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Features of deep tissue muscle massage gun

Types of heads and their uses

What are the uses and benefits of the electric muscle massage gun?

What is it used for?

  • Muscle contractures: this percussion device was designed to generate an autogenic inhibition that modifies the perception received by the pain receptors in the part where you apply the percussion. This is a type of massage that you can perform yourself at home, without the need for third party support, unless you cannot access areas such as the lumbar area and trigger points in the hamstrings. What this gun does is to reduce pain and you can continue doing the activity that you like or is required at that time.
  • To treat injuries: you should know that this gun is functional if you are dealing with minor injuries and muscle. You should not use it in case of injuries such as sprains, strains or fractures, this device, unlike other of our products, was designed to relieve muscle discomfort for pain inhibition purposes and not for therapeutic purposes. It is useful to prevent new injuries or the complication of them because it allows to treat ailments that can later become complicated if their signals are missed, such as contractures that can turn into tears.
  • Muscle pain: like all percussion massage, the gun has the function of calming pain through autogenic inhibition, which consists of stimulating the Golgi tendon organ to prevent the muscle fibers from continuing to perform unnecessary extensions until they create new contractions and ruptures in their fibers. When the injury is mild, the gun will quickly reduce this symptom so that you can continue training, while the effort is concentrated in other parts of the body and not where you have applied the percussion massage.
  • Back and neck pain: this type of product is also designed to treat muscular ailments in the cervical area, for that you have a “U” shaped head that you can use with low revolutions and that you can easily control with this model of gun. Changing the head will allow you to stimulate the small and fragile muscles and tissues on the back of the neck without touching the vertebrae, since the percussion type of massage is not recommended to treat spinal ailments. There are also flat and ball-shaped heads that will give better relief to the large and strong muscles of the back.
  • Sciatica: as it is a compression on the nerves in the lower back, you should avoid using the thinner and harder heads. Always try to use soft, ball-shaped heads, as the nerves in that area are quite sensitive and can cause irritation that can complicate the original complaint. You should only stimulate this area for a maximum of two or three minutes with minimal force in the strokes. Remember to alternate the use of the heads when approaching the vertebrae, which are quite sensitive to the use of this type of pistols.
  • Lumbalgia: if you wish to cure generalized pain and discomfort in the back, use the head with the largest ball. Due to the complexity in the application and coverage of the back, you will not be able to give a self-massage, so you will need the support of a third person for the therapy to be really effective. You should always start with a lower vibration and if there is no intense discomfort, then try increasing the intensity of the strokes. Do not stay on any one area for more than two minutes.
  • Cellulite: although it is a product to offer percussion massages, which involves a muscular approach, the gun is also useful to regulate the blood flow in the area where you place this device, it also regulates the lymphatic process, although with a lesser result. Stimulating the circulation will soothe the pain and discomfort generated by cellulite in the legs and buttock muscles. You must have a little guidance from a specialist.
  • Massage on trigger points: to activate these points, you have at hand a “tip” head with an elongated shape that simulates a bullet, it is also harder than other heads that you will find in the package. This type of head will better reach the depth of the trigger points and relieve the discomfort in that area and in the muscle areas connected to it. Remember that these points have a kind of map that links them to other muscle groups.
  • Plantar fasciitis: use the softer head to treat problems in the sole of the foot, whose tissue is sensitive despite being flexible and dense, in the plantar arch there are several nerve endings that can activate new pain if improperly stimulated. Plantar fasciitis is an injury caused by overwork, the use of this gun will make the fascia relax and control the pain from the heel to the metatarsals.
  • Release adhesions: this product is highly recommended to treat adhesions in healing processes that do not work properly and in which additional tissues are created. If you are looking to avoid adhesions in the abdominal area, perhaps after a surgical intervention, it is better to have the opinion of a surgeon. Adhesions are unions of tissues or organs that originally should not be united, this causes localized pain that you can control with this easy to use percussion gun.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: the main function of the gun is to serve as a pain inhibitor through the regulation of the receptors that are in the area where you apply this product, this will allow the fibers to continue performing limited extensions without major injuries. But this relaxation effect is temporary, only while you continue with the physical activities you need to do at that moment.
  • Stress reduction: As long as you use a gentle vibration, you can use the massage gun to generate a feeling of relief from muscle tension, which is actually responsible for stress in parts of your body such as the neck, shoulders and lower back. By making an adjustment on the headrest, you will be able to stimulate the most tense points of the muscles where you feel stiffness.
  • Improved relaxation: The relaxation you desire is based on regulating heart rate, controlling blood pressure and improving blood circulation, as well as reducing tension in the muscles you wish to treat with this gun. Keep in mind that this is a temporary effect and should not be a substitute for a change in lifestyle if the source of stress.
  • Reduction of muscle tension: depending on the area to be worked, you can interchange the heads to have a better effectiveness in the percussion massage. If you want to stimulate the quadriceps and hamstrings, you will need the bullet-shaped head to reach these deep and dense muscles, and if you are going to work the spine, remember to do it with the “U” shaped head so as not to directly stimulate the vertebrae.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: you can use this gun as a warm-up technique before sports training or any intense physical activity, but it should never be a permanent substitute for physical exercise routines, in which the entire musculoskeletal system is better prepared. Respect the times and conditions of use so that there are no new injuries.
  • Reduces blood pressure: this is a silent and dangerous evil that leaves important sequels in the cardiac functioning, at the beginning of these warning signs you can use the gun as a muscular treatment and you will have some positive incidences in hypertension, but the use of this product is not indicated to treat directly the alterations in the tension of the people.
  • Improves circulation: as we mentioned, the gun is exclusively used for muscular ailments and its application significantly improves blood flow circulation, but it should not be used if the patient requires a deeper approach to vascular difficulties such as varicose veins and ulcers. In case you have these conditions and want to reduce muscle problems in the legs, it is important to have the opinion of a physiotherapist.
  • Favors the elimination of toxins: whenever you do a sports training, there will be an increased production of chemical compounds classified as toxins that must be expelled from the body through the bloodstream and then through sweat and urine. When these toxins do not leave the body, they cause the muscles to feel tired. If you didn’t have time to do a good sports cool down, at home you can use this gun to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system.
  • Improves immune function: this is a parallel benefit to giving percussion massages quite often, respecting the series of uses and lapses that we will give you below. When the body is relaxed, it increases the amount of lymphocytes that enhance the immune system, and when the muscles are healthy, it also gives space to the body’s defenses to concentrate on fighting viruses and bacteria that may enter the body to weaken it.
  • Speeds up recovery: as long as it is a minor injury that leaves some muscle discomfort, you can have less downtime due to injuries such as fatigue, contractures and cramps. Remember that this gun should not be a replacement for any formal physiotherapy treatment in case of more complex injuries that leave more serious painful and inflammatory processes.
  • Increases endorphin levels: it is also a secondary benefit in the body, while stimulating various muscle groups, you make there is greater relaxation and sense of well being, this will make there is an increase in the production of endorphins in the body that will help the recovery process and relief of some discomfort in minor injuries.
  • Improves rest: it is quite evident that when you have muscle discomfort you will not be able to have a good rest at night. There are injuries such as plantar fasciitis whose pain occurs when waking up in the morning and sleeping, so this product will make you have a restful sleep for its relaxing effect on the mind and body, plus there will be no muscle ailment that will take away your sleep if you know how to properly apply the percussion gun.
  • Injury prevention: preventing injuries is another of the main reasons for this product, just use the gun as a muscle warm-up session in areas where you know there may be relapses or new discomfort. You can also apply the gun as a cooling phase on the muscle areas that are fatigued by the sports activity.
  • Improves sports performance: no product will magically make your muscles have greater strength and endurance, but this type of self-massage devices will allow you to have fewer injuries and you can be more active in sports training, that will make your body better adapted to the increase of the routine you want to run. Training longer will help your body to be better prepared for competitions and to deal with injuries.

