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Buying Guide: How to choose the best back massagers stick for pain relief? List 2024 (UK)

This is a 100% intuitive product, aimed at athletes, physiotherapists and people whose routines cause tension to build up in any part of the body. The massage sticks provide myofascial release and work trigger points for better relief.

Find out everything you need to know about this type of self-massage product, which has different points and grips to make every massage safe, pleasurable and effective.

What are the benefits of using massage sticks and self-massage?

What are the benefits of using massage sticks and self-massage?

The hand-held stick massager you choose should allow you to massage yourself like a professional. Keep in mind that it should be made of strong, non-flexible material to apply more pressure.

Check out the different benefits of stimulating trigger points with this myofascial massager stick:

  • Avoid muscle spasms: Muscle fibres suffer when there is an overload of work due to intense physical activities and sports practices without a correct fluid intake. Muscles become tense and stiff, characteristics that are reduced by exerting pressure on trigger points with the use of these massaging sticks.
  • Soothes pain from overuse: In addition to feeling stiff, there can be pain in areas such as the back and shoulders that are difficult for the patient's own hands to reach. These sticks are designed to offer self-massage and reach those areas safely.
  • Reduces muscle tension: After an intense day at the office, it is advisable to come home and apply self-massage to reduce muscle tension and recharge energy if you need to stay active in the office. This is a product that you can take wherever you want and spend a few minutes to relax your back or neck.
  • Increases blood flow: Massages with this type of product increase blood circulation in the body, especially in the area where the stimulation is performed, which means that more nutrients and oxygen reach the muscle fibres where you feel discomfort.
  • It avoids injuries: If you practice any sport, this is a very useful companion for you. Perform self-massage whenever you finish a round of training, you will notice how the muscles relax and remain ready to continue training without the risk of contractures and muscle cramps.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery: In addition to stimulating trigger points, this product increases blood flow, which regulates body temperature and keeps the affected area supplied with more nutrients so that the cells begin to regenerate themselves more quickly.
  • Reduces stress: When you feel stressed at work or at home, it is normal for muscles to tense up. The massaging sticks make the muscles relax and give you an immediate feeling of relief. This is a product that you can use every day as long as it makes you feel better and there is no discomfort associated with the use of these products.
  • Treats specific injuries: Some of the ailments that you can work on with massage sticks are muscle contractures, plantar fasciitis and back pain when it comes to tension overload. Remember that, if the pain is chronic, the use of this massager is not recommended.


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How to use the massager stick to relieve trigger point pain?

How to use the massager stick to relieve trigger point pain?

The initial and original design of this product was released in the mid 1990's, by which time patients needed to have a deeper understanding of what trigger points are and how to massage them. Nowadays, these sticks come with a numbering on each trigger point and a manual for safe self-massage.

Let's take a look at the steps to follow to use the massage stick correctly:

  • Define the area to be treated.
  • Look for a comfortable chair if you prefer to do the massage sitting down.
  • Check the suggested numbering for each part of the body.
  • Start by applying gentle pressure at the beginning.
  • You can hold the pressure for a minute, as long as it is gentle.
  • Where you feel more tension, change the tip of the product to a more rounded one.
  • Now apply more pressure and hold for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Try to maintain a constant state of relaxation.
  • Avoid sudden or jerky movements.
  • If possible, use both hands to hold the product and apply more pressure.

What to consider when choosing the best massage stick to relieve muscle pain?

There are several details to consider in order to provide a professional self-massage without the risk of discomfort caused by the use of imitation equipment.


The best muscle roller sticks on the market have a more resistant design, you feel it from the first approach and test of the product. Make sure the material is hard, rigid, does not bend when you apply pressure and is made of high-strength fibre, which improves its efficiency by 30% when massaging. A good massage stick should last a lifetime, it should not be a product that will deteriorate with use. Its only replacement should be due to a design upgrade.


There are various sizes on the market to suit the needs of people of different builds, perhaps a tall person will not find the same size of stick useful as a short person. The difference in sizes also means a different number of heads and grips, so you need to be sure which model is best suited to your needs and build. Each design will allow you to reach different trigger points.


Materials, prices and market needs define the available shapes of these massaging sticks. There are stick products with six prongs and two attachments, as well as single prong sticks. There are products in the shape of "S", in the shape of question marks and in shapes resembling umbrella canes. In general, the more tips and grips the product has, the better you will be able to stimulate a large number of trigger points.


When you think about a myofascial stimulator, you should do so in terms of acquiring quality so that your body feels pleasure and there are no complications with any injuries you have and believe you are treating correctly. Obviously, there are products that are cheaper, but with very poor quality. They are products that bend under pressure and break over time. As your health is important to us, our suggestion is that you opt for a product that is heavy duty and fairly priced.

What are the best alternatives to stick massagers for myofascial pain relief?


Lacrosse balls

These are products that also achieve myofascial release in an efficient way. With them you get massages through body pressure on the balls and gentle gliding. The best option is to buy a pack of balls of different sizes and shapes so that you can start the self-massage with the softer balls and then move on to the harder balls, although none of these balls will match the hardness of the massage sticks . If you feel a lot of pain in the affected area, then start with the softer balls to get your body used to the new sensory experience.

Spiky massage balls

The spiky extensions of this product provide a deep massage on dense muscles such as the back, hamstrings and quadriceps, where muscle contractures cause intense pain and reduce people's mobility. These products help to regulate blood pressure, relax muscle fibres and activate trigger points to relieve the tension caused by strenuous sports training and busy days at the office.

Double peanut-shaped ball

This is a variant of the Lacrosse ball, which also provides myofascial release for any part of the body. But these are especially useful when you want to relieve back pain. Their peanut shape means that you can stimulate the musculature close to the spine without touching the vertebrae, remembering that the bones should not receive this type of myofascial stimulation because there may be damage to their structure. The movements are more limited, but effective when it comes to getting rid of knots in the lower back.

Electric vibrating massage ball

If you want to enjoy a professional massage without any effort, this product is for you. It has the advantage of being electric and with various vibration intensities to reduce muscle tension in areas that are difficult to access with other types of equipment. Just place the ball where you feel discomfort and turn on the device so that the vibrations begin to generate a relaxing effect on the muscle fibres. You can even use this product without applying intense pressure with your hands.

Foot massage roller

This is a variant of the foam roller, but with a curved middle part to stimulate the plantar fascia and muscle structure from the heel to the toes. It is used to relieve the accumulated tiredness of the day, when the person walks and stands for many continuous hours. And although it is a product for the feet, it can also be used on the narrower part of the calf and on the forearm if the build of these parts of the body fit the shape of the roller.

Foam roller

Although not a massage ball, it is a very useful product for myofascial release in the back and lower extremities. There are smooth designs, textured designs that simulate the shape of fingers and there are vibrating rollers on the market. All you need to do is spend a few minutes a day applying pressure and gliding with this product, and you will immediately notice relief from muscle tension and better stimulation of the hot spots that limit your mobility.

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