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Features of the 3 pack of self-massage spiky balls

What are the uses and benefits of spiky massage balls?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: when it comes to small contractures, rolling this product on the skin will make the fibers relax and start the recovery process when you need to continue with your activities. Its portable design will allow you to apply the massage at any time of the day when you feel muscular discomfort such as tension and contractures. If you usually travel on business, the three balls will help relieve muscle tension caused by long hours of flying.
  • Muscle pain: localized pain is due to various reasons such as blows, muscle tension, stress and physical exhaustion, among others. Whatever your case may be, it is important to use the massage balls to ungroup the muscle fibers and reduce the tension in them, which is annoying if you have more activities planned in the day in which the ailments force you to invest time in a forced rest until the pain passes. You only need five minutes to get the relief you are looking for.
  • Myofascial massage: When pain associated with myofascia problems is left unattended, it can become a chronic problem that affects long-term muscle function. Myofascial release is a type of massage that, with proper guidance, can be safely accomplished at home. You just select the correct size of the spiked ball to use and give relief to the part of the body where there is tension. This benefits the elasticity of the tissues, especially the muscles.
  • Reflexology: this massage ball is great for activating the points suggested by reflexology, which reflect the functions of the whole organism such as the auricle, hands, face and feet. With the application on each point, it is possible to soothe specific pains and relax the muscles that until now had generated discomfort in the body. Whenever you use these balls, the correct application is to let them roll with light pressure, that will be enough to provide relief.
  • Massage on trigger points: with these points you want to rehabilitate the muscles when their functioning is compromised, these trigger points are specific areas where the fibers tend to tighten due to the overload of physical activity of people both at work and in sports training. It should be clear that in a well-applied therapy there should be no pain, but there is likely to be discomfort when touching these points. In case of pain, seek the guidance of a specialist.
  • Plantar fasciitis: this is an ailment caused by the overload of tension in the fascia, a tissue that goes from the heel of the foot to the metatarsals, where the toes of this extremity are. The plantar fasciitis when it appears comes with pain, inflammation and the difficulty to move in medium and long stretches. With the use of massage balls, there should be immediate relief as long as you make gentle movements with light pressure on the foot. Try to rest during the time you apply this therapy.
  • Release adhesions: adhesions are unions of internal organs that generally should not be united, this occurs by the reproduction of scar tissue bands that appear after surgical interventions and the acquisition of infections that are not properly cured. Massages with the support of the spiked balls will help to prevent the formation of these tissues, but in case of operations it must be suggested by the surgeon in charge.
  • Increased circulation: by stimulating the tissues, the circulatory system is also stimulated, which will increase the blood flow in the area where you have the injury. With increased blood circulation, there will be a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients in the muscles, which favors recovery in case of muscle fatigue. You can massage with this ball pack before and after sports training.
  • Stress relief: for a real effect of this product, you should try to do the massages in a relaxed environment and in which you have no interruptions so that the mind and body reach a maximum state of body relaxation. It is not only about eliminating pain, you can also use the massaging balls when you feel tired and dazed by situations that can generate stress.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: when massaging with these special balls, the pain threshold is lowered in people who perceive these symptoms, either by physical injuries or injuries associated with degenerative diseases. Due to their design, these balls are not made to transmit cold, but can accompany a drug treatment to support the reduction of pain in muscle areas where there is some damage.
  • Stress reduction: stress is a natural reaction of the mind when there is a demand for energy that exhausts thought, this exhaustion is reflected in the body through muscle tension, joint pain and stiffness in specific areas of the body. By applying the massage balls, an opposite effect of body relaxation is achieved, which is reflected in a better rest of the mind. You should only take into account to do therapies in relaxing places, where there are no interruptions.
  • Improved relaxation: being tense is part of the consequences of feeling stress and having a life full of activities where the mind and body do not rest. When you reach these extremes, it is important to take a few minutes and allow the benefits of the massaging balls, which with a slight pressure is achieved that the muscle fibers relieve tension and the whole body relaxes. If you spend weeks of hard work, take a few minutes a day to offer a well-deserved rest to the body.
  • Reduction of muscle tension: it seems like a simple ailment, but muscle tension affects the mobility of the person, keeps the neck, back and shoulders stiff, while the person has a localized pain in areas of the body where there is accumulated energy for various reasons such as stress and exhaustion from intense physical activities. The massage balls have three sizes available for you to adjust the pressure according to the affected area, each massage lasts just a few minutes.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: the flexible capacity of the muscles is what allows body movement, is the correct contraction of the fibers and then relax and return to its usual state. When muscles are tense and exhausted, their fibers lose their flexibility capacity and the person feels muscular weakness. A good massage with this product will allow rest and regeneration of cells affected by muscle work.
  • They reduce blood pressure: when blood pressure is elevated, there are usually no initial symptoms, but it is dangerous for the body, so each person should know if there is a history or if their pressure drops frequently. Massages regulate the force with which the blood pushes the walls of the veins, it is achieved by better distributing the circulation. When massages are performed daily, constant relief is achieved and dizziness associated with this condition is avoided. Spiked balls have this effect on the bloodstream.
  • Improves circulation: if you have vascular difficulties, massaging with this product will improve venous return when you are active. But it is recommended that massages are done when you are at rest. In addition, this is a recommended product to use every day to avoid swelling of the legs and pain in the veins. You should only take into account not to apply massages if you have some types of diabetes. Remember that if you take drugs to control blood pressure, no massage will serve as a replacement for medication.
  • Favors the elimination of toxins: if you are already used to receive lymphatic massages or you are a practitioner of this technique, the massage balls will make you a better massager because they help to better release toxins generated by the body during physical activities. You should only apply massage for 45 minutes a day, gently, to have benefits such as better blood circulation, prevent cellulite and reduce fluid retention in the lymph nodes.
  • Improves immune function: by putting pressure on the muscle groups, you also strengthen the body’s immune system, which is the body’s natural defense against the presence of infections and bacteria that alter the functioning of internal organs. The Swedish massage is ideal to achieve this benefit and instead of wearing out the hands, which also does not have the same effect, use the massage balls with spikes to give a better stimulation.
  • Accelerates recovery: in regular conditions, the muscles require between 24 and 48 hours to recover from fatigue and exhaustion, but if you use these massaging balls you can accelerate this process and get better results. Just place the ball on the part that bothers you and let it roll with a slight pressure, it will be responsible for getting the muscle relief you need to continue training and performing daily activities.
  • Injury prevention: what every athlete seeks, both professional and amateur, is to avoid at all costs to have annoying injuries that force you to be out of work. For this reason, it is advisable to use the massaging balls as a way of warming up and cooling down the muscles to keep them always active and ready for new activities. In these cases, you only need to massage the muscle areas you have trained for five minutes.
  • Improves sports performance: in addition to strengthening muscles, when you avoid being injured you increase the chances of being better at the sport you like, remember that when you must rest for an injury, you must give the body time to regenerate completely because if you do not wait the right time, you run the risk of suffering an ailment again. When you stop training, coming back is like starting from scratch.

