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Buying Guide: How to choose the best knee sleeves & braces for golf? List 2024 (UK)

Golf is a strategic sport that requires concentration and determination, but in turn can cause breaks in the body due to the player's turn to hit the ball hard, causing injuries to the knee, wrist and other parts.

That's why you should evaluate and know the types of knee braces that are essential to prevent and fight any type of injury you may have when you play golf. Below we will provide you with information and data based on their characteristics, common traumas, types and more, which will help you determine the ideal garment.

What are the most common knee injuries when we play golf?

Many people see golf from a harmless and easy-to-play point of view, but the reality is that it is a sport that demands high physical performance and has an excessive likelihood of injury to various parts of the body, including the knees.

Below are the most common types of injuries in golf:

Knee tendinitis

This trauma usually appears in the knee, and is defined as the injury of the tissues that make the bones work with the tendons, providing muscle breakdown and imbalance. It is very common in golf courses, and occurs when the muscles do not receive the proper stretching for the practice of this sport.

Mostly the lack of flexibility and bad physical condition is the cause of this injury. Studies over the years have shown that at least 80% of golfers warm up for approximately seven minutes or less, which is the factor that causes drastic injuries such as tendinitis. Therefore, it is advisable to perform a series of warm-ups before the game, as this involves the proper functioning of the neck, shoulders, spine, elbow, wrist, knees and hips.

Knee meniscus injury

It is known as the injury that originates from the breakage of the cartilage, which controls the tibia and femur, in turn is defined as the injury of the force, since it is generally caused by the weight of the body that we provide to the knee. The cause of this trauma lies in making sudden movements, since the greatest strength lies in the knees.

One of the most frequent injuries of the meniscus in golfers is the inadequate or repeated execution of the swing, because this complex movement involves the whole body, but at the end of this action, the accumulated force is carried out by the knee. To avoid this, it is recommended that you adopt a correct posture, keep your movements smooth and coordinated, make flexible movements before practice and use a protector in that area.

Anterior or internal cruciate ligament

These ligaments are the tissues that provide hardness to the joint by creating a perfect connection with the bones, thus forming a functioning complement to the nervous system of the knees.

Poor posture and lack of stability are responsible for this injury in people who play golf, because when making sudden movements of force, the ligament breaks, causing trauma to the knee which can have serious consequences. If you do not avoid or treat these injuries in time, you could require surgical intervention because the ruptured ligament is already irreversible and will not be able to regenerate itself.

Degenerative osteoarthritis

It appears as a wear in the knees in advanced ages, since time affects the joints and cartilages due to the overload of force that this sport demands. Osteoarthritis also manifests itself because the bone is located underneath the cartilage and a production of lime develops in the affected area, which will cause feelings of pain, swelling and increased tension in the knee. However, this wear and tear also occurs in young athletes when they frequently injure their knee, generating wear and tear on the bones which will eventually leave its sequelae.

Lateral injury of the kneecap

It refers to the rupture of ligaments or tendons that are located laterally in the knee and the kneecap, which are more exposed to shocks, overload breaks and cracks. Its general symptoms are: pain, inflammation, instability and blocking sensation.

Golf is a sport that must be developed for several hours at a time, performing the swing movements continuously, overusing the joint. Although it also occurs more frequently in young and novice players, who are unaware of the correct practice of this discipline. They must evaluate the risks and know every part of their muscles.


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What type of knee braces and patellar straps are best for golfers' injuries?

These garments guarantee us confidence and peace of mind, and also help us to strengthen our affected areas. It is therefore essential to know the types of knee braces and compression straps for each physical activity or problem.

Knee compression sleeves

They are essential for this type of sport because the pressure they exert controls the joints and keeps the muscles in their natural state. It is a flexible, comfortable garment that strengthens the knees, is breathable and more.

It should be noted that its therapeutic use is one of the most outstanding benefits. The pressure it exerts on the knee helps improve circulation and therefore relieves any pain, swelling and injuries in the area. In short, it is your best ally both when practising sports and at the time of an injury.

Knee supports

They are designed to avoid all kinds of injuries due to sudden movements, and it is also advisable to use them during and after the sports activity. They have a therapeutic effect which will help the muscles to function and the joints to remain healthy and in place.

For golf, stabilizing knee supports are vital due to the bad movements that occur in this sport. For example, if there are blows from bad postures with the club, or forceful shocks, this stabilising garment will keep the joint in place and safe.

Patellar strap

Most of these knee braces are made of neoprene which guarantees the public high compression and resistance. Also, they are recognized by their straps, since they exert good pressure.

However, as explained above, this sport requires movements and turns of force that affect the knee and directly damage the kneecap. With these straps you can considerably reduce the episodes of pain and swelling that are so frequent when there is an injury.

Meniscus knee braces

There are various garments to protect the meniscus from trauma or injury during sport, with lightweight and very comfortable materials. However, if it is to treat an injury, it is best to use it with lateral stabilizers, so that it controls the movements to be made and in this way the joint can rest and recover more quickly. Although, if you want to prevent an injury to the meniscus, it is also a good option since they have an adequate support, allowing the mobilization of the knee, but being a support so that it does not make a hard work.

What features should you consider before choosing the best sports knee brace for golf?

What features should you consider before choosing the best sports knee brace for golf?

