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What are ice gel packs made of? Can they be toxic? Can they burn your skin? (UK)

Do you know the gel packs to apply cold/hot? What material they are filled with? Are they toxic? Do they burn the skin? Congratulations! Today we will answer this and other concerns you may have about gel packs.

It is not by chance that medical specialists and trainers recommend this product to achieve the fastest muscle recovery, relieve pain and inflammation, among others. If you want to know more about the versatility, practicality and safety of using hot/cold packs, take a look at what follows!

What are hot or cold gel packs?

What are hot or cold gel packs?

Gel packs for applying cold or heat are compresses designed for the thermotherapeutic treatment of pain, muscle injuries and inflammation. Thanks to the material with which they have been manufactured they can reach high and low temperatures, retaining them for a long time during their application to the affected area.

Hot or cold gel packs represent two of the most viable non-pharmacological measures for treating injuries. For this reason, they are increasingly indicated by medical specialists to reduce the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs that ultimately affect health.

As they are filled with soft gel they are very flexible, adapting easily to different parts of the body. Their use in hot weather is recommended to treat pain, stiffness, cramps, stress, among others. On the other hand, using them cold helps to combat pain, swelling, spasms and other ailments.

The best thing is that they are reusable and very easy to use. In fact, to cool them down or heat them up, simply place them in the refrigerator or microwave respectively.


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F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, don't worry, below we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions from users on the Internet about these hot/cold gel packs:

How to dispose of the product correctly?

To properly dispose of the hot/cold gel packs you should simply place them in a normal waste container. However, to do this in an environmentally friendly way you can put them in the yellow container, as it is not a toxic product and the gel is usually biodegradable. However, keep in mind that if the compress breaks, you should not pour the gel directly down the drain or it will clog it up. Instead, put it in a pad and dispose of it.

What material are hot/cold gel packs made of?

The material contained in these thermotherapy packs is a gel designed to withstand high and low temperatures. This substance is usually made from sodium polyacrylate, hydroxyethylcellulose or vinyl coated silica. Also, some additives such as water, preservatives and pigments are usually added.

Can they be toxic to our skin or if we ingest them?

Generally, gel-filled packs for thermotherapy are made of materials that are not toxic on contact with the skin. Therefore, if the gel is spilled on you or you touch it you will not be intoxicated. However, it is a chemical substance that should not be ingested to avoid health risks.

Can it cause skin burns?

Our hot/cold gel packs are designed not to get as hot or cold as to burn your skin. However, take your precautions and follow the manufacturer's instructions, especially with regard to recommended times and temperatures. In addition, our pads include a cover to maximise comfort and convenience while in use, avoiding direct contact with the skin.

Can they be used both hot and cold?

Yes, these hot and cold gel ice packs can be used in both high and low temperatures. You can heat them in the microwave or cool them in the refrigerator depending on the condition you wish to treat.

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