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What are the uses and benefits of Lacrosse balls for myofascial massage?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: this is a product for professional use for people used to dealing with back pain and pain in any part of the body, as well as pain from injuries after extensive sports training. When there is not a good muscle cooling, these are grouped in an irregular way and generate localized pain with stiffness. These therapeutic balls relieve the tension and allow the fibers to relax until the pain is controlled and the muscles are ready for another exercise routine.
  • Muscle aches: these pains originate when there is a change in the rhythm of the sports routine, although it can also be due to a change in the rhythm of work. There may be something different and intense to do at home or in the office and, as the body is not used to it, the muscles react with pain and inflammation. By using the softer ball to massage, you allow the tension in the muscle fibers to dissolve. Remember to keep this relaxing material in constant motion.
  • Myofascial massage: with the use of massage and pressure, as if it were an acupressure therapy, you achieve a balance in the organic functions after the myofascial release. Both movements and pressures should be sustained for a period of 30 minutes, and it is recommended that you have the guidance of a physical therapist specializing in this technique. Although it is a self-massage, it is not recommended to do these movements without a minimum of knowledge.
  • Reflexology: it is often forgotten the importance of having healthy feet, which support daily activities at work and the gym, so foot reflexology is a branch of this healing therapy that can be applied perfectly with the use of Lacrosse balls. The correct way to find pain is by stepping on the sphere with the feet and thus activating the reaction points that drain the energy accumulated in the nested points. As they are smooth balls, the pressure should not be excessive as they are made to give superficial massages.
  • Trigger point massage: when there are knots in the trigger points, usually palpable to the touch, then you know for sure where to apply the gentle pressure of the Lacrosse balls. When performing a therapy, there should be no pain, but it is normal if you feel discomfort at times. The most common causes of trigger point pain are poor posture habits at work and muscle injuries when playing sports. In the wrist, back, elbow and neck are the points that are most often damaged.
  • Plantar fasciitis: the fascia is a tissue that connects the heel to the toe bones. When overwork occurs, the fascia tightens and becomes inflamed, causing discomfort when walking, especially when the heel touches the ground. In addition to drugs, Lacrosse ball therapy often relieves the symptoms of this injury, often you must perform movements daily for several days to feel total relief when plantar fasciitis occurs.
  • Release adhesions: this is a pathology that often occurs in a post-operative recovery, when the internal organs are accommodated after a hysterectomy or cesarean section, to name a couple of scenarios. This is the binding of tissues and organs that should not be bound together and causes localized pain because these are organ injuries. Massaging will prevent the tissues from binding together in this way and Lacrosse balls increase the positive effects on the tissues to prevent this fusion.
  • They prevent tissue fatigue: although massaging with these tools concentrates on muscle fibers, they also provide benefits to tissues such as ligaments and tendons, even though they do not provide deep massage. But when the muscles are relaxed and support the effort better, it is a way to keep the rest of the soft tissues protected because the workload on them is reduced, when the central effort should be directed by the muscles.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: it is common for muscle pain to occur in the face of fatigue and contractures, but it is not normal for this pain to last for more than 72 hours. However, you can reduce the pain to the maximum and in less time when you usually offer massages in areas where you know that there may be recurrent injuries. When the muscles relax and recover, the pain goes down, as the fibers relax after an intense activity that has left you exhausted.
  • Stress reduction: one of the consequences of stress is that the body becomes tense and sometimes it is difficult to return to relaxation, even though your mind is already calm. The sedentary lifestyle will make the body react in this way and then it will be difficult to return to calm, massages are a good way to keep the muscles active and will help you better cope with the onslaught of a busy life. It is advisable to start with the softest Lacrosse ball if you are not used to getting massages.
  • Improved relaxation: Being relaxed is a way of life that will prevent headaches, make you sleep better and help you control anxiety attacks. All these ailments leave after-effects in the body and encourage muscle contraction, that is when Lacrosse balls take effect by choosing the right massage technique for these cases. There are more than 80 certified techniques in the world, so it is recommended to have the support of a physiotherapist before trying to regulate stress with self-massage.
  • Reduction of muscular tension: the uterus, neck, trapezius and back are the main parts of the body where muscular tension is registered for different reasons. As long as the time of use is respected and gentle movements are made, there can be a relaxation of the contracted fibers due to work overload, the approach of menstruation and the stress generated by work in the office.
  • It favors muscular flexibility: as long as the muscles are apt to repeatedly perform a task, there will be no ailments. But when sedentary lifestyles gain ground, there is usually a loss of muscle stretch that ends in a contracture, which is the inability of the muscle to return to calm after the initial stretch. Offering a constant massage will make the fibers remain active, as if you were performing daily stretching exercises. This is a recommended routine when you know a muscle may have a recurrence of injury.
  • Reduce blood pressure: this pressure is the force that the blood exerts on the walls of the veins and arteries, there are genetic and acquired causes, but it will always be in your hands to provide better circulation with the application of massage through Lacrosse balls for better venous return. With low blood pressure there are clear signs, but high blood pressure is silent and dangerous because it generates heart disease, so it is necessary to perform massages to make the blood flow better in the body.
  • Improve circulation: if blood circulation is difficult, there will only be as a consequence inflammation in the legs by the presence of varicose veins and ulcers, both evils that attack more women from 50 years of age onwards. The massages with Lacrosse balls can be an integral part of your life, in which there is a lower incidence of pain and swelling of the lower extremities due to difficulties in the circulatory system.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins: when muscles are active, they release toxins that must be eliminated from the body and often this does not happen because people do not perform adequate muscle cooling after exercise. Massage serves as a way of cooling the fibers and promotes organic muscle cleansing. Keep in mind that you should not exert too much pressure and the movements should be equal in the main muscle groups. Start with the soft ball if you are new to this type of massage.
  • Improves immune function: every body deserves to have a high defense against infections and bacteria. In addition to having good nutrition and hydration, massages help the body to better fight off some infectious and bacterial diseases. By having a stable defense, it increases the likelihood of stopping cancer cells and pathogenic cells. You should only seek the assistance of a physiotherapist who will indicate the areas to be stimulated with these massage balls.
  • Accelerates recovery: These Lacrosse balls are excellent if you want to recover from a minor and soft tissue injury. Keep in mind that for an injury to be considered minor, it should not last more than 72 hours with the presence of symptoms such as pain and swelling. If you want to speed up recovery, use these balls as allies to relax tight fibers, increase blood supply to the injury and thus bring more oxygen to the affected muscles.
  • Injury prevention: When you get in the habit of warming up and cooling down your muscles properly, you will notice that they become more resistant to muscle fatigue and subsequent muscle contractures, which sometimes put you out of action for two days. The best thing to do is to create a therapy routine with massages, and the use of these smooth balls, so that the body is better prepared for the changes of rhythm in training.
  • Improves sports performance: the goal of any athlete, professional and amateur, is to spend more time in training and competitions, so techniques are perfected and strengthen both muscles, tendons and ligaments. So far, there is no evidence that a massage increases sports performance, but it is an effective way to make you a better professional in the discipline in which you develop.

