About us

We are a small group of young entrepreneurs who want to contribute the best of each of us to improve people’s lives. Feel Recovery is born with a single and main objective, to improve the quality of life of people by reducing and eliminating pain, either for people with chronic pain or caused by sports or work injuries. For this purpose, we design high quality products designed to provide pain relief, recovery or prevention of dozens of ailments caused by daily wear and tear in the workplace or sports practice.

All Feel Recovery brand products are based on the application of non-invasive therapies that have been proven by scientific studies to work in improving people’s health and/or increase sports performance without having to resort to surgical interventions or painful and invasive treatments.

Our team of collaborators

To ensure that the Feel Recovery website provides accurate and comprehensive content, we work with carefully selected authors who have experience in the health field. Our content is reviewed by health professionals, from physiotherapists, doctors, sports trainers etc. The content is regularly reviewed and updated to maintain accuracy and reflect the latest research.

Use of alternative therapies based on science

We create valuable content to provide the best information in the field of health, from the knowledge of the types of injuries for each part of the body and how to prevent them, improve our sports performance and avoid the dreaded sports injuries, how to relieve any kind of pain or know what are the most common ailments that we can suffer. For this we have a team of collaborators that attests and certifies all this information and thus, provide our readers with informative content, but never replacing the diagnosis of a qualified specialist.

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