Golf is an individual sport that, in order to achieve its mission, needs different instruments to support it. These should include the knee brace as a main object, since an injury or simple pain can lead to the indefinite suspension of the practice.

Therefore, here we will help you choose the ideal garment, so that you can wear it according to your needs. We include the price, material, size and everything you need to know about the sports knee brace before placing your order.

According to its function

For its stabilization: The knees after an injury or inconvenience need an immobilizing support that offers safety and comfort. Furthermore, garments of this type work to aid recovery by providing support and compression. These with a stabilising function work with different materials depending on their severity, the most recommended being Velcro, for its ease of use and personalised compression.

  • Knee supports for orthopaedic use: At first, injuries may seem harmless but even the slightest movement can lead to worse cases. If this is the case, you should consult a specialist, who will evaluate the damage caused in the affected area and determine the type of knee brace you need for your recovery.
  • Bending aid knee braces: These have a unique function of encouraging leg movements without affecting physical performance.
  • Knee braces with elastic bands: Reinforce the ligaments in a simple way, as the bands exert a type of pressure and force that helps to improve the knee.
  • Protective knee supports: These are necessary to avoid all types of injury, as well as in daily use can handle situations of pain or discomfort from false movements. For those who practice golf, this tool is vital since in training, games and physical activities they are exposed to suffering blows or injuries caused by force.
  • Open knee braces: These are known for their opening in the kneecap area, as well as for their effectiveness in treating injuries. Another of their characteristics is that they have the ability to sweat quickly, absorbing it due to the openings they contain.
  • Closed knee braces: As their name indicates, they do not leave any area of the knee uncovered as they specialise in compressing pain and protecting the joint from any type of blow with their central pads. This knee brace generates more confidence in athletes in general, for all its protection in the area. Its elasticity and pressure make it much easier to perform stretching and movements in golf.

Manufacturing material

The functioning of the compression tapes and knee braces depends on their material, as it is this that determines the quality. Therefore, we will show you the most effective and used ones nowadays:

  • Neoprene: This is the most sold and used fabric in the last years, because of its excellence to cover and shelter any physical surface without causing damages.
  • Spandex: It is the perfect element to make pressure, because from it many of the knee braces come off. It is durable and resistant, which guarantees quality.

Before choosing the garment, confirm that it is breathable and non-slip. If you need more protection in the area, you can try silicone gel. The materials are the motor for the execution and good functioning of these products. Their realization process has been studied by different researchers, who confirm, the importance of the material in order to realize the expected effects.

Type of support

There is no point in having a knee brace that will not stay in place. This can happen due to different factors, be it the material, use or other reasons. So we offer you a variety of solutions so that you don't have to go through this bad time.

Below we explain some types:

  • Hinged knee supports: With this mechanism you will no longer have problems with your clothes. It provides firmness, stability and compression. Perfect for athletes who require these benefits, but without the need to use such exaggerated materials, as it is easily hidden.
  • Neoprene knee braces: This is the most commonly used for creating knee braces as it provides stability without the need to use an external material. It only adheres to the skin and achieves the expected effects.
  • Knee braces with Velcro: It provides easy fastening through mutual contact closures. It is widely used thanks to its easy adaptation since, if you require more pressure, with this system you will be able to obtain it.


When choosing the size, it should be done with great caution, because the performance of the knee brace will depend on this, which need the exact size to achieve its objectives. If you don't already know it, you can get it by measuring the joint with a tape measure.

Size Chart Knee Compression Sleeve

CM 28-34 35-41 42-47 48-55
IN 11-13 13.5-16 16.5-18.5 19-21.5
Measure the circumference of the thigh, 4 inch/10 cm up from the center of the kneecap (*View image)
*Note: If after measuring you are between two sizes, choose the larger size


The creation of great products goes hand in hand with design, which is why these garments are always in constant evolution to provide the best possible quality and comfort. Not only inside the body, but also on the outside. This is possible thanks to the variety of models and colours that currently exist for sports knee braces. You will be able to train or play a game of golf without having to believe that you have an injury there. Now, taking care of your knees will be an easy and stylish task.


The prices of the knee compression sleeves are very fluctuating, this characteristic being of vital importance for the proper functioning of the garment. This is because the higher the amount of the product, the better the materials and therefore the functionality.

There is no point in buying a knee compression sleeves that can only be used for aesthetic purposes, as it will not perform the functions for which it was purchased. The best thing is an investment for the health of your knees and to ensure good development on the golf course, which will only be possible with the purchase of the sports knee braces you can find.

Do compression knee braces for golfers really work?

Do compression knee braces for golfers really work?

Specialists all over the world assure the importance of knee braces today, because their use is not limited to a therapeutic environment, their services also extend to sports, daily life and even prevention of serious diseases such as lymphedema or venous insufficiency that can be revealed behind the knee.

Compressive therapy specializes in the recovery of injuries by simply wearing this garment properly. With the compression that it exerts, it improves the functioning of the blood circulation, offering the possibility of recovery, without the need for surgical interventions, which can be harmful to any sportsperson.

For golfers, the use of knee braces and patellar straps is vital, because they help them to perform more safely on the golf course. They also ensure the necessary protection for the knee and ligaments, forming a kind of balance in all the muscles.

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