Trigger Point Massage Hook for Neck, Back & Shoulders


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Features of muscle massager hook for pain relief

What are the uses and benefits of the trigger point massage hook?

What is it for?

  • Muscle contractures: whenever you do any physical activity with high intensity, you are likely to have slight contractures of the muscle fibers. The manual massager will allow you to have at your fingertips a tool that will keep the muscles relaxed and avoid the irregular grouping of the fibers. You only need to apply pressure with one or more of the rigid points of this therapeutic equipment so that the contracted area can relax again and avoid complications in this type of injury.
  • Muscle pain: if you have had a busy day, with this powerful tool you can relieve the tension in the trigger points, remember that the massager works with friction and also with pressure on these important points where knots that limit your movements are concentrated. A pain appears when the muscle fibers are irritated, inflamed or broken, in the slightest injuries this massager hook has an immediate effect, whatever the reason for the initial ailment.
  • Myofascial massage: the pressure exerted by this product stimulates the fascia, which is a tissue that covers the entire body and is like a second skin that carries oxygen and nutrients to the organs that are covered by it. The fascia is thick, dense and the massaging hook will allow you to offer a deep massage that will release the tension that is accumulated in it due to overwork or physical injury. Start with gentle pressure, while you learn to better manipulate this device.
  • Reflexology: the massage hook can be used as a tool to apply the principles of reflexology, which establishes specific body points in which, by applying pressure, you feel integral relief that calms the mind and relaxes the entire body, depending on where you rub and touch with this modern device, which can be nine points or more, depending on the needs you have and the type of muscle discomfort. This hook has different shapes on its tips that are used to relax the feet.
  • Trigger point massage: there may be one or more trigger points in a muscle group, so different shapes and distances between the tips of this therapeutic hook were designed. You can even increase the pressure you exert on inaccessible parts such as the back, using one or both hands, depending on the depth you want to reach with this multipurpose product. It is recommended that you have a minimum of knowledge about what the trigger points are.
  • Plantar fasciitis: the fascia is also in the foot, it goes from the heel to the metatarsals and allows the plantar arch, so when the fascia is damaged, the pain starts from the heel and radiates to the toes in a few days if you do not use this manual hook to massage and reduce plantar fasciitis. This is a typical injury in runners, cyclists and people who work by standing and walking a lot at their workplace. Use the more rounded points when you are going to stimulate the sole of the foot.
  • Release adhesions: the manual massage hook is ideal to avoid adhesions, because it requires punctual pressure, but not aggressive, in the abdominal area and back to prevent the internal organs from joining in an irregular way. This binding generates pain and discomfort when walking and even when lying down. This product is often recommended by surgeons when they know that there may be possible adhesions in patients with postoperative treatments.
  • Mental stress: this is a clear sign that you have many worries and that your body has begun to adjust its musculature as an involuntary response to this stress that you do not know how to control. The manual hook that we hope you know has the property of relaxing your muscles, eliminating the energy nodes that result in annoying muscle tension. Use the different tips to stimulate these nodes and drain the energy that is accumulated in them and as the body and mind are connected, there will be an immediate stress relief.
  • Muscle activation: one of the raisons d’├¬tre of massages is to keep the muscles active and fit, when people do not have enough time to warm up or train in a gym. Be clear that no massage tool is going to replace the sport activity, but it achieves some effects as a stimulant of the muscle fibers and allow a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft and thick tissues. And if you combine the manual massager with a good diet and a daily walk, there will be better results for your body.

What are the benefits?