Where to use?

  • Chest: In the pecs there are superficial muscle groups where you will need ball heads and flat headers, due to the expansion and resistance of these muscles. Try not to exceed one or two minutes of use in this area that does not require deep stimulation.
  • Back: Depending on the area to be worked, it will require someone else if you want a deep and extended massage on the back, especially on the upper back, where the muscles are deep and broad. Use a ball head and the one that is flattened at the beginning, so the back will get used to this type of massage and then use the bullet head to stimulate the trigger points.
  • Lumbar: In the lumbar area you can use directly the bullet head and the high vibrations, because there are dense and deep muscles there. Remember that, when working closer to the vertebrae, it is better to switch to the “U” shaped head to avoid directly touching the bone structure and putting more pressure on the nerves.
  • Hip and buttocks: Use this gun with the ball heads and the flattened ones, they will give safer strokes on the hip and buttock muscles without affecting the joint, try to use medium intensities in the vibrations and, if possible, try to have someone else offer this type of massage.
  • Legs (Quadriceps and Hamstrings): In these areas you can give a self-massage with the ball-shaped heads at first and then move on to the bullet-shaped heads. The intensity of the strokes and the pressure with your hands will depend on how much pressure you can withstand without discomfort.
  • Calf: Start with light vibrations, remember that these are muscle groups that are sensitive to touch. It is also a type of massage that must be done with patience, because you need to make slow and gentle movements at all times.

