Set Trigger Point Massage Balls – Spiky, Lacrosse & Peanut Roller


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Features of set trigger point massage balls

What are the uses and benefits of myofascial massage balls?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: depending on the area to be addressed, you can select one of the products that come in this pack. For example, for lower back pain, the peanut-shaped massage ball is better because its structure allows you to give a deep massage in the center of the back without compromising the functioning of the vertebrae. The spiked ball is harder, so it will be better for treating plantar fasciitis tension. This is a pack also aimed at therapeutic and sports massage professionals.
  • Muscle aches: depending on the intensity and location of the pain, you can select a small, soft ball to treat arm or neck muscles, whose tissues are softer than thigh muscles. With simple balls, a greater range of motion is achieved, which, combined with the pressure of the hands, allows you to relax the muscles that are compromised at that moment. Remember that softer products provide relief to the shallower tissues of the extremities.
  • Myofascial massage: as the fascia is a dense tissue and expands throughout the body to cover the organs, it is better if you use the peanut-shaped ball because it covers more area of action and has a better balance to give relaxation to these tissues. If you are looking for targeted area support, then the spiked ball is best in these cases because it is harder and reaches muscles such as those in the upper back and shoulders. Remember to start with less pressure.
  • Reflexology: as this modality of acupressure therapy is based on exerting force on certain muscle groups, harder balls will have a better relaxing and tension relieving effect. However, when starting with the hands and feet, it is advisable to begin with soft, small balls, even though reflexology has no known risks of complications for these parts of the body. Remember that a correct reflexology technique is based more on pressure than on rubbing these products on the skin.
  • Trigger point massage: Trigger points are often deep and require the use of spiked massage balls, whose shape will put more pressure on muscles that are closer to the center of the body and are thicker. Sometimes the pain is concentrated in the muscle junctions with the tendons and may also be related to other symptoms that make up the so-called myofascial pain syndrome. All of these signs, including pain, are addressed with the pack of massage balls and balls that we offer in this article.
  • Plantar fasciitis: plantar fasciitis is an ailment that appears gradually with exhaustion and stiffness in the sole of the foot, from that moment should be addressed to prevent pain in the heel and then this expands to the metatarsals. The fascia is a resistant and thick tissue that helps to maintain the plantar arch, it is here where you should concentrate the massage with the peanut ball or the rest of the products that come in this multipurpose pack. If the massage starts when there is fatigue, it will prevent in a few sessions that there is an advance of this disease.
  • Release adhesions: it is quite common that after an abdominal surgery, the internal organs look for an accommodation again. During their relocation, adhesions are generated between the internal tissues by poor healing or by the fusion of cells. Only your surgeon can suggest a series of massages to prevent adhesions from occurring. At all times, these massages should be gentle, with the use of the softest balls, remember that this is a support for recovery after surgery.
  • Cellular stimulation: when the person requires a quick recovery from pain and minor physical injuries in the back, for example, this product will facilitate cell regeneration that favors muscle breakdown and pain relief. In addition, it will cause better blood circulation in the affected area. Whenever you want to stimulate a better recovery, you should count on routines offered by a sports doctor, so you will avoid that a bad massage technique has muscular affectations.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: the type of pain will indicate the type of injury that is present and how it should be addressed. Although this pain is annoying, it is one of the few ways the body has to inform that there is an injury. When pain occurs for mild physical reasons, massage can provide relaxation so that the cells begin to repair themselves and the inflammation, as well as the associated pain, begins to go down. Chronic pain is more difficult to get rid of, but with consistent massage it can be relieved as much as possible.
  • Stress reduction: the softer balls will generate a greater stress relieving effect, as the purpose is not therapeutic, it is not necessary to use spiked balls or the peanut-shaped ball to reduce stress and anxiety levels in people. Sometimes, the use of these products seems to be a placebo, but there is clinical evidence that they are useful in attacking high levels of stress in people who have busy lives and do not have enough time to rest.
  • Improved relaxation: A good massage encourages the production of endorphins, a chemical that relieves tension and lowers muscle fatigue levels in the body. There are more than 80 proven types of massages, some of them you can do on your own with the use of this pack of massage balls and balls, select the product and the technique that best suits your needs for mental and body relaxation. Remember that the impact on the mind, you will also feel it in the body.
  • Reduction of muscle tension: muscle tension is not considered a physical pathology, but it has been shown that in the medium and long term affects the rhythm of life of people, is associated with stress, but is often due to the overload of physical work on a daily basis and in the sports environment. It consists of nodules and bumps that you feel when you place your fingers, which is useful because you know where exactly to approach with the massaging balls. The movements should be gentle at the beginning of the massage.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: excessive stretching of the muscles can be detrimental if the person is not adapted to this type of unusual movements. When the muscle is irritated or presents micro fissures, it is advisable to accompany the clinical treatment with rehabilitation massages, provided they are guided by a physiotherapist. Remember that a bad application of these products, during a muscular recovery process, can be detrimental for a complete healing.
  • They reduce blood pressure: when there are problems with venous return, the force in the blood circulation pushes the vessel walls, this causes high blood pressure in which there are no clear signs at the beginning. The use of these products must be accompanied by the opinion of a specialist, because there must be a contribution and not an obstacle for there to be a correct blood circulation. It is not necessary to use hard balls and balls, you should opt for the softer ones.
  • Improves circulation: this type of massage, with the use of soft equipment, will cause the vessels to dilate and there will be a better flow of fluid in the bloodstream. Among its benefits, are lowering swelling in the legs, relief of discomfort when there are varicose veins and promotes muscle recovery when there are physical injuries. Keep in mind that there should not be too much pressure and that the movement should be aligned with the flow of blood.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins: even if you have this pack of balls and balls, you must remember that lymphatic massages should be gentle, with a constant rhythm and direction of the lymphatic currents. The accumulation of toxins in the body will make you feel tired, especially when it comes to muscle exhaustion resulting from sports routines. This is a type of massage that you can do daily at home and on your own, as long as you already know the technique you are going to apply.
  • Improves immune function: to improve the body’s defenses, there must be a chemical reaction to activate the immune system with the increased presence of pro-inflammatory cytokines. This is achieved with specific massages, such as the Swedish or European massage, which seeks to strengthen the immune system to prevent diseases due to the entry of viruses and bacteria into the body. As it is not about muscle stimulation, you do not need the hardest products.
  • Accelerates recovery: it is related to the increase of blood flow in the affected area and muscle relaxation that will give way to cell activation, so they will multiply so that the body is healthy again, without discomfort in its fibers. Recovery, in the case of minor injuries, should not last more than 72 hours. After that time, there should only be self-massage if the doctor recommends it, since manipulating the body in cases of constant inflammation can be harmful.
  • Injury prevention: when you do self-massage with these massage balls and balls, you also prevent physical injuries when it comes to sports practices. Every professional athlete requires a multipurpose pack like this one, in which you have several options to give relief to different ailments you may have throughout your career. Many chronic injuries can be avoided because they all start with an initial discomfort, which can be addressed with a massage.
  • Improves athletic performance: the real benefit of offering massage to the body is that you will avoid injuries and will be able to spend more time in sports training, this will favor your performance because the body will adapt better to the change of pace and the demands of competitions. Both spiked balls and soft and hard balls will have a positive effect on the body as long as you are clear about the objective to be achieved and the technique to be used.