  • Pain relief: the main benefit of any massage is to soothe pain when there is mild discomfort such as contractures and cramps, stimulating the pain receptors to perceive less discomfort generated by muscle wasting or some sudden movement that gave rise to this symptom. When you manually adjust the pain threshold, you give the body time to relax and begin repairing damaged cells. If the pain is sharp and without inflammation, it is better not to offer massage until you know the origin.
  • Stress reduction: as the body and mind are connected, when there is mental stress there is likely to be muscular stress, and this is manifested through tense nodes and stiffness in joint movements. By applying pressure and rubbing with the points of this massaging hook, you cause a relaxation of the fibers and this sensation generates mental relief. Likewise, the joints are made to work less and correctly by ensuring that the surrounding tissues are completely healthy.
  • Improved relaxation: you can apply the principles of acupressure therapy to trigger points to release energy in the parts of the body where you have discomfort. And although this technique uses the fingers and palms of the hands, it is also possible to apply pressure with the massage hook, which has more than nine contact points to reach hard-to-reach areas such as the back and back of the thigh, without the assistance of a second person since this is a self-massage tool.
  • Reduced muscle tension: After a busy day or a change in your workout routine, there is likely to be mild pain in the back and legs, the reason may be muscle tension that leaves a palpable stiffness with the hands in the parts of the body where there has been the most activity. In the long term, the tension affects mobility and generates an overload of work in other tissues and bone structure, so it is important to address the problem from the first symptom with this sturdy, multipurpose hand massage tool.
  • Promotes muscle flexibility: this flexibility is the ability to stretch and contract muscle fibers, especially affected in the longer muscles of the limbs when there are injuries and work overload. When the muscle cannot give its maximum, the manual massager is in charge of relaxing its structure and calming the symptoms associated with them. You should only use the points more followed and more rounded to exercise with gentle pressure to drain the tension.
  • Reduce blood pressure: as the massager follows your own manual patterns, you ensure that the pressure is correct to stop the blood from pushing the veins and blood vessels. It is advisable to know correct massage techniques to benefit the circulation, because a bad pressure will make, and friction in the wrong direction, will make the blood have a higher blood pressure and affect a correct circulation in the legs, and thus avoid swelling and pain.
  • Improves circulation: better blood circulation will ensure that there are no ailments such as varicose veins and ulcers, in which there is a difficulty in the amount of blood flow circulating in the body. It is not necessary to reach the swelling of the calves and feet to start using this product, it is about preventing circulatory problems from the beginning, especially when there is a family history of these diseases. To avoid complications, it is necessary to know first the type of pressure and movements you should do in these cases.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins: whenever there is physical activity, there will be production of components in the body considered as toxins, which are expelled from the body through the bloodstream, sweat and urine. Often, the elimination of toxins is not completed after physical activity, therefore, massage with the hand hook contributes to a proper drainage of components that end up causing muscle fatigue.
  • Improves immune function: the immune nervous system and the body’s natural defenses also benefit from this pressure on the body that releases tensions and offers total relaxation. The entry and advance of viruses and bacteria will become more difficult when the body is completely healthy, with no injuries to deal with and without the body being focused on physical ailments to remain focused on the defense of the whole body. There are no time limitations on the use of this tool, you can use it daily.
  • Accelerates recovery: when an injury occurs, it is normal for the body to react with pain, swelling and increased temperature in the affected area. Massages, combined with cold therapy, will help reduce these symptoms as soon as possible, thus favoring the body’s natural recovery process. There are chronic injuries that cause physical discomfort and that can be controlled with massages, using this therapeutic hook.
  • Injury prevention: when you avoid being injured, you increase your production time at work. If you have a position of great responsibility, you probably have constant stress and you know what that generates in the body. Use this product daily and you will notice how the tension is eliminated at the end of each day, just keep in mind to focus on different parts of the body and not saturate stimulation of a single area.
  • Improves sports performance: in the case of athletes, when you avoid injuries you get more time for training and competitions. This translates into an increase in sports performance because you are constantly asking the body for more results and relieves the tensions that these demands leave in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. There is no massage tool or technique that will miraculously make your muscular endurance and strength increase.

How to use?

This is a fairly intuitive massage tool, however, it is recommended that you have the initial orientation, for this, this product comes with a detailed instruction manual so you can get the most out of it. In general terms, these are the steps to follow.

  • Detect the pain points that are affected and that you wish to relax.
  • Grasp the massage hook with both hands firmly.
  • Place the touch points of the hook on the painful area.
  • Start exerting pressure or friction gently, as you progress and get used to it, gradually intensify the pressure.
  • You can apply pressure with both hands or with your legs to exert more force.
  • When there is pain when touching, you should stop the therapy, although it is normal to feel some discomfort at first.
  • You should only apply pressure on the same point for approximately 30 seconds, then rest or change points.
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable and cool clothes to perform the exercises. If you have very sensitive skin, apply the product on top of your clothes.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications in the use of the manual massager for neck and back?

There are some indications that you should consider before starting to use this product on the neck and back.

  • It should not be used in case of open wounds.
  • It is also not recommended if you have skin infections.
  • Avoid its use if you have no idea where to apply this product.
  • In case of chronic inflammations, you should not use this massage hook.
  • Its use is contraindicated in injuries such as fractures, dislocations and sprains.
  • You should also not use this massage hook if you have a fever or general malaise.

Does the trigger point hook massager really work?

Yes, there is sufficient clinical evidence and suggestions from medical specialists to use this product in case of physical injuries and as a tool for muscle recovery in case of some chronic injuries, which leave permanent pain in the body. In addition, trigger point treatment has been shown to be very effective for the recovery of muscle injuries.

What are the differences between a Hook massager, Shiatsu massager and Lacrosse balls?

It is important that you are clear about these differences so that you make good use of each of these acupressure therapy tools according to your specific case.

  • Hook massager: it is a form of self-massage that works with pressure on the painful areas. You can use it wherever you want and it has a material that makes it very resistant and that does not bend or deform in the increase of pressure during the stimulation of hard tissues. It has contact points, so it is best used with pressure rather than rubbing.
  • Shiatsu manual massager: this type of tool is designed for the neck to relieve muscular and cervical discomfort. They are recommended to control minor injuries, associated with stress and day-to-day tension.
  • Lacrosse balls for myofascial massage: these balls work better when rubbing, so it is a different type of massage for myofascial release, especially. There is a greater range of possible movements and they are soft balls, which adapt better to the skin.


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