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Can using the electric massager gun help to reduce cellulite or weight loss? (UK)

Cellulite has several risk factors and some consequences that can be treated with a good massage. And that's where the percussion massage gun is great. It prepares the tissues to allow more blood to flow, thus reducing pain and redistributing the accumulated fat in places where bumps and dimples often appear.

With the electric percussion gun, you have a preventive tool to make cellulite reach your skin as late as possible, improving your self-esteem and the health of your dermis. Learn about the causes of cellulite, how to use this massage product and what are the best alternatives on the market to treat this ailment present in 90% of the world's female population.

What is cellulite and what are the causes of this aesthetic problem?

What is cellulite and what are the causes of this aesthetic problem?

When cellulite appears, it appears as a metabolic problem, but in reality it is a consequence of multiple factors that you will learn about in this article. It is a skin infection with evidence in the dermis in the form of irregular textures that leave the "orange peel skin". Although it affects many women around the world, it is a gender-neutral condition that also affects the male population.

These are the main risk factors:

  • Hormonal changes: puberty is a time when this problem appears, so there are young people who often feel self-conscious about the presence of these annoying marks that affect their self-image. Pregnancy also entails a series of hormonal changes that modify the metabolism and cause cellulite to appear.
  • Overweight: this condition causes a considerable increase in adipocytes, which are fat cells concentrated in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. So maintaining a balanced diet is part of the war against this infectious process that slowly progresses until it leaves deep marks.
  • Loss of skin elasticity: People who lose weight rapidly are often prone to cellulite, because the skin does not have the ability to compensate for the sudden loss of fat in the body. Sagging is a clear sign that the dermis no longer has the elasticity it once had.
  • Drugs: the consumption of oestrogen, to mention one kind of drug, also alters the metabolism. This is a man-made hormone that directly affects how the body processes calories that enter the body through food. Excessive drug use increases the likelihood of cellulite.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: when the body does not exercise, it loses all capacity for muscle flexibility and skin elasticity, which are windows for cellulite marks to appear quickly in areas where fat is concentrated. Cardiovascular exercise is part of your defence against this condition.
  • Consuming too much sodium: you will be amazed when you learn that excess meat, fish, cheese, bread and soft drinks are part of the list of foods rich in sodium, the problem is that this chemical element causes fluid retention in the body, obstructs the lymphatic system and ends up altering skin and metabolic health.
  • Stress and anxiety: the body constantly stiffens when people are stressed. This affects muscle flexibility, promotes the presence of nodules and increases the likelihood of varicose veins and cellulite, which are related to circulation problems.

Can a massage gun help reduce localised fat and cellulite?

More than just a feeling of physical and mental relaxation, there are massage techniques that can reduce fluid retention and improve skin texture. The massage gun helps the skin layers to be better prepared to slow down the advance of cellulite.

The Ibero-American University of Ecuador indicated, through a study by the School of Cosmiatry, Holistic Therapies and Integral Image, that massages with stimulating products make the skin remain with a healthy texture.

In addition, massages reduce localised adiposity and increase the local temperature in the area where it is stimulated, which already represents a group of additional benefits of the dilation of the blood vessels.

When the ideal heads and technique are used to improve the lymphatic process, the percussion gun will make the skin more resistant to the metabolic changes that favour the presence of cellulite.

How to use an electric massage gun to get rid of cellulite to the maximum?

How to use an electric massage gun to get rid of cellulite to the maximum?

Since the availability of massaging tools such as the electric massage gun, it has become easier for the body to avoid cellulite. It is important to clarify that little can be achieved when there are already permanent marks on the skin, but it is very useful as a preventive measure.

These are ways to use this product correctly to prevent cellulite from completely changing your life:

  • Before using the product, it is advisable to apply a little heat to the skin, this will accelerate the effect of the massage.
  • You should only use the flat head to stimulate where there is a concentration of fat.
  • The abdomen, buttocks and legs are good places to start.
  • Start with intermediate vibrations.
  • Use the gun at an angle, not perpendicular to the body.
  • It is not necessary to exert a lot of pressure.
  • Use linear movements at all times.
  • Avoid concentrating the work on a single area.
  • Perform gliding movements for two minutes per muscle group.
  • Give the skin a rest before using the gun again.
  • The whole session should last six minutes.
  • This would be two minutes for legs, buttocks and abdomen.

What are the best alternatives to massage guns for cellulite removal and weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, there are no magic formulas using massages to get you to drop a few sizes, but the stimulations make the body work better at preventing fat cell accumulation and reducing fluid retention.

Here are some useful alternatives to reduce the impact of cellulite on your skin:

  • Acupressure mat: This mat has thousands of tiny lotus flowers that help firm the skin, increase blood circulation and keep the dermis supple. This protects the connective tissues by allowing more nutrients to reach them.
  • Mini massage gun: has the same benefits as the professional massage gun and the best thing is that you can use it with a single round, soft head, which is also useful for maintaining healthy muscle fibres, skin and myofascial tissue. It is more for home use, so you don't need to be a professional to use this product.
  • Massage balls: this is also an option for home use, where millions of men and women will be able to improve blood flow and encourage cell multiplication to make the skin more resistant. By improving venous return, it ensures that the body adjusts better to skin changes in cellulite processes.
  • Foam Roller: either electric or manual, this product serves to protect the lymphatic system and prevent fluid retention, makes the myofascial tissue more flexible and eliminates trigger points that also obstruct the free passage of body oxygenation, an important process to keep the skin rejuvenated.
  • Hooks massager: like percussion guns, this product targets the muscle nodules that stiffen the dermis and block access to the nutrients it needs to stay supple. Simply grasp the hook by its handles, follow the instructions, and stimulate the areas of tension.
  • Neck and shoulder massagers: as cellulite and stress go hand in hand, it is advisable to control the high levels of tension and worries of everyday life to ensure proper muscle function. Stress and anxiety generate changes in the muscle fibres and fascia, parts of the body where the after-effects of cellulite are concentrated.
  • Foot massagers: part of the origin of this disease are circulatory problems, so offering constant stimulation to the feet will improve circulation in the lower limbs, where this disease tends to attack the most, especially in women of any age and to which one or more risk factors are added.
  • Massage chair: when the origin of cellulite is more related to vascular problems, these sofas fulfil their function of favouring blood flow. They help to relieve discomfort and pain in the legs. This is a product that stimulates the whole body, so all you have to do is sit down and receive a relaxing therapy.
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