How to use?

The use of the different products in this pack is going to depend on the type of injury you are going to treat, but basically, most muscle injuries require similar methods.

  • Locate the affected area that requires massage and find a comfortable place to perform the massage.
  • Choose the size, texture and hardness of the product to give a correct massage.
  • Start with gentle, shallow movements and gradually increase the intensity.
  • First try repetitions, then you should be guided by the correct stimulation time.
  • In case you are looking for muscle relaxation and to eliminate contractures, you should select harder balls.
  • Unlike the other products, remember that the peanut-shaped ball only goes back and forth. You should select it if you know how to use it.
  • You can massage before and after sports training as a warm-up or muscle relaxant.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications in the use of balls for myofascial massage?

There are few contraindications and suggestions that you should take into account to make a correct use of these products:

  • You should not apply these massage balls in case of open wounds, fractures or skin infections.
  • In case of massages for postoperative treatments, you must have your doctor’s orientation.
  • Do not massage when you have fever or dizziness.
  • Nor should you give self-massage in case of acute inflammation due to chronic injuries.
  • During some vascular diseases such as phlebitis, it is also not advisable to perform massages.
  • Avoid massaging in case of metabolic diseases.

Do massage balls for myofascial release really work?

As long as you have a good use of massages and this pack of products, you can have positive effects on the body. You should also take into account the recommended time of use of these products to massage without causing further damage to the soft tissues. For more information, consult a specialist.

What are the differences between spiked, Lacrosse, mini and double massage balls?

In some cases, the difference is significant. Generally speaking, with all these products you will be able to apply soft and deep tissue massages.

  • Peanut-shaped massage ball: allows a better balance and action on the lower back and cervical muscles, and is more effective for myofascial massage.
  • Lacrosse ball for massage: these balls are smooth, with a guide to avoid slipping. They are used for shallower massages, but with a greater range of motion
  • Massage ball with spikes: the spikes will provide a deeper massage with more pressure on the deep and thick muscles, such as those of the thighs. You should always apply the correct technique for each ball
  • Mini Trigger Point Ball: used to provide stimulation in specific, hard-to-reach areas where a larger ball would not have the same muscle tension release effect


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