effects on the body.
  • Improved relaxation: a state of relaxation is to control metabolism, reduce heart rate and lower lung work. Many athletes use the electric rollers as a sports cool down after an intense workout, it is also a practical product to lower the stress and tension that people receive throughout the day.
  • Reduction of muscle tension: How do you know if it is tension? Because there are small bumps that you can touch with your hands and this signal can be used to place the roller in those places where you notice that there is tension in the fibers. In case of strong muscle groups such as leg and back, do not hesitate to apply the maximum intensity in the vibrations of this massage device.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: when you offer the muscle the ability to relax completely, you take care that it maintains its flexibility, which is the quality of stretching to the maximum without injuries such as irritations and tears. Performing a brief massage daily in areas where you know there is tension and discomfort, ensures that the muscle tissue is always ready for a new workload.
  • Reduces blood pressure: all the pressure that the roller exerts on the muscles, fascia and the rest of the tissues stimulates better blood pressure, thus preventing this fluid from pressing on the walls of the vessels and veins. Remember that hypertension is a dangerous condition that has no signs until cardiac distress, for example.
  • Improve circulation: better blood circulation will ensure that there is no swelling in the legs and feet, typical signs that there is a vascular difficulty that affects your quality of life. Keep in mind that, if you have varicose veins and ulcers, it is better if you have the opinion of a specialist before starting the stimulation with this device.
  • Favors the elimination of toxins: during intense physical activity, such as sports training, the body emits some substances that must be expelled and the least you want is that they remain accumulated in your body. By massaging with the electric roller, you achieve a better blood circulation and a better functioning of the lymphatic system.
  • Improves immune function: relaxation, proper circulatory and lymphatic function, in addition to having resistant muscles will make your immune system is in optimal condition. Massages increase the amount of lymphocytes in the body, this chemical component improves the immune system and controls the central nervous system, both qualities make the body better resist the attacks of viruses and bacteria that weaken your body.
  • Accelerates recovery: there are injuries that require a quick approach through massages to be overcome quickly, more than making you feel a state of relaxation, massages have benefits in circulation, muscle function and mood change, all factors that favor a better recovery from injuries if you are an athlete.
  • Increases endorphin levels: when people feel pleasure and relaxation, it increases the production of endorphins in the body, this substance provides a state of total well-being and reduces symptoms such as pain associated with physical injuries and muscle exhaustion. Endorphins affect appetite, skin health and the immune system.
  • Improves rest: if your body is well relaxed, it increases the likelihood that you have a restful sleep, thus attacking insomnia and all the disadvantages that this condition has on people who often suffer from stress and anxiety. A good rest will allow you to have a fresh mind and a relaxed body for a new day of busy schedule at work.
  • Injury prevention: self-massage with this roller serves as a way to prevent injuries and diseases that will appear in deterioration of your quality of life. When you massage your muscles, you are less likely to have injuries and that will increase the time of sports activity, time to do your chores at home and additional time to meet your commitments at work.
  • Improves sports performance: we clarify that there is no equipment that makes your body stronger and more resistant, but by preventing injuries, you get more training time and this is enough to adapt your body to the new demands in each sport. Use the electric massage roller to warm up and cool down your body after a workout.

Where to use?

  • Chest: as this product has an integrated vibration, it is possible to use this device by holding it with your hand on your chest, without the need for sliding or pressure. The vibration alone will allow for myofascial release in the pectorals. However, you can also choose to make conventional use of the roller by placing yourself on top of it and performing gentle gliding movements.
  • Back: The roller is designed to offer special benefit to the back, where the muscles are denser and thicker. This roller has a standard length to cover more muscles and allow for muscle relaxation from the beginning of the massage. Place your back in the middle of the roller, start by stimulating the lower back and gradually relocate the roller to the cervical area....
  • Lumbar: when you stimulate the lumbar area, you increase circulation, improve the functioning of the lymphatic system and achieve a greater circulation of oxygen to the exhausted muscles. With the electric roller, the pain generated by inadequate postures generated by working all day sitting in front of a computer is reduced. This roller can be used with gentle movements if you stand on it.
  • Hip and buttocks: in these cases, it is more advisable to divide the routine to work the back of the hip and its sides. Start with a little less than two minutes of application while sitting on the roller to stimulate the gluteal muscles, you can also make slides with support of the legs. Then you should stimulate each side of the hips, also by remaining still on the roller or by performing gentle movements that relax the tight tissues.
  • Legs (Quadriceps and Hamstrings): when working the legs, it is best to do routines especially for them. You should not mix the stimulation of the legs with the feet or hips, try to have specific objectives in each session with the electric massage roller. Place the roller under your thighs, slide forward and backward, then you can turn on the vibration, the most recommended is to start with a gentle level and then give a deeper massage.
  • Calves: these calves are part of the muscles that make up the calf and are the most often have physical injuries due to fatigue and overwork sports. Despite supporting body weight, they are quite sensitive to touch. Sit on the floor and place each leg on top of the roller, start the glide with a single load and the vibration on, then perform glides with a double load by placing the free leg above the leg you are massaging.