When to use?

  • Before using the balls, you must know which part of the body you are going to relax.
  • Then select one of the three sizes available.
  • Start with gentle movements and less pressure than you need.
  • Avoid repeating excessively in one type of movement, try several positions and rhythms.
  • It is not recommended to use this product for more than 15 continuous minutes at first.
  • After this period of time, allow the muscle tissues to rest.
  • Try brief joint movements before using the spiked massage balls.
  • Always start with the softest ball and increase the intensity of the massage with the harder balls.
  • Repeat pressure massages three to four times a day.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications to the use of spiked myofascial massage balls?

Whenever you try to use this product, you must first be clear on which area of the body relaxation is required. Then you analyze if you need to put pressure with your hands or if it is your body that is going to give the pressure by stepping on the balls with your foot.

  • Avoid massaging in case of fever.
  • If there are open wounds, this product should not be used.
  • In case of acute inflammations, the massage ball should not be used either.
  • In case of heart disease, consult your doctor about the use of the product.
  • The product should not be used when there are skin burns.
  • Lymphatic drainage should only be indicated by a specialist in cancer patients.
  • It is contraindicated in patients with infectious arthritis.
  • This massager should also not be used when there are skin infections.

Do myofascial massage balls for plantar fasciitis really work?

There is enough clinical evidence to determine that these spiked balls are favorable for myofascial massage and plantar fasciitis, you should only take into account the suggestions we have given you throughout this article, in terms of times of use and ways of application to avoid having ailments associated with the pressure of the balls.

What are the differences between spyky massage balls and Lacrosse balls?

The most significant difference is the depth of massage you achieve with each of the balls:

  • Myofascial massage balls with spikes: Spiked balls will make the massage deeper especially on larger muscle groups. They also have a better effect on harder tissues.
  • Lacrosse balls for massage: This product is used for softer massages, where it is not necessary to have depth in the pressure they generate on the body. Actually, the type of exercises does not vary with Lacrosse balls, so both types of massagers are 100% recommended.