How to use?

  • You must detect the specific ailment you wish to alleviate.
  • Select the hardness of the ball according to the ailment to be treated and your previous experience.
  • Start with routines based on a number of repetitions, then based on time of use.
  • Any movement you do should be gentle and progressively increase the pressure.
  • It is logical that you will feel some discomfort when using the massage balls, this is totally normal.
  • If you feel excessive pain, stop exercising and consult a specialist.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications in the use of Lacrosse balls for myofascial massage?

There are minimal indications that you should follow to avoid discomfort and pain associated with the movements you perform with these Lacrosse balls:

  • In case of fractures and sprains, the use of these massage balls is not recommended.
  • Avoid massaging in case of fever.
  • Massage should not be used in case of open wounds.
  • No physical therapy should be applied if you have skin infections.
  • Try to do self-massage in a place where you can be calm and concentrated.
  • Consult your physician about massage in case of diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

Do Lacrosse massager balls really work for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, the use of these types of massage products have many proven benefits on the musculoskeletal system and the immune system. As long as you respect the times of uses and application movements, there will be no new complications in the injuries you are trying to resolve and they will help you feel better with each application.

What are the differences between Lacrosse balls and spiky massage balls?

The biggest difference focuses on the depth of the massage, with Lacrosse balls you manage to stimulate the most superficial tissues, although the ideal is to alternate the use of both types of balls:

  • Lacrosse massage balls: their diameter is larger and they come in a greater variety of sizes, but with them you get a shallower massage on the skin, generating benefits in the muscles closer to the outside.
  • Myofascial massage balls with spikes: the spikes allow a greater depth when doing the exercises with them. It is recommended that the time of use of this equipment is less because they have a greater effect on soft and thick tissues.