When to use the electric foam roller and what are the best exercise routines to do at home?

Warm-up exercises

  • These are routines that will allow you to get your body ready before physical activity and sports.
  • With the vibration system at minimum, perform a few passes (glides) on the foot.
  • Then, go to the floor and stimulate the entire calf from ankle to knee.
  • Place the electric Foam Roller on the hamstrings and stimulate the entire area.
  • Use this product to make short passes on the quadriceps, with the vibration at a minimum and raise it progressively.
  • Remember that we only want to activate the muscles and not leave them fatigued.

Post workout exercises

  • Use the roller with moderate vibration on the sole of the foot.
  • Place the product on the calf, especially on the calves and soleus.
  • Now make passes with pressure on the hamstrings, you should drop the weight of the leg on the roller.
  • Place your body face down and allow more quadriceps pressure on the product.
  • With the roller under your back, start doing gliding movements that stimulate the lower back.
  • The vibration should be moderate and increase progressively, as long as you feel muscle relaxation.
  • Remember that in each zone, you should only stimulate up to 90 seconds per session.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications to the use of the vibration massage roller?

As long as you respect the time of use of the roller with the vibration on, the application of this product will have few contraindications.

  • It is not recommended for people with fractures, severe sprains and dislocations.
  • You should not use this product immediately after a serious injury.
  • It is not recommended for people with fever or general malaise.
  • It is also not recommended in case of chronic pain and inflammation.
  • In oncology patients and those with degenerative diseases, it is best to consult a doctor.

Do electric massage rollers really work to improve sports performance?

Yes, this is a product that is highly recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and sports trainers who use this tool to reduce the after-effects of a hard day's work or the change of intensity of some sports training. You just have to take into account the recommendations we have given you throughout this article so that you can become an expert in the use of this massage product for home use.

What kind of sports is the use of the vibrating Foam Roller recommended for?

Actually, this product is highly recommended for all types of sports activities that have constant changes in the intensity of workouts and competitions, which will leave fatigued muscles and minor injuries such as contractions and cramps. In both strength and endurance sports, you can confidently use the electric Foam Roller as an injury prevention tool, and it even works perfectly to speed up muscle recovery.

How long should I use the vibrating Foam Roller to get results?

If it is to be used to apply in sports training, the electric roller should be used lightly in warm-ups, but in cool-down you must respect the maximum time.

  • Time per muscle group: the duration should be between 30 and 90 seconds when you already have some experience in the use of this product. At the beginning, you should measure the use by strokes or glides when you wish to massage different parts of the body.
  • Time of use per session: this time should not be longer than 5-10 minutes, because after massaging each muscle, you should take a break to repeat the session between 2 and 3 times a day with the vibration on.
  • Long-term use time: Consistency is the key to success, so it is recommended to perform at least 3 weekly massage sessions with the vibrating roller. If we perform a very intense massage session, at least rest between 48-72 hours until the next session.

What are the differences between an electric massage roller and the vibrating massage ball?

It is important that you are clear about the difference between these products so that you make good use of them.

  • Electric Foam Roller: is a myofascial release equipment, designed mainly to be used on the back and legs. These devices come with vibration system to achieve greater depth in the massages and achieve a general stimulation in wide, dense and deep musculatures.
  • Vibrating electric massage ball: the ball alone provides deep trigger point stimulation. It has a greater range of motion to be used while the person is lying on the floor or leaning against the wall. The vibration of the ball makes the stimulation greater and more intense.


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