When to use the hand percussion massager and what are the best exercise routines to do at home?

Pre-workout program

With this gun you can achieve several purposes, one of them is to prepare the muscles for an intense activity, a change in the training routine or to prepare the body to give a deeper massage with this gun. Start with a gentle stroke on the area to be treated without exerting too much pressure with your hands, because the muscle is barely activated. Use soft, rounded heads at the beginning. The glides of the gun should be uniform, following the natural shape and direction of the muscle fibers. You should only do this stimulation for 5 or 6 minutes, remember that it is about activating the musculature and not fatiguing it.

Post-workout program

This phase is known as the cool down phase, you want your muscles to be relaxed after an intense workout. As in the preparation, start for a few seconds with the round heads and then use a more solid head to attack the points where there is more tension. Remember not to spend more than 30 to 40 seconds massaging the same area because you can inflame the area you are working on even more.

Injury Recovery Program

The use of this gun is only recommended for muscle injuries that are minor, resulting from fatigue from intense physical activities. If you feel a lot of pain, it may be a major pathology that will require medical assistance. After starting the massage with low vibration and using round heads, switch to the bullet-tipped head for the most tense areas where you feel the most pain and require more deep stimulation. The time spent using the gun on a single trigger point should not exceed 90 seconds using the bullet head.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications to the use of the myofascial massage gun?

There are some recommendations that you should take into account to use this product correctly:

  • Do not use this product in case of acute diseases and trauma.
  • It is not recommended in case of tendinitis or ligament irritation.
  • In case of bruises and contusions, you should not use this gun either.
  • If you have dislocations, fractures and sprains, you should not perform self-massage.
  • Avoid massaging when there are open wounds or skin irritations.
  • You should also avoid massaging when you have a fever or general malaise.

Do handheld electric massagers really work to improve sports performance?

Yes, as long as you put this percussion gun to good use, you can feel immediate relief from minor muscle injuries and overloads caused by physical activities. In addition, it is important that you learn to differentiate the types of injuries before applying this product. Read carefully the different recommendations we have left for you in this article to be able to use this product in the best possible way and get the results you want.

For what kind of sports is the use of the electronic massage gun recommended?

This product is indicated for any type of physical activity in which there is muscle and soft tissue wear and tear. It is also recommended for any sport where the strength and endurance of the different muscle groups of the body are put to the test. Whether you practice strength sports such as Crossfit, Fitness or weightlifting, or you like more endurance activities such as running, cycling or swimming, the consistent use of this product will make you can improve your athletic performance by reducing the risk of injury and speeding recovery in each training session.

How long should I use the massage gun for to get results?

The time of use will depend on the purpose you want to achieve, the type of head and the pressure you apply with your hands. With every purchase, we give you an instruction manual with all kinds of details so you can get the most out of your hand-held massage gun.

  • Time per muscle group: when you are looking to relax the muscles and you use a round head, you can extend the massage for 5 or 6 minutes. If you use the gun with a bullet tip, you only need to perform the stimulation for 90 seconds.
  • Time of use per session: you can spend up to half an hour in each session if you alternate the application techniques of each massage and take breaks of a few minutes. This type of protocol is recommended on the back or legs, because there is a lot of muscle and you must first prepare the fibers before stimulating them with greater pressure.
  • Long-term use time: this gun is designed to eliminate injuries and muscle contractures, therefore its long-term use will considerably improve the health of your muscles and reduce the risk of injury. It is recommended to massage every other day for each muscle group to give it a rest.

What are the differences between massage guns and mini percussion massager?

When you know the features of both products, you can make a smart purchase.

  • Electric massage gun: it has a more professional use, with several heads available for you to get a better benefit and a greater range of intensity when working both large and strong muscles such as those of the legs, and weaker and smaller muscles such as those of the neck.
  • Mini percussion massager: its use is more domestic, ideal for people with stressful lives looking to relax the neck and back on difficult days at the office. In case of being an amateur athlete, the use of this mini massager is also useful when stimulating muscles such as in the calf, shoulders and arms, its great advantage is its size, as it makes it more portable.


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