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Buying Guide: How to choose the best back braces & support belt for herniated discs? List 2024 (UK)

The intervertebral discs are cartilaginous rings that are placed between one vertebra and another to form the spine. They function as a kind of cushion and, therefore, their function is to reduce and distribute the loads, stabilising the movement between the vertebrae.

However, these discs can deteriorate for various reasons and when this happens, the inner nucleus tends to leak to the outside of the disc, leading to what is known as a herniated disc. Generally, it is a condition that affects the lower back, but it is possible to control it with a back support belt and here, we will highlight why.

What is a herniated lumbar disc and what are its symptoms?

What is a herniated lumbar disc and what are its symptoms?

A spinal disc has a soft, jelly-like nucleus, which is encased in a harder annulus. Whenever a disc degenerates and deteriorates, the inner nucleus can leak into an injured part that is located in the outer region of the disc. This means that the nucleus of the intervertebral disc is pushed out through a tear in the annulus fibrosus.

As the outer nucleus of the disc is located directly below the spinal nerve root, such deterioration leads to a herniated disc which is defined as a pathology in which a part of the intervertebral disc or nucleus pulposus is displaced towards the nerve root, thus exerting a natural pressure on the nerves close to the spinal cord, resulting in intense pain for the patient.

The main reason for this disease in the lumbar region refers to an injury or overexertion. Because the 5 lumbar vertebrae of the spine are separated by discs that facilitate and cushion the movements, thanks to this, people can stretch or bend down. So any alteration in this area can displace the disc from its place to the point of herniation or rupture.

The main causes and risk factors that produce a herniated disc are:

  • Gradual natural wear and tear (related to ageing).
  • Frequent heavy lifting.
  • Twisting while lifting.
  • Suffering a fall or a direct blow to the back.
  • Obesity and excess body weight.
  • Genetics and hereditary components.
  • Smoking.

In order to accurately diagnose a herniated disc in the lower back, we must know the main symptoms of the pathology:

  • Shooting pain in one part of the leg, hip or buttocks
  • Pain or numbness in the back of the sole of the foot and calves
  • Tingling radiating into the part of the body served by the afflicted nerves.
  • Weakness or deficit of strength in the leg.


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What are the benefits of using a back support belt to treat a herniated disc in the lower back?

To treat a herniated disc in the lumbar region of the back, the specialist doctor will have to analyse the patient's case, verify the causes that have triggered the condition and determine the level of severity, in order to establish a personalised treatment that will speed up the restoration process in the shortest possible time. However, in mild or less serious cases, conservative treatment is usually applied.

Different physiotherapeutic methods are recommended to strengthen the muscles that help support the spine and increase the flexibility of the spine and legs. It is essential to apply compression therapy, which is the use of an elastic garment to soothe pain, normalise blood flow, reduce venous pressure and produce a relaxing effect.

The benefits of a compression back support for herniated discs are:

  • Decrease persistent back pain.
  • Mitigate lumbar instability.
  • Offer support to perform movements or activities with greater confidence and safety.
  • Protect the back area to obstruct the likelihood of increasing disease severity.
  • They accelerate the rehabilitation phase after a disruption of the intervertebral discs.
  • They promote stability in the lumbar region.
  • Maintain correct alignment of the spine for its improvement.
  • They provide comfort to the users.
  • They prevent the patient from making incorrect efforts or adopting postures that could aggravate the injury.

What type of sports back braces are best for improving disc herniation?

There are multiple models of back supports available and it is essential that people with herniated discs choose to purchase an effective compression garment to treat this lower back condition. Otherwise, the injury is likely to increase in severity and lead to more severe symptoms.

We suggest the following options of sports compression belts that are perfect for improving herniated discs in a short time:

Back support sports belt

This is a garment made for sports use. Thanks to its elasticity and the compression it manages to exert on the lower back area, it is suitable for controlling the pain that manifests itself. Thanks to its design, it is an effective accessory to reinforce the lumbar area as it acts directly on the area.

It is considered an optimal complement during rehabilitation therapies after suffering a lumbar disc herniation or other pathology in this region. It is a support that focuses on immobilising the lower back area to provide a feeling of rest and, at the same time, avoid certain postures or movements that tend to aggravate the pathology.

This type of belt compresses the user's abdomen and, by means of this, causes the curvature of the back to return to its original position. Therefore, just as they can be used as part of the rehabilitation process, they are also ideal as a protective and preventive device.

Sacroiliac support belt

These are a type of garment designed specifically to provide support in the hip area and are in effect known as sacroiliac hip belts. Thus, they refer to a pelvic belt that protects the lower back along with the hip joint in order to attenuate and soothe tensions or pain associated with the pelvic area.

It is also ideal for reducing any inflammatory processes in the area. It helps to recover functional mobility, prevents abrupt movements that may aggravate the pathology and offers remarkable comfort to users, because it adapts with complete flexibility to